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Collective Rights for Minority Languages (Francophone and Anglophone) p. 145-151 Student powerpoint Name: ________________.

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1 Collective Rights for Minority Languages (Francophone and Anglophone) p Student powerpoint Name: ________________

2 What are the Charter rights of official language groups? How is official bilingualism guaranteed under the Charter? ___________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ How are minority language education rights guaranteed? _____________________________________ _______________________________________

3 Jigsaw teaching review questions p What is a publicly funded school? _____________ _________________________________________ Make a TIMELINE of the FRANCOPHONE roots in Canada’s past. (You may use the graphic organizer provided)

4 How has the Charter affected Francophone Education? (p. 146) Where do these rights come from? 1.____________________________________ _____________________________________ 2. Under the BNA Act in 1867, Confederation established Canada as a __________,________ country with rights for ____________________. 3. It made _______ and ______ official languages of Canada’s ___________. 4.It guaranteed ________ schools for __________minority in Quebec and the _________ minorities in the provinces of _________, ____________, and ________________.

5 How do you believe life in Canada would be different today if this commitment had not been made in 1867? Answer:

6 Acts and Resolutions that questioned Bilingual education Rights Manitoba School Act-Manitoba entered Confederation in 1870 as a bilingual province enabled to provide publicly funded Catholic schools for Francophones: Manitoba School Act changed this: __________________________________ Haultain Resolution and NWT -#22 NWT (Alberta) was officially bilingual with publicly funded Catholic and Protestant Schools. ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________________________

7 p. 147 What effect do you think the laws described on this page would have on a minority-language group? Answer:

8 Charter and Official Language Minority Education Rights (p. 148) Francophone Education Rights in AB List the 6 Effects of these rights being guaranteed in the Charter? ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ To what extent (HOW MUCH) should the provincial and federal governments support and promote French or English minority language rights in Canada? Why? (answer on loose-leaf)

9 Cont.. Answers: 2. The Charter is effective because: 3.

10 p. 149 How does official bilingualism help create a society in which all Canadians belong?

11 p. 149 In what way is asserting collective rights an act of citizenship? In what way does it build a society in which people of different identities and perspectives can belong?

12 Francophone Identity in Quebec Describe Bill

13 Describe how the following rules changed after the charter: 1.Commercial signs may use only French Freedom of Expression

14 Rule #2-Francophones and immigrants in Quebec must attend Francophone schools Equality Rights

15 p. 150 Why might Canadians have different perspectives on what this sign represents about affirming Francophone identity in Quebec?

16 Connect to the Big Ideas p Responsibilities: -

17 Coderre’s beliefs p. 151 cont.. answers Some Francophones in Quebec -see themselves as _______________________ _______________________________________

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