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Wrapping and taping techniques

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1 Wrapping and taping techniques

2 Wrist compression wrap-decrease swelling and create support (2 inch Ace bandage)

3 Ankle compression wrap-decrease swelling (3 inch bandage)
Start by toes With a lot of tension Less tension

4 Ankle wrap for sprains/strains with figure eight-compression & prevent inversion or eversion (3 inch Ace bandage)

5 Taping materials Heel and lace pads Adhesive spray(tufskin) Prewrap
Conform tape White tape (Zonas) Elastikon SAFETY SCISSORS

6 Tape sizes ½ inch for fingers(2-5) and toes(2-5)
1 inch for thumb, great toe and arch of forefoot 1 ½ inches wrist, ankles, forearm, and knee 2 inches shoulder, hip and back * 250 pound + person for ankles, wrists, forearm and knees.

7 Tearing tape

8 Arch Technique Function: to support the arch

9 3 types of arch support 1. Medial arch-start opposite side and pull up medial 2. Lateral arch-start opposite side and pull up lateral 3. Neutral-pull up on both sides at the same time.

10 Great Toe Taping

11 Taping for Sprained Toes
Function: to support 1st metatarsophalangeal joint To prevent: hyperextension and support joint

12 Sprain/Strain Taping Functions
Anchors(2)- to secure tape components to it Stirrups(3)-prevent inversion or eversion Close down-secure area Figure eight(1)-prevent inversion or eversion Heel locks(2pr.=4)-locks in the heel Horse shoes(3)-secure posterior heel Figure eight (1)-same Close up-secure area 1 anchor Close down 2 anchor Close up Heel lock(4)

13 2 Anchors- place at base of calf and below styloid process.
3 Stirrups-base of calf, under foot, base of calf (Fan them out overlapping by half) 2 Figure eights-(Medial sprain) lateral malleolus, under foot, top of foot, around lower leg. 2 (pr. each side)Heel locks-malleolus, achilles tendon, lock in heel ,under foot, top of foot, malleolus, achilles tendon, lock in heel, top of foot 3 Horseshoes-malleolus, achilles tendon, malleolus

14 Thumb and Wrist Taping Function: to provides support for the thumb joint following a sprain injury

15 Supplies-prewrap and 1 inch white tape (thumb) 1 ½ inch white tape for wrist
Spicas-prevents thumb flexion Location-anchor, around 1st MCP jt, anchor C-strips- prevents thumb extension Location- anchor to anchor

16 3 wrist anchors 1 anchor through palm of hand 3 or 4 spicas so X is over 1st MCP jt. C-strips palm anchor to dorsal hand anchor (fill it in overlapping for half) Perform another anchor through hand Close down on wrist with 3 more anchors

17 Knee Hyperextension Taping
Functions: To prevent knee hyperextension To provide support for hamstrings and cruciate ligaments following injury

18 Collateral Ligament Taping
Function: to provide joint stability following injury to the MCL or LCL ligaments 18

19 Elbow Taping Function: to prevent elbow hyperextension

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