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2 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Whether you are lifting boxes, your child, or just moving around objects while cleaning out the garage, proper lifting technique is very important. Introduction

3 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Before you lift a heavy object, decide the best path to take to get to your destination; avoid as much turning and twisting as possible. If the object is too heavy, ask for help or use a dolly. Plan Before You Lift

4 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Don’t get overwhelmed with the number of items to lift and move. Take your time. It is better to make more carrying trips than to overdo it and injur yourself. Take Your Time

5 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Technique #1: Stand with your legs apart and feet on both sides of the object. Technique #2: Kneel down behind the object such that one foot is flat on the ground next to the object (or very close to it), while the opposite knee is bent close to the ground. Start Off Right

6 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES When down in the squatted/kneeling position, make sure your back is straight. Keeping your eyes/head up will help to keep the back straight. Keep The Back Straight

7 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES The old adage is correct, lift with your legs, not with your back. Do NOT bend over at the hips and lift the object up by bringing your torso back upright; this is a sure-fire way to end up with at least some strained muscles. Use your thigh muscles to extend your knees in order to bring the object from the ground to waist level. Lift With Your Legs

8 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Tighten your core muscles (deep abdominal and low back) just before you lift the object. This will stabilize the low back to minimize stresses on the joints and discs. Contract Your Core

9 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Hold and carry the object as close to your body as possible. Allowing the object to be even slightly away from your body puts incredible pressure on the discs and joints of the low back. Hold It Close

10 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES Once you have the object close to your body and are walking to your target location (another room, moving truck, etc.), avoid twisting at the waist. Your discs are at extreme pressure at this time, twisting while under pressure can easily lead to a herniated disc. If you do change direction, let your feet lead the way. Avoid Twisting

11 RESTORING FUNCTION, IMPROVING LIVES For More Information If you would like more information about Salem Pain & Spine Specialists, please call (503) 967-6771 or contact us online using the “Contact Us” section of our website at DISCLAIMER: This material is presented here for informational and educational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider before beginning any exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your health care provider. SPSS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, THAT THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THESE MATERIALS WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS.

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