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Byron Nelson High School

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1 Byron Nelson High School
Back to School

2 Your Assistant Principals
Mr. Withers (A-La) Mrs. Hunt (Le-Z) We are located in AC221 (2nd floor assistant principals’ office suite) Restorative Discipline Philosophy

3 Attendance Practices Attendance records may be checked online 24 hours a day on the Home Access Center Christine Mitchell (A-La) Kathy Custer (Le-Z) All correspondence must include the student’s full name, ID # and parent contact phone. See the Attendance website for additional information:

4 Attendance Practices Cont.
If you are absent please provide a medical or parent note upon your return. Include your full name, student ID # and parent contact phone #.  If you need to leave for a medical appointment, we must have written notice from a parent with the date and time you need to leave campus. You must provide a medical note upon your return.

5 Attendance Practices Cont.
For safety and security reasons, students may not leave campus for reasons other than a medical appointment unless the parent comes to campus and personally signs them out OR has written confirmation via or parent note. We may no longer release students based on a phone call except for in extenuating circumstances. Students with excessive absences will not be excused from school for special events such as playoff games. Vacations, other trips, babysitting, working and non-school sponsored athletic events are considered UNEXCUSED.

6 Absences and Semester Exam Exemptions
Removed a Scale Score with absences No more than 2 absences per semester and an overall average of 80 or above is required. Absences documented for Medical Absences [MA] or Medical Present [MP], religious holidays, and death in immediate family are exempt from counting against a student’s 2 days.

7 Absences and Semester Exam Exemptions
If you are in off-campus PE and miss school due to a competition, these absences will count against exemptions. Students may choose to take the exam to raise his/her grade The Exam Exemption does not apply to Dual Credit courses. Assignment to OSS, DAEP, or JJAEP automatically removes the ability to be exempt from exams.

8 Dress Code Project positive self image
Does not distract from an educational environment conducive to learning Does not create a hazard to the student’s safety Must wear shoes or sandals (House shoes are not permitted) Clothing normally considered pajamas are not acceptable Clothing should not refer (casually or indirectly) to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, profanity, or anything of a sexual nature

9 Dress Code Cont. Shall not include hats and caps, forehead bands, bandanas, sunglasses, other head coverings, gloves, or distracting accessories when students are inside school buildings. (At BNHS the courtyard and patio are considered INSIDE the school) -BNHS Admin will keep your hat to be picked up by a parent if you are seen wearing it Pants, shorts, jeans must be worn at the waist level and should not reveal under garments.

10 Dress Code Cont. Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be at least mid-thigh (halfway between hip and knee). If you can’t wear it without leggings, it is not acceptable to wear with leggings. Tube skirts rarely follow dress code. Jeans must be free of holes from mid-thigh up. Sheer, see-through (mesh) shirts must have an appropriate top underneath. Tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, or shirts open at the sides are not acceptable.

11 -garments that are torn, ragged or “holey” above mid-thigh;
Dress Code Cont. At BNHS we will NOT allow the following: -revealing apparel such as shirts tied at the waist or that expose the midriff; -garments that are torn, ragged or “holey” above mid-thigh; -tank tops that are not at least as wide as the longest side of a student ID; spaghetti straps -cut-off T-shirts or clothing revealing shoulders; “low cut” tops; shirts open at the side; or sheer or see-through clothing of any kind.  Proper undergarments must be worn and covered by outer clothing.

