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General Presentation Eötvös Loránd University Rector’s Office

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1 General Presentation Eötvös Loránd University Rector’s Office
Department for International Education and Mobility March Budapest

2 General information Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Budapest H-1053 Egyetem tér Hungary Tel.: Fax:

3 Leadership RECTOR Full Professor Ferenc Hudecz, Ph.D.
VICE-RECTOR for General Affairs Full Professor Marianna Fazekas, Ph.D. VICE-RECTOR for Research and International Cooperation Full Professor Magdolna Orosz, Ph.D. VICE-RECTOR for Academic Affairs Full Professor László Zentai, Ph.D.

4 Brief History of ELTE 1635 founded by Péter Pázmány, the Archbishop of Esztergom (Faculties of Arts and Theology)‏ 1667 Faculty of Law 1769 Faculty of Medicine 1777 moved from Nagyszombat (Trnava) to Buda, then to Pest Turn of the 18th-19 cc. one of the 15 largest universities in the world 1949 Faculty of Science adopted the name of Loránd Eötvös ( ), 2001 Lágymányos Campus completed New faculties







11 Students' Athletics Club Table Tennis Tennis Water Polo
BEAC sections: Athletics Badminton Basketball Chess Football Handball Hiking Karate Orienteering Students' Athletics Club Table Tennis Tennis Water Polo


13 Student, professor in mathematics Lipót Fejér (1880-1959
John von Neumann ( )‏ László Lovász (1948-)‏ Pál Erdős ( )‏

14 8 faculties Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Law Faculty of Science Faculty of Informatics Faculty of Education and Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Bárczi Gusztáv College of Special Education Faculty of Primary and Nursery School Teachers' Training Other institutions

15 Number of first year students: 9 282 Total number of students: 30 767
Facts and figures 1 (2009/10)‏ Number of first year students: Total number of students: Bachelor level training Master level training PhD, DLA Vocational training Higher-level vocaitonal training

16 Total number of academic staff: 1 424
Facts and figures 2 (2009/10)‏ Total number of academic staff: Full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciecces (HAS) 12 Corresponding member of the HAS Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Candidate of Sciences Master DLA Dr. univ Dr. (Title)/Doctor of Sciences Doctor (PhD) 16

17 Distribution of students by faculties 2009/2010

18 National university ranking by number of applicatoins in year 2009
Eötvös Loránd University (17% of national applications) University of Szeged University of Debrecen University of Pécs Budapest Buisness School Budapest University of Technology and Economics Corvinus University St. István University Óbuda University University of West Hungary

19 FP6, FP7, Welcome Trust, LLP and other
International Grants FP6, FP7, Welcome Trust, LLP and other Year ammount in (€) No.: of projects 2007 16 2008 24 2009 85

20 International Relations 1
Main areas: International cooperation - networks - bilateral relations (bilateral and Erasmus agreements) International mobility (Teachers & Students) Foreign language programmes/possibilities University delegations

21 International Relations 2 University Networks
EUA (European University Association), UNICA (Universities from Capitals of Europe), the Coimbra Group, the Utrecht Network the Danube Rectors' Conference CEI UniNet (Central European Initiative University Network) IAUP (International Association of University Presidents) Currently, ELTE gives the president of the DRC & Prof. László Boros is in the Executive Board of the Coimbra Group‏

22 International Relations 3 Bilateral Agreements
extensive relationships with universities all over the world formal agreements with 120 universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America at an institutional or a faculty level, and 298 Erasmus partner universities. main areas of cooperation: joint training and research projects joint participation in international conferences and workshops accreditation of courses exchange of students and guest lecturers

23 International Relations 4
Erasmus programme Increasing number of partners and mobility: : institutions (quota: 178 students and 72 teachers) : 317 institutions (quota: 985 students and 514 teachers) The number of Erasmus students: outgoing incoming : 116 19 : 265 99 : (intern.) 150 : (intern) 247 (planned): (intern) 320

24 International Relations 5 Erasmus co-operation 2009/2010
Partner universities Outgoing students (study) Outgoing students (student placement) Incoming students Outgoing teachers Incoming teachers Incoming experts (representatives of enterprises) Outgoing administrative staff Incoming administrative staff 24


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