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EXO-Skin Sap Flow Sensor

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1 EXO-Skin Sap Flow Sensor
New Design Stem Heat Balance (SHB) Same Accuracy, More Flexible Less Maintenance Lower cost EXO (= outer, Greek) SKIN

2 Mechanical Specifications

3 Heater / Signal Integration
New Heater layers add durability Thermocouple wiring similar to Dynagage sap flow sensors No change to accuracy Thermo sensors adapt to irregular stems (Grape Vine example) All EXO-skin come with sealed water tight locking connectors Advanced Seal Liquid tape. Add lifetime to 3-5 years ( with annual maintenance avail at distributor)

4 Electrical Specifications

5 System Connections Signal Names
Same as Dynagage Attach to CPC circular plastic connector (9pin) To SapIP – dual sensor cables SPIP-CS1, SPIP-CS2 SPIP-CS4 and extensions. To Flow 32 Extensions Cable EXQC –25, -50, -75 FLDL - EXQC

6 Velstretch Wrapping Stretch Velcro Reduce maintenance
wrap around the sensor to plant Reduce maintenance Better installation Accommodate growth Velstretch made of breathable Material, Porous nylon Lycra spandex Collects moisture and conducts water from the stem and sensor Reduce Mildew and less stem damage.

7 Environmental Specification

8 Insulation Provided Three Pieces
With every sensor Attachment is double sided Velcro Wrap Need to protect from rapid ambient Temp swing Reduce NTG

9 Waterproof Membrane Cloth
Rain Coat Membrane cloth wrapped over insulation Teflon fabric (Gore Tex) Extracts water vapor Reduce condensation build-up inside Reduce corrosion or stem damage

10 Wrap & Protection Specifications

11 Reflective Shield Material consists in 2 reflective layers on layer of plastic bubbles Required to block radiant heat Reduce Natural Thermal Gradient (NTG) by insulation on trunk below sensor. Provides a conductive barrier

12 Complete Installation
All parts should install in 10 to 20 min Depends on bark or cleaning preparation If required. Assistant holds parts Helps manipulate attachments Cut Velcro into smaller lengths

13 Applications Odd plant stems and shapes Stem fast growth Crops
Understory Vines Trees Vegetables Research and Commercial Monitoring

14 Summary Low Cost (-25%) Same Accuracy Less Maintenance
Easy Installation Compatible with all Dynamax sap flow loggers Thank You!

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