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NeoWrap Preventing Hypothermia In Very Low Birth Weight Infants

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1 NeoWrap Preventing Hypothermia In Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Cindy Peiffer St. Luke’s Hospital Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2 Review of Current Literature
Effect of Polyethylene occlusive Skin wrapping on Heat Loss in VLBW Infants Journal of Pediatrics May:134(5): 59 Infants completed the study. Infants less than 28 weeks, wrapped, had an average admission temp of 36.5 versus unwrapped admission temp of 35.1. 5 Infant deaths in the unwrapped group.

3 Heat Loss Prevention in the Delivery Room
Journal of Pediatrics, 2004 Dec;145(6):750-3 55 randomly assigned infants 28 weeks or less. Placed directly into bag, only head was dried. Mean rectal admission temp was 36.5 wrapped and 35.6 unwrapped. Use of Polyethylene bag: A way to improve the Thermal Environment in the delivery room. Archives Pediatric, 2002 Mar;9(3):238-44 60 Infants less than 33 weeks. Most significant difference seen less than 30 weeks. Hypothermia was less frequent in infants wrapped (8.3% VS 55%). No side effects were seen (skin burns). Heart rate was higher as well as admission blood sugar.

4 NRP Recommendations Use in babies born less than 28 Weeks Gestation
Place directly in Wrap et Place a Hat on The Baby. No need to dry as drying places an undue stress on baby et wastes time. Complete all assessments and interventions over the top of the bag.

5 Process for Preventing Hypothermia
Bring NeoWrap and Infa-therm mattress with you to any delivery that is 30 weeks or less. Just before delivery, crack the Infa-Therm Mattress to activate warming. Cover the mattress with one receiving blanket. Place the NeoWrap on top of the receiving blanket.

6 Once the infant is placed on the warmer bed, Fold the NeoWrap over the infant and put on a hat.
No need to dry the infant as long as they are under the wrap. This seems strange, but, think about when you take a shower…. You are not cold in the shower until you get out in the cold air! Perform all assessments and interventions over the NeoWrap.

7 Leave the NeoWrap in place through out transfer to the unit.
Remove babe from the wrap when placing on admission bed. You may want to leave the infant on the infa-therm mattress while lines are being placed for added warmth. Remember to take the mattress out before X-ray’s! It is no longer acceptable for micro-preemie’s to be hypothermic on admission!

8 Change is Inevitable……
Except from a Vending Machine

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