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Welcome to Essential Learning’s Webinar All About WRAP® Including an Overview of the Research Findings and Values and Ethics Presented by Mary Ellen Copeland,

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1 Welcome to Essential Learning’s Webinar All About WRAP® Including an Overview of the Research Findings and Values and Ethics Presented by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD. with Carol Bailey Floyd Demonstration following the presentation of the Community Access Site with WRAP® Information Center Presented by Sue Erskine, Co-Founder and CEO of Essential Learning

2 Mental Health Recovery Including: Wellness Recovery Action Planning® WRAP®

3 Webinar Agenda 1. What is WRAP®? 2. Values and Ethics of Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® 3. Research Findings that Support WRAP® 4. Setting up a WRAP®-based program International Regional and Community Statewide WRAP ® One on One Individuals learning and using WRAP ® 5. Community Access Site and WRAP ® Information Center 6. Live Question and Answer Session 1

4 What is WRAP? WRAP is a highly individualized, strength based, self-determined process to guide recovery. It can be used: On its own or to supplement mental health services For prevention and management 1

5 What is WRAP? (cont.) WRAP encourages people to: Focus away from illness and toward wellness Become actively and responsibly engaged in the wellness process 1

6 WRAP Overview Wellness Toolbox Daily Maintenance Plan Triggers and Action Plan Early Warning Signs and Action Plan 1

7 WRAP Overview (cont.) When Things are Breaking Down and Action Plan Crisis Plan Post Crisis Plan 1

8 Values and Ethics There is hope, people can and do get well, stay well for long periods of time, and do what they want to do with their lives. Self determination, personal responsibility, empowerment, and self-advocacy are keys to mental health recovery and WRAP. 1

9 Values and Ethics (cont.) Decisions about care and life are made by the person whose life it is and, only if necessary, by those people who have been identified by this person as their proxy. Every person is treated as an equal with dignity, compassion, mutual respect, and unconditional high regard at all times. 1

10 Values and Ethics (cont.) There is unconditional acceptance of each person as they are, unique, special individuals, including acceptance of diversity with relation to culture, ethnicity, language, religion, race, gender, age, disability, sexual preference, and "readiness" issues. 1

11 Values and Ethics (cont.) All efforts are based on the premise that there are no limits to recovery. All participation in programs, activities and initiatives is voluntary. It is understood that each person is the expert on her or himself. 1

12 Values and Ethics (cont.) The focus is on individual strengths and away from perceived deficits. Clinical, medical and diagnostic language is not helpful and is avoided. 1

13 Values and Ethics (cont.) The focus is on people working together and learning from each other to increase mutual understanding, knowledge and promote wellness. Programs and initiatives emphasize strategies that are simple and safe for anyone, and avoid those that may have harmful effects. 1

14 Values and Ethics (cont.) Difficult feelings and behaviors are seen as normal responses to traumatic circumstances and in the context of what is happening and not as "symptoms" or a "diagnosis". People are encouraged, supported and validated in sharing their thoughts, feelings, needs and experiences. 1

15 Research Findings that Support WRAP Initial Outcomes of a Mental Illness Self-Management program Based on Wellness Recovery Action Planning (at the University of Illinois at Chicago) Cook, J., Copeland, M.E., Hamilton, M., Jonikas, J., Razzano, L., Floyd, C., Hudson, W., MacFarland, R, and Grey, D. Published in Psychiatric Services: A Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, February, 2009 pp. 246-249. 1

16 Research Findings (cont.) 1 Objective: Examine changes in psychosocial outcomes among participants in an 8-week peer led, WRAP intervention.

17 Research Findings (cont.) 1 Methods: 80 people with serious mental illness at 5 sites completed telephone interviews at baseline, and one month after the intervention.

18 Research Findings (cont.) 1 Results: Significant improvement in self-reported symptoms, recovery, hopefulness, self- advocacy and physical health. Those attending 6 or more sessions showed greater improvement than those attending fewer sessions.

19 Research Findings (cont.) 1 Conclusions: Further research is needed. Confirmation of the efficacy and effective- ness of peer-led self-management has the potential to enhance self-determination and promote recovery for people with psychiatric disabilities.

