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The Body-Mind Shaping Camp 2013 14-22 April Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram.

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1 The Body-Mind Shaping Camp 2013 14-22 April Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram

2 The Central Idea of the Camp There is an immense energy source present within the human body. By connecting to that source, our life- experience can be enriched substantially such that our life personifies energy, ecstasy, existence. Complete health is a necessary outcome of connecting to this source. There is a well-tested path to connect to this grand energy reservoir within.

3 The Central Idea (contd.) A supportive atmosphere provided to obese and overweight participants for 9 days for loss of excessive weight, regaining lost health and connecting to the inner source of energy. NOT a routine dieting program in any way. A follow up program for 40 days to be carried out at home.

4 The Central Idea (contd.) Liquid diet for maximum purification of the body. Agni Kriya, Surya Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, 5- rites, cleansing kriyas for connecting to the inner source of energy. Daily discussion sessions to clear the theory. Keertan, dancing, singing, fun walking, games to keep the mind interested and enthused.

5 Detailed Routine 4:00-6:00 am Cleansing Kriyas 6:00-7:00 Bath etc. 7:00-8:00 Surya Kriya 8:00-9:00 Service Hour 9:00 Herbal Drink 9:15-10:00 Fun Walking 10:00-11:30 Sanjivani Kriya 12:00 pm Liquid diet 12:30-2:30 Discussions 2:30-3:30 Neem+Orange 3:30-5:00 5-Rites 5:00-5:30 Rest 5:30-6:10 Surya Kriya 6:30-8:30 Agni Kriya 8:30 Energy Drink 9:00 Sleep

6 The Participants 65 participants with age spans of 23-68 years. 46 female participants; 19 male participants. All but 3 participants in overweight or obese range. Participants with diabetes, blood pressure, slip-disk, chronic constipation problems.

7 Glimpses of Results Weight Loss Range (kg)No. of Participants 7-85 (Highest loss 7.6 kg) 6-75 5-614 4-521 3-411 2-34 * 4 participants couldn’t complete the entire duration of the camp. Their results have not been included.

8 Glimpses of Results Average weight loss 4.7 kg In 9 days. 3 female participants lost between 6-7 inches at their waist with an average loss of about 2.6 inches. All participants with diabetes and high blood pressure were relieved of their problems without taking any medication. In fact for the entire duration of the camp, they discontinued the use of their routine medicines.

9 Detailed Reports S.No.NameWeight (kg)WeightDec. in WaistBMIWHR (Females)Day1Day9LossCircumference (in)InitialFinalInitialFinal 1Adarsh Kapoor59.255.53.7224.022.520.750.74 2Akanksha98.390.77.6035.032.330.840.83 3Amarjeet Kaur98.592.36.2233.731.570.730.71 4Anjali Soni69.766.13.63.528.326.820.780.76 5Anju Sawhney76.771.752.534.532.30.910.89 6Anu62.859.73.12.724.523.320.760.75 7Asha Soni77.872.853.230.828.80.770.73 8Ashu81.777.93.84.629.127.770.830.79 9Astha Soni57.151.95.2224.922.610.83 10Babli69.565.93.60.527.726.230.810.78 11Bhawana Soni79.2727.23.530.627.780.74 12Harinderjit Kaur85.7832.7332.731.630.750.76 13Harjinder Kaur79.976.13.84.529.327.950.940.90 14Harminder Kaur8581.93.1335.834.530.860.87 15Kamaljit Kaur66. 16Karamjeet Kaur105.81014.8345.243.150.810.85 17Kiranjeet Kaur70.7655.7727.625.390.790.81 18Manu Monga84. 19Meena Mishra73. 20Mukti80.976.24.7329.427.650.800.79

10 Detailed Reports S.No.NameWeight (kg)WeightDec. in WaistBMIWHR (Females)Day1Day9LossCircumference (in)InitialFinalInitialFinal 21Narinder Kaur100.496.34.1633.932.550.770.79 22Neela Patel60.757.63.12.526.825.430.770.76 23Neelam Saggar83.178.64.5432.330.510.88 24Neha Saggar58.354.53.8323.722.110.880.87 25Palminder Kaur70.668.52.1226.225.470.730.69 26Paramjit Kaur (HS)93.388.353.535.133.230.790.80 27Paramjit Kaur (DS) 28Pooja Somani60.7573.7225.624.030.800.76 29Priyanka113.4105.87.64.546.042.920.800.79 30Raj Kumari Sahu97.191.25.9440.938.460.82 31Randeep Deepi90.386.24.13.534.833.250.74 32Ritu (Jassar)69.965.54.46.324.522.930.740.73 33Ritu Pathik90.784.46.3435.933.380.82 34Sankalita97.993.24.71.540.238.30.770.76 35Saroj Mishra114.6109.35.3344.242.170.860.82 36Satminder Kaur78.774.44.3231.329.620.730.72 37Savita Sharma7471.22.83.526.925.840.840.81 38Shanta Sharma76.573.13.41.531.029.660.880.86 39Sneh Suri56.453.82.6323.222.110.830.82 40Sukhvir Kaur (HS) 41Sukhvir Kaur95. 42Sukhwinder Kaur74.170.14129.928.260.89 43Tejal Patel64.760.54.23.728.026.190.78 44Vasant Joshi78.974.44.5

11 Detailed Reports S.No.Name Weight (kg) WeightDec. in WaistBMI (Males)Day1Day9LossCircumference (in)InitialFinal 45Ashok Grover98.2926.21.929.4827.62 46Ashok Kapoor74. 47B.K. Tiwari70.966.14.81.725.4223.70 48Harphul Siddhu68.563.64.91.621.920.3 49Major Singh86.781.751.830.5428.78 50Nishan Singh81.2774.21.427.826.33 51Prakash Patel96.2915.21.934.9133.02 52Purshotam Mangal79.4745.41.826.825.01 53Purushotam Sahu86.882.54.31.428.5127.09 54Raghvendra Singh97.490.56.92.332.229.89 55Rajesh Rawat95.590.35.21.731.0129.32 56Rajinder Sharma77.972.85.11.928.626.74 57Ram Chander89.685.44.21.328.4427.11 58Randhir Singh106.599.37.22.536.433.96 59RS Parihar84.5813.51.331.8030.49 60Surinder Sekhon80. 61Varun98.392.16.21.829.0327.20

12 Some Healthy Tips for All Learn to do Ganesh Kriya and Ashwini Mudra during defecation for complete cleansing. Bathe, preferrably under a shower, with closed eyes, for atleast 15-20 minutes. Give up the morning bed tea used to stimulate the bowel movement; instead use lime water etc. and some stretching exercises. Know, that for health more important than nourishing the body is cleansing the body of accumulated toxins. Try to take only liquid diet until noon, so that the morning hours can be used completely for cleansing the body. Try to defecate and eat solid food when the right nostril is active; urinate and take liquids when the left nostril is more active.

13 Last Words These camps do not offer a dieting program. They constitute a spiritual journey that starts from and focuses on the physical – whose well- being is essential for the overall spiritual growth. The idea is to help every individual connect to the source of energy present within him/her. Successful completion implies total awakening and strengthening of the fire element in the body – the key to health, longevity and spiritual evolution.

14 You can also view the photo album of this event at For more information on the teachings shared during the camp, please visit* You can also view the videos of the discussion sessions on Youtube. * * to be uploaded soon

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