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Project Wrap Up / Post Mortem

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1 Project Wrap Up / Post Mortem
Project Management

2 What is project wrap up/post mortem?
The Project wrap up / Post Mortem is the final document for the project and is used by the project manager and stakeholders to assess the success of the project, identify best project practices, problem areas, and provide detailed suggestions for improvement on future projects.

3 Goals Review and validate the deliverables and success of the project.
Identify project highlights and accomplishments for future projects. Identify problem areas and how problems were mitigated/dealt with. Outline key lessons learned/key takeaways from the project to apply to future projects.

4 Analyzing Problems / Solutions
Problem: The limited availability of key project resources resulted in the potential to significantly delay the project. Solution: The impact of limited resource availability was identified early in the project and as a result steps were taken to mitigate the potentially negative impact of schedule and timeline.

5 Overall Project Assessment
Performance against objectives and tasks Performance against schedule Performance against planned budget Adherence to scope (did it exceed?) Project Planning Resource Management Communication Team Cooperation Final Deliverable (s) On a scale of 1-10 you can have your team score these categories. Doing this assessment, will give a quick statistical analysis of how effective you are as a project manager. And how well the final project was accomplished? Also, it gives you a numerical indication of how to improve on the next project.

6 Summary At the finish of each project, perform a wrap-up or post- mortem. This will help you asses the success of the project and how well you and your team performed. It also gives you areas of improvement. The post mortem should be done in a formal template and delivered to key team members after the project is finished.


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