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IFAST WRAP. iFAST Introduction  An Award winning and largest online wealth management platform based in Singapore.  Providing solutions to financial.

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2 iFAST Introduction  An Award winning and largest online wealth management platform based in Singapore.  Providing solutions to financial advisors to help manage their clients portfolio with international standards and practices  Using high end technology, research and tools for executing a comprehensive range of investment strategies  Market leader also in other developed markets like Hong Kong and Malaysia  Joint venture in India with an international financial powerhouse that is Deutsche Group

3 iFAST Introduction  iFAST is a technology platform for Advisors, to help manage clients’ portfolio online for a fee.  Singapore based MNC, with 10 years of experience in managing clients money globally and profitably.  Presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia and India is the 4 th country of operations (a Joint venture with Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management Division).  Headquartered in Mumbai with branch operations across 7 cities and presence in 74 locations across India through our Service Partner, Deutsche Investor Services India Pvt Limited (DISPL).

4 iFAST Achievements !!  2nd position in the Enterprise 50 Awards 2008, up from 9th position in 2007 (Jointly organised by KPMG and Business Times)  Fastest growing 50 companies in 2009 (Compiled annually by DP Information Group)  Best-In-Class Award for Fund Platform in The Best Practice Financial Services Award 2009 (in Hong Kong)  Best-In-Class Award for Online Usability in The Best Practice Financial Services Award 2009 (Hong Kong)  ‘Best Wrap Platform Provider’ at the 2007 International Capital Financial Congress held in Beijing, China  Hitwise Singapore Top 10 Award for the quarter ending April to June 2008  Hitwise Singapore Top 10 Awards Programme celebrates the most successful Singapore websites in over 160 online industries

5 Life Cycle of an Investor 5 Risk Profiling Goals/Objective Setting Forms Cheques Transactions Portfolio Statement Rebalance Review Physical presence MultipleOne Time X MultiplePaper Based Multiple One Click 24*7 X

6 Investor Concerns Have you ever – 1.Faced difficulty while tracking your various funds with numerous folios 2.Fallen short of time for filling various transactions forms and issuing Cheques 3.Lost out opportunity due to inability to transact Instantly Can the below points be the solution – 1.Invest in Mutual Funds while on the move 2.Convenience-  1 Form  1 Cheque  1 Consolidated Statement  1 Online Access  1 Click for Executing Multiple Types of Transactions 1.Controlled & Professional Portfolio Management with Alignment of Clients & Advisors’ Interest 2.Qualified Exclusive Research Desk with Unbiased Professional Advice

7 Help your-self with iFAST WRAP 7

8 Benefits to clients -Online Transaction and Execution  One time paperwork- No forms/cheques for buy/sell  Access all fund products in a single interface  No geographical boundaries – Stay in touch with your portfolio even on the move.  Quick decision making of the portfolio – Take timely decisions in face of market fluctuations.  Portfolio details updated daily- Track your investment performance

9 Benefits to Investor –Professional Portfolio Management  Professional Advice and Support with Research Backing from iFAST  Advisor can create and execute various Investment Strategies based on client Risk Profile Analysis  Asset Allocation and Rebalancing at a click of a button  One Statement for All AMC’s- Consolidated Reporting for Better Analysis of Portfolio. 9

10 Benefits to Investor –Convenience  Freedom from Geographical or Physical boundaries  Split second execution of transactions, hence providing greater efficiency in portfolio management  Reduced transaction time enhances the opportunity to capture every market opportunities  Inter AMC Switch 10

11 Benefits to Clients - In Depth & Transparent Reporting  Valuation Report  P & L Report  Historical Transaction  Asset Allocation, Sector Allocation & Fund Allocation  Back Testing, Simulation, Personalized Portfolio, Rebalancing Reports 11

12 Benefits to Clients - Win Win Situation  Alignment of Interest with a Fee based Advisory Model on Assets Under Management – Prime Objective of the Adviser is to increase client’s wealth.  Transparent Remuneration 12

13 Solution -iFAST WRAP Min Investment amount – only Rs. 2.5 lacs !! ECS – Min Rs. 5000 Cheque in the name of client Transfer of Existing Holding No Tax ambiguity

14 Data Reports Pre-Investment 14

15 Portfolio Back-testing report 15

16 Portfolio Back-testing report 16

17 Portfolio Simulation Report 17

18 Data Reports Post-Investement 18

19 19

20 20

21 Unrealised Gain or Loss Statement 21

22 Realised Gain or Loss Statement

23 Set triggers on Scheme level

24 24

25 25

26 On demand portfolio review report 26

27 On demand portfolio review report


29 Scientific Investment Strategies Model Portfolios Tactical Asset Allocation Strategic Asset Allocation Value Averaging

30 Model Portfolios  Based on Risk profiling  Necessary actions can be executed across clients within Hrs  Rebalancing is Cake walk – If IFA is over weight on Equities then Aggressive Portfolio can go as high as 100% Equity Conservative Investor can move to Aggressive

31 P/E Dynamic Asset Allocation  Simple way to allocate one Investment in E/D Ratios based on Market P/E  Performance across Market Cycles  Better Risk Management  No need to Time Markets  Brings Automatic Discipline and thus No worries on Hope, Fear, Greed  Full Deployment at all times P/E Band of SensexEquityDebt Less than 13100%0% 13 to 1680%20% 16 to 1960%40% 19 to 2240%60% 22 to 2520%80% Above 250%100%

32 P/E based asset allocation wins over 100% Equity investment End ValueCAGR Std Deviation Probabilit y of Loss Lowest Return Highest Return Volatility (Range of Return) Sharpe Ratio Without Rebalancing533619411.41%0.23841.94%-36.15%64.12%100.27%0.143 With Rebalancing1230318617.58%0.16325.81%-18.08%52.09%70.17%0.587 32

33 Fixed Asset Allocation / Rebalancing It ensures Client’s decided Asset Allocation stays intact at all times Ensures Clients Risk & Returns remain consistent Helps in Booking Profits on regular basis Completely removes factors like Hope, Fear, Greed

34 In Summary 34 S.NoTitle Current Situation (Offline)With iFAST WRAP Accounts 1Business Model of AdvisorOfflineOnline 2Transaction ModelEvery TransactionPortfolio Management 3Fees Model Every Transaction/UpfrontAUM Linked (Alignment of Interest) 4Forms FillingMultipleOne 5ChequesMultipleOne 6TransactionsMultiple with OfflineOne Click of Button 7Portfolio Rebalancing Time Consuming, Almost Impossible Quick, One Click of Button (Through Adviser Matrix software) 8Physical PresenceRequiredNot required 9ReportsEmail/Hard CopyOnline 24*7 10SwitchesVery DifficultOne Click of Button

35 Thank You.. Happy Investing… 35

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