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Together We Can…Be the Best! Sanford Middle School Student Orientation 2014-2015.

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1 Together We Can…Be the Best! Sanford Middle School Student Orientation 2014-2015

2 Welcome to Sanford Middle School Lura Reed-Principal Mr. Weeden – Assistant Principal Mrs. Maloy – Counselor (5 th & 8 th ) Ms. Sweeney- Counselor (6 th & 7 th ) Mrs. Henderson – Media Specialist Mrs. Jones – Child Nutrition Manager Nurse Nelson – Nurse Emily Pike – 5 th Grade Building Office Mrs. Chandler – Main Building Office Mrs. Mosely – Bookkeeper Mr. Wilson – ISS/ISD

3 STAR Expectations Be Safe Work Toward Goals Be Accountable Be Respectful

4 How to be a STAR… All Areas of SMS Be Safe Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself Know Emergency Procedures Work Toward Goals Be on task Give your best effort Use planner for tracking assignments, tasks and goals Be Prepared Be Accountable Listen and follow directions the 1st time Make responsible choices Be on time Report concerns Be Respectful Be Considerate Communicate politely and appropriately Maintain a clean environment

5 How to be a STAR at SMS… Hallways/Sidewalks Be Safe Walk quietly and to the right Work Toward Goals Display Goals & Objectives Display Student Work Be Accountable Move quietly and purposefully Have signed planner for hall pass Be Respectful Be helpful and courteous

6 How to be a STAR at SMS… Restrooms Be Safe Flush the toilet Wash hands Work Toward Goals Monitor Cleanliness Document Cleaning Schedule Be Accountable Return to class immediately Be Respectful Respect privacy of others

7 How to be a STAR at SMS… Cafeteria Be Safe Walk Wait in line quietly and patiently Clean-up any spills Work Toward Goals Recognize Classes that consistently follow rules Comply with Wellness Program Be Accountable Separate trash and utensils properly Keep-up with and use lunch card daily ($2.00 replacement charge) Keep lunch account current Be Respectful Practice good table manners Talk quietly and courteously

8 How to be a STAR at SMS… Gym Be Safe Wear appropriate shoes Follow safety and game rules Work Toward Goals Participate Dress Out 100% Achieve game and team play goals Be Accountable Follow whistle signals Follow procedures for entering/exiting gym Be Respectful Show good sportsmanship Respect and share equipment

9 How to be a STAR at SMS… Bus/Car Riders Be Safe Walk directly to assigned bus/car Work Toward Goals Refrain from getting bus referrals Be Accountable Know and follow bus rules to maintain riding privilege Be Respectful Respect others’ space Be courteous

10 How to be a STAR at SMS… Bus/Car Riders Report directly to bus if bus rider, directly to car rider area if car rider. Car riders should not walk out between buses. Hats/cell phones not allowed until in your car or on your bus. Car riders should spread out and look for car. Do not wait until your car is at your feet – this is not a taxi service.

11 Arrival Procedures Students should NOT arrive before 7:00 a.m. MORNING CAR RIDERS: Report to Cafeteria from 7:00 – 7:15 a.m. for supervision and breakfast. Sit at assigned tables by grade level. Breakfast monitors will release car riders at the 7:15 a.m. bell to report to homerooms. MORNING BUS RIDERS: Report directly to homeroom unless you need to eat breakfast. Students should finish breakfast and report to homeroom before the 7:30 bell. Breakfast passes will be issued when necessary for students on late buses.

12 TARDIES Arrive to school and class on time!! Seven tardies = Discipline Referral. Excessive tardies lead to truancy. Limit check-ins and check-outs. – Students with unexcused absence for ½ of day or more cannot participate in afterschool activities without a doctor’s note. – Allowed only 3 check-outs per term with verified note.

13 ATTENDANCE Perfect Attendance is the goal! Always bring an excuse if absent. Make-up all missing work. Excessive absences leads to truancy.

