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Wrap Up Your Week Community Objects bountysweaterscarfPlacesneighborhoodurbanizationPeopleneighbormayorbenefitedkinshipBuildingsresidentialshelterapartmentActionsparticipationunitydiversification.

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1 Wrap Up Your Week Community Objects bountysweaterscarfPlacesneighborhoodurbanizationPeopleneighbormayorbenefitedkinshipBuildingsresidentialshelterapartmentActionsparticipationunitydiversification Why should we care about people we don’t know?

2 Wrap Up Your Week What draws us to people and things around us and makes us care? It’s important to take time to get to know people Sharing experiences can make them even better. Try to be open to new people, places and experiences. Discuss these Amazing Ideas: “This week I learned…” 10 minutes

3 Wrap Up Your Week Create a web showing things you know about Meaghan’s character. Refer back to the story for details to include. Use this information to discuss the theme of this story with your group. Be ready to report your thoughts to the class. 10 minutes

4 Wrap Up Your Week Greek and Latin roots: Using the lesson vocabulary words, find at least one other word with the same root word as the vocabulary word. For example: subscribe and prescribe have the same root. 15 minutes apparentlyfixturesflimsyincidentsubscribesurvive

5 Wrap Up Your Week Shades of Meaning: Eagerly Keenly Willingly Gladly Keen means full of enthusiasm. The suffix –ly means “in a particular manner”. Therefore, keenly means in an enthusiastic manner. List these words in order of shades of their meaning. 5 minutes

6 Wrap Up Your Week Symbolism: A character, object or idea that not only has meaning in itself, but also suggests or stands for other meanings. Reread Mother Fletcher’s Gift. Look for what the dinner at Mother Fletcher’s apartment might symbolize. 15 minutes

7 Wrap Up Your Week Read “Taking Time for What’s Really Important”. Why does Granma Miriam change her mind and sit down to read to Noemi? How would you describe Noemi? What do you think the theme of this story is?

8 Wrap Up Your Week Research and Inquiry Present your group’s information about police and how they help people. Be sure to speak loudly and clearly. Make eye contact with audience members. 20 minutes

9 Wrap Up Your Week Time for your Spelling Test! Take out a piece of paper and put your heading on it. 15 minutes

10 Wrap Up Your Week Mr. Morton With a partner, practice subjects and predicates: One person provides a subject, the other adds the predicate. Be creative! 10 minutes

11 Wrap Up Your Week Proofread for Subjects and Predicates: Look at the second sentence. What is wrong with that sentences? How can we fix it? 5 minutes

12 Wrap Up Your Week Final Draft: You’ll be making a final draft of your piece. Be sure to use blue or black ink and include your corrections and revisions. When you hand it in, include everything – notes, outline, rough draft, revisions, etc. 20 minutes

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