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Business & Operations Advisory Committee -- March 31, 2004 1 Performance Assessment.

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1 Business & Operations Advisory Committee -- March 31, Performance Assessment

2 B&O AC Meeting – March Objectives Statement Develop and use performance assessment tools and measures to provide an environment of continuous improvement in NSF’s intellectual investments as well as its management effectiveness. President’s Management Agenda (PMA) Government Performance & Results Act (GPRA) Program Assessment Ratings Tool (PART) Various Other Assessments Advisory Committees (ACs) Committees of Visitors (COVs) NSF Staff What? Why? Who? & How?

3 B&O AC Meeting – March GAO Report on Program Evaluation The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) identified NSF as one of five federal agencies that successfully demonstrated an evaluative culture with analytical expertise and a commitment to self-examination.

4 B&O AC Meeting – March Many Assessments NSF Mission STRATEGIC OPERATIONAL INDIVIDUAL OUTCOMES OUTPUT ACTIVITY Strategic or Long-Term Planning NSF Performance Planning Advisory Committee Reviews Advisory Committee for GPRA Performance Assessment (AC/GPA) Business & Operations Advisory Committee Committee of Visitors (COV) Merit Review Project Reports Program Assessment Ratings Tool Individual Performance Assessments Components Managed at Different Levels

5 B&O AC Meeting – March Program Assessment Rating Tool or PART (2002) Government Performance & Results Act or GPRA (1993) President’s Management Agenda or PMA (2001) R&D Investment Criteria (2002) Government-wide Performance Assessments

6 B&O AC Meeting – March GPRA Performance Planning and Reporting 5-year Strategic Plan (‘03-’08) Annual Performance Plan (in the budget) Annual Performance Report (45 days after close of FY) –Performance Highlights

7 B&O AC Meeting – March GPRA Results FY04 GPRA Goals People Ideas Tools Organizational Excellence Increase Award Size Increase Award Duration Decrease Dwell Time + (by 2006, over 100 PART goals) Annual GoalsLong-Term Strategic Goals

8 B&O AC Meeting – March Strategic Goals – How to Assess? People Goal – A diverse, competitive, and globally-engaged U.S. workforce of scientists, engineers, technologists and well- prepared citizens Ideas Goal - Discovery across the frontier of science and engineering, connected to learning, innovation and service to society Tools Goal – Broadly accessible, state-of-the-art S&E facilities, tools and other infrastructure that enable discovery, learning and innovation Organizational Excellence Goal - An agile, innovative organization that fulfills its mission through leadership in state-of-the-art business practices AC/GPA

9 B&O AC Meeting – March Advisory Committee for GPRA Performance Assessment (AC/GPA) Using Indicators: Significant Achievement? Scientists, Engineers and Educators (one-third or more from Directorate ACs) Organizational Excellence B&O AC AC/GPA Report

10 B&O AC Meeting – March S = STATUS P = PROGRESS Human Capital Competitive Sourcing Financial Management E- Government Budget/ Performance R&D Criteria ?????? PMA S P

11 B&O AC Meeting – March Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Designed to focus on program performance Spreadsheet with questions on purpose, planning, management and performance with goals Provides a score and effectiveness rating

12 B&O AC Meeting – March NSF PART Schedule

13 B&O AC Meeting – March NSF FY05 PART Results Government-Wide Results (399 PARTs) All NSF FY05 PARTs rated Effective (highest rating)

14 B&O AC Meeting – March Items Planned as References in NSF’s Assessment of This Indicator 1.PART Spreadsheets and Results from OMB ( and 2.Performance and Accountability Report ( 3.Performance Highlights Brochure ( 4.President’s Management Agenda Results ( 5.Committee of Visitors Reports ( 6.FY05 Performance Budget, GAO Report, etc.

15 B&O AC Meeting – March Wrap-Up Today –Presented Framework Technology Enabled Business Processes – Andrea and Mary Human Capital Management - Joe Performance Assessment - Craig –Get Feedback Tomorrow to Mid-May –NSF to Conduct Assessment Mid-May –Transmit results to B&O Committee Early June –Committee conference call to discuss results –Letter from Committee June 22-23, 2004 – AC/GPA Meeting

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