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Badminton Semester 1 Unit 3.

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1 Badminton Semester 1 Unit 3

2 History Badminton is an Olympic Sport with five competitive disciplines: 1.Men’s singles        2.Women’s Singles 3.Men’s doubles              4.Women’s doubles 5.Mixed doubles (men and women play) Games with a shuttlecock are widely believed to have originated in ancient Greece, about 2000 years ago.

3 Scoring Games are played to 21 Must win best 2 out of 3 games
RALLY SCORING – every point counts Must win by 2 points If score remains tied and is at 29-29, then first team to 30 points wins the game.

4 Service Guidelines Shuttlecock must be contacted below the waist.
Contacted in the air. Do not bounce. Feet must be behind the service line. Shuttlecock must be served diagonally, between the front and back service line. If a fault occurs, the opposing team gains the point (rally scoring). Short service line Deep service line

5 Which side do I serve from?
Server alternates side of court after every point. Always start on the RIGHT side. When your team score is an EVEN number, one must serve from the RIGHT SIDE. Ex. 2-3, 4-3 When your team score is an ODD number, one must serve from the LEFT SIDE. Ex. 1-2, 3-3

6 Basic Rules/Faults Lines are in One hit per side Faults:
Shuttlecock lands out of bounds         Shuttlecock hits someone in the air     Player swings and misses shuttlecock   Illegal serve (ex. Overhand, above waist) Service lands in wrong service court      Contact is made on the other side of the net with the shuttlecock  Player hits the shuttlecock with their racket over the net on their opponent’s side.      Shuttlecock lands in the net Player touches net with body or racket Shuttlecock is held on the racket (carry) Shuttlecock is hit twice in the air          

7 Let- when the serve hits the net and lands in the appropriate service court, redo of service with no points factoring in on the score Rally Scoring- every point counts Shuttlecock- A lightweight conical object with a rounded often rubber covered nose. Terms

8 Types of shots Forehand- hit with the front of the hand leading (like hitting with the palm) Backhand- hit with the back of the hand leading (hitting with the knuckles) Clear- hitting the shuttle high and to the back of the opponent’s court Backhand Clear - The most difficult stroke because it must be carried out precisely, hitting the shuttlecock high and to the back of the court.

9 Types of shots cont… Drive- travels flat and rapidly over the net in the opponents’ rear mid-court and rear court Drop- a soft hit that barely goes over the net in the short court Smash- hitting downward and hoping for a weak reply Jump Smash – player jumps upward for a steeper angle Backhand smash – a weak downward hit

10 The court Short service line sideline Long service line NET midline
RIGHT SERVICE COURT LEFT SERVICE midline End line Service end line

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