20 Setting Up a WRAP-based Program 1 International: WRAP training is available world-wide. WRAP resources are available in many different languages. WRAP is easily adaptable for cultural differences. This initiative is increasing over time.

21 Setting up a WRAP-based program (cont.) 1 Statewide Initiatives: Mental Health Recovery and WRAP programs are available in every state. Many states are using it as the cornerstone of all mental health recovery programming. Others are making it widely available in their states through training, sponsoring groups and e-learning.

22 Setting up a WRAP-based program (cont.) 1 Regional and Community: Nationwide network of WRAP groups with trained facilitators E-learning availability: WRAP One on One Build Your Own WRAP E-learning courses on parts of WRAP

23 Setting up a WRAP-based program (cont.) 1 Individuals learning and using WRAP: E-learning Build Your Own WRAP Special Edition for Veterans and People in the Military Online courses Books, CD's, DVD's, computer program

24 Community Access Site With WRAP® Information Center

25  Web-based information resource for consumers, family members and community stakeholders  Allows state or county agencies and provider organizations to provide:  Educational opportunities  Links to community resources  Tools to enhance recovery  Access to WRAP resources online  Provides robust tools for measuring ROI

26 Community Education Center – CAS is the only community resource site that provides free access to a comprehensive library of interactive online courses on a variety of topics including:  General Mental Health  Addiction, Treatment and Recovery  Peer Professional Education  Issues Facing Families  The Needs of Children and Adolescents  Living with Mental Illness and Working Toward Recovery  Workforce Skills – including Basic Computer Training  Issues Related to Older Adults  Needs of Returning Veterans Community Access Site Features

27 Community News – Create and post announcements about events in your community. Resource Finder – Site visitors can look up national and community resources in categories such as treatment, social services, self-help and advocacy. National resources are pre- loaded and maintained by Essential Learning. Newsfeed and Research Center – provides a searchable index of articles and a newsfeed that is updated daily on topics of interest to the behavioral health community. Discussion Forums – Web 2.0 social networking tools are customized for CAS including communities of practice, blogs, discussion groups, Wiki’s and links to Twitter and Facebook.

28 Native Language Translation – Google Translate is embedded in CAS which allows visitors to convert web text to their native language by selecting the language of choice from a drop down list. CEU Center – Offers licensed professionals in your community continuing education from Essential Learning’s comprehensive library, the best in the industry. As an added benefit – a percentage of the revenue of the courses purchased from your site will be provided back to you to offset the cost of CAS. Legislative Information – Allows visitors to search for current state bills related to mental health, advocacy and topics of interest to families and their current legislative status. For an optional fee, more comprehensive state and federal legislative access is provided.

29 Wrap Information Center  Build Your Own WRAP® version available for veterans and people in the military  Eight online WRAP® Courses  Exclusive Partnership with Mental Health Recovery and Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland

30 View Community Access Site

31 How to Purchase 1.CAS with WRAP Information Center Annual subscription, one time set-up fee Site hosted and supported by Essential Learning More cost-effective than Network of Care – savings back to service 2.WRAP® courses are available through: Subscription to Essential Learning’s Organizational Learning Management System Purchase for your own LMS Mary Ellen Copeland’s website - purchase individual courses with a credit card. Bulk discounts are available. 3.Provide access to Build Your Own WRAP from Your website - $15 one time user fee. Contact Us at 1-800-729-9198 ext 284 or

32 Questions?? Live question and answer session. If you’re using a telephone, make sure you have entered your Audio PIN# so your line can be unmuted to ask your question live. Use the raise your hand feature on your control panel to be selected to ask a question.

33 Thank You for Joining Us One free continuing education credit is available for viewing this webinar from 3/25-4/25. Follow the directions below. 1)Go to and search for ANY national cert (or Generic) under "Promotional Courses“ 2)Select the course, proceed to checkout, and enter the code: “WRAP09" to assure there will be no charge for this course. 3)You'll have to fill out a short registration form, but can then access the course. Instructions for completing the course can be found by clicking on the course. 4)Essential Learning customers will have this course automatically loaded into their site. 5)After 4/25 there will be a $10 charge for continuing education credit.

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