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Mechanical Integrity Controlling Equipment, Materials & Supplies.

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1 Mechanical Integrity Controlling Equipment, Materials & Supplies

2 Lesson Objectives  Describe how to Ensure Replacement Parts are Appropriate for Intended Use by Maintenance  Describe System for Receiving, Warehousing, and Dispensing for Maintenance Quality Assurance  Describe Role of Craftperson

3 Discussion  Quality of Maintenance Can Become Substandard:  Wrong Items Specified to Supplier  Supplier Furnishes Substandard Material or Parts  Material or Parts are Poorly Controlled by Plant to Point of Installation  Craftsperson who Asks for Maintenance Materials Plays Very Important Role

4 Requisitioner Responsible For Accuracy of  Correct I.D. of Item  Manufacturer’s Model or Serial No.  Determination of Correct Part Needed  Manufacturer’s Recommendation  Plant Specifications and Standards  Proper Material Specification  All Associated or Needed Parts Included  Part Nos. from Current Catalog  No Substitutions Allowed Unless Approved through Management of Change Procedures

5 Receiving Material - Check  That Items Match Purchase Order Requirements and There is No Shipping or Handling Damage  Quantity Counts are Correct  Supporting Documentation, e.g. Certified Material Test Reports are Correct  Positive Material Identification Procedures are Implemented  May Require On-site or Laboratory Tests/Sampling

6 Warehousing and Issuing  Proper Storage Conditions  Clean/Dry  Segregation  Parts and Material Bins Properly Labeled  Each Type of Item Has Own Storage Bin  Parts Tagged with Part No., Description, and Equipment Tag No.  Requisitions to be Filled Exactly as Ordered, No. Substitutions Unless Approved by Appropriate Personnel

7 Training – Crafts Persons Must Know How to:  Check Parts Against Requisition and Catalogues  Recognize Materials of Construction  Make Accurate Measurements  Read Mechanical Drawings  Visually Examine Parts to Assure Replacement is Being Done in Kind

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