12 Dress Code Consequences
If a teacher questions your dress, you will be sent to your AP. The AP will NO longer write you a pass back to class. You will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day, regardless of whether or not you change your clothes. Bottom line- Make good decisions and follow the Student Code of Conduct

13 ID Procedures ID is to be WORN at ALL times On or Above the Waist If not wearing ID Teacher will send the student to the closest tardy station to receive a TARDY pass. ( BNHS teachers no longer send students to get an ID when they do not have one) The TARDY pass is ticket in to class for rest of the day –It will have the word ID stamped on it and the date is on the pass

14 ID Procedures ID is to be WORN at ALL times On or Above the Waist If not wearing ID The student will be required to have their ID by 1st period the next day OR they will again be sent for a tardy If your ID was at home, you simply remember to bring it the next day If lost, students may purchase IDs for a cost of $5 during lunch or before school in the library

15 ID Procedures ID is to be WORN at ALL times On or Above the Waist If you did not get a new BNHS ID on Tuesday, the extras are in the library. Glamourcraft will be here next Tuesday to take pictures if you did not get a picture made.

16 Tardy Policy – Consequences for a 6 weeks
1st – 3rd Tardy Warning 4th & 5th Tardy Lunch Detention 6th & 7th Tardy ECO – after school detention 8th & 9th Tardy 10th TARDY is a Referral When TARDY, you will report to the closest tardy station Front Office AP Office on each floor Teacher will mark you TARDY in eSchool so parents can see from home Saturday School

17 Discipline 14-15 This year when assigned a consequence for discipline we will have the AND 1 practice If you fail to attend an assigned lunch detention, ECO, or Saturday school that will be made up with equal time in lunch detention AND 1 additional lunch detention If you know that you cannot attend ECO or Saturday School, you MUST reschedule PRIOR to date of consequence

18 Lunch Detention Practice & Rooms
If you receive a lunch detention, you must report to the detention room before the tardy bell. You will receive a “fast pass” from the detention monitor to get you to the front of the lunch line. You have a limited time to grab your lunch and get back to serve your detention (your arrival times will be noted). 3rd period: AC110 5th period: AC106 4th period: AC115 6th period: AC117

19 Endorsement Info Ms. Smith (A-La) and Ms. Thomas (Le-Z)
HB5: part of graduation requirement is to have at least one endorsement: Business and Industry STEM Public Service Multidisciplinary Studies Arts & Humanities

20 Fines Fines must be paid in a timely manner
***NEW*** Homecoming tickets cannot be purchased if you have unclear records Parents can look at fines in the Home Access Center Principals will contact students/parents each six weeks who have significant fines. Take care of your $$$ situations!

21 Parking Info This year parking spots are being given out first come-first served (not by number). Students must park in their specific spots!!!

22 Introduction of Freshman Class Sponsors
Mrs. Harper Mr. Tate Mr. Offill Ms. Tennison

23 Explanation of Offices: Senior Officers
President: Hannah Reckmeyer Vice President: Jason Ye Treasurer: Rebecca Lee Historian: Kendal Grice Parliamentarian: Michelle Hassler

24 Important Dates to Remember!
FIRST CLASS OF 2018 MEETING WILL BE HELD TUESDAY, SEPT. 9th at 3:50 in MRS. HARPER’S ROOM– AC347 We will discuss HOMECOMING FLOAT and DATES TO BUILD FLOAT ELECTIONS Petitions for class officers will be DUE Friday, Sept. 5th: Bring to Mrs. Harper Campaign Videos will be DUE Friday, Sept. 12th Videos will be shown in Advisory Sept. 16th and Sept. 19th Voting for officers will take place online in Advisory after viewing of videos

25 Brainstorming on 9th Grade Service Project
One goal for this year is to create and follow through on a service project. Freshmen will do something that will impact their community. Ideas?

26 Pep Rallies From this point, pep rallies will be split (half and half) with all grade levels Freshmen will sit on Home side, on the left (closest to dance gym) You will always do your class chant and alma mater!!!

27 Class Chant We are Bobcats through and through We bleed black and Byron blue We’re the best you’ve ever seen Let’s go Class of Twenty-Eighteen!

28 Alma Mater (link arms) Praise to Byron Nelson Lift our voices high
Faithfully, we pledge our Loyalty to thee Fight (first up) with honor, serve our colors Blue and Black, with Bobcat pride Hail to thee, Byron Nelson High

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