14 Bus Rules 1. Stand off roadway while awaiting a bus. 2. When crossing in front of bus, stay ten feet from bumper and wait for driver’s signal before crossing. 3. Obey and cooperate with the Bus Driver (Bus Drivers may assign seats for students). 4. Be at the bus stop on time (times may vary as much as 10 minutes due to traffic, inclement weather, or other unforeseen situations). 5. Be seated immediately after boarding and remain seated properly. 6. Do not scuffle with or harass other students. 7. Do not commit careless or willful acts which may cause injury to others. 8. Do not fight, quarrel, yell, or use profanity. 9. Keep all body parts and belongings out of the aisle and feet on the floor (bags, backpacks, and other items must be in lap). 10. Keep all body parts inside the bus and ensure no objects are thrown out of the bus. 11. Do not eat (food or candy), drink, or chew gum. 12. Keep bus clear of trash by not littering. 13. Ride to and from school on the bus assigned unless administrative approval is given specifying an alternative bus for that student. [MUST HAVE SIGNED NOTE!] 14. There should be no sounds coming from any electronic device that can be heard by neighboring students or the driver. 15. Students will be picked-up and dropped-off at their residence or designated stop only.

15 Bus Discipline Minor Offenses 1. Acts that disregard respect for other passengers. 2. Irresponsible acts. Intermediate/Major Offenses 1.Any act that could impact the safety of any school bus rider, including oneself. Written warnings are issued directly to the student/parent for the first two minor offenses by the bus driver. The third minor offense will be reported to a school administrator for disciplinary action as established by the Lee County Schools Code of Conduct and deemed appropriate by the local school administration.

16 Bus Discipline Ladder 7 th -12 th Grade Minor Offenses ( First two warnings from driver directly to students/parents) 1 st Minor Offense to administrator (3 rd write up) 1 Day off Bus 2 nd 1 Week off Bus 3 rd 2 Weeks off Bus 4 th 1 Month off Bus 5 th (Actually 7 th write up) 1 Year off Bus Intermediate/Major Offense 1 st Major Offense 1 Week off Bus 2 nd 1 Month off Bus 3 rd 1 Year off Bus

17 Bus Discipline Ladder K-6 th Grade K- 6 th Minor Offenses ( First two warnings from driver directly to students/parents) 1 st Minor Offense to administrator (3 rd write up) 1 Day off Bus 2 nd 2 Days off Bus 3 rd 3 Days off Bus 4 th 1 Week off Bus 5 th 2 Weeks off Bus 6 th 1 Month off Bus 7 th 6 Months off Bus 8 th (Actually 10 th Write-up1 Year off Bus K-6 th Intermediate/Major Offense 1 st Major Offense 1 Day off Bus 2 nd 1 Week off Bus 3 rd 1 Month off Bus 4 th 1 Year off Bus

18 Items NOT to Bring to School Large amounts of money Expensive Jewelry Electronic games Playing Cards Rubber bands Radio CD Player Beeper Lighter Tobacco Drugs Weapons

19 SMS Dress Code UNACCEPTABLE: Short shorts/Cut-off shorts Mini-skirts Clothes with rips, holes, tears Bathing apparel Beach wear Pajamas and/or house shoes Exposed backs, fronts or midriffs Bicycle shorts Hats, caps, visors, bandanas, or sunglasses UNACCEPTABLE : Tank tops, Sleeveless Shirts, net jerseys (without undershirt) Gang clothing Garments with suggestive slogans or pictures; or alcohol or tobacco advertisements; or disruptive to the educational process Please Note: The administrative team will make the final decision on the appropriateness of a student’s dress.

20 Dress Code (Continued) Girls Shorts, dresses, or skirts will not be more than 2 inches above the knee. Leggings may be worn, however, the shirt or dress worn with the leggings will not be more than two inches above the knee. Boys The waistband of pants/shorts must be worn at the waist, no “slacking”. All male students will wear their shirts tucked in pants/shorts. No sleeveless shirts.

21 Dress Code Violations Students in violation of dress code will be asked to call home for proper clothing to be brought to them. Students may be placed in ISS while waiting for someone to bring alternate clothing. Students unable to resolve the dress code violation will be placed in ISS for the day. Continued violations will result in other disciplinary action.

22 Traffic Patterns Students are to travel the most direct route to and from classes. Follow specific traffic patterns to/from P.E. as directed by the coaches. Sidewalk between the gym and main building is ONLY to be used during arrival and dismissal. Students need a signed pass in planners when leaving class for any reason. All students are given a planner and are required to used them for passes and assignments. Replacement cost for planners is $5.00.

23 “ Self-Check” Questions to Help You Make Responsible Choices: 1.Are you WHERE you’re supposed to be? 2.WHEN you’re supposed to be there? 3. Doing WHAT you’re supposed to be doing?


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