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BNM Concluding Remarks Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) The Super B Factory and “Todaiji” By 798 the vast compound of Todaiji and its buildings were.

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1 BNM Concluding Remarks Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) The Super B Factory and “Todaiji” By 798 the vast compound of Todaiji and its buildings were completed. According to Todaiji records, 50,000 carpenters, 370,000 metal workers, and 2.18 million laborers worked on its construction and furnishings. The enormous expenses virtually brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy.

2 Deep Unsolved Problems in Particle Physics

3 Where is the anti-matter ? Sakharov 1967: SM has the prerequisites for baryogenesis: –Baryon number violation at high temperatures (  B=  L) –Non-equilibrium (phase transitions) –CP violation in the quark sector However, according to the theory department: “The KM (Kobayashi-Maskawa) phase in the SM is probably not sufficient (by about 10 orders of magnitude !) ” Refs: V.A Rubakov, M.E. Shaposhnikov, Phys.Usp 39, 461 (1996); A.G. Cohen, D.B. Kaplan, A.E. Nelson, Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 43, 27 (1993). “A New source of CP violation in quarks ?”

4 Are there New Physics Phases and New sources of CP Violation Beyond the SM ? Are there right-handed currents ? Are there new flavor changing neutral currents ? Are there new operators with quarks enhanced by New Physics ? Fundamental Questions in Flavor Physics Experiments: b  s CPV, compare CPV angles from tree and loops Experiments: A FB (B  K * l l), B  K  rates and asymmetries Experiments: b  s  CPV, B->VP γ or B  V V triple-product asymmetries Experiments: b  s ννbar, D-Dbar CPV+mixing+rare, τ   γ These questions can only be answered at a Super B Factory. Why three generations ? String Theory ? (e.g. P.Binetruy, hep- th/0509157; J.Phys G.32: 129 (2006)); Larger Symmetry Groups ? Experiments with quarks or heavy leptons? This question is probably too hard – more tractable questions…..

5 Thanks, Tim Gershon

6 New physics effects in B decays will depend on the type of NP SUSY Models popular in Japan (e.g. SU(5) GUT’s connects ’s and quarks) Generic predictions: no signf. effects in B decays, (due to Tevatron Bs mixing constraint) however, enhanced lepton flavor violation such as    γ Generic SUSY Not constrained well. But impossible to make ab initio predictions, too much freedom and too many extra phases and couplings. Extra dimensions e.g. Okada

7 2006:Intriguing Tension between |V ub | and sin(2φ 1 ) treeloop Small non-zero NP phase Amplitude close to 1 R. Itoh

8 x L. Silvestrini Off-diagonal SUSY terms with current data

9 CKM Unitarity Triangle (in)consistency 50 ab  1 Two scenarios at Precise measurements may show φ 3 (tree) measurements are inconsistent with loops. Super B Factory Something new in 

10 Extra dimensions (by Randall + Sundrum) New Kaluza-Klein (K.K) particles are associated with the extra dimension. (“Tower of states”) Some may induce certain types of flavor-changing neutral currents. e.g. K.Agashe, G. Perez, A. Soni, PRD 71, 016002 (2005) Model: K.K. Gluon near 3 TeV RS1 SM ++CPV in D decay

11 New Detectors for B Physics

12 The Super B Factory will face tough competition from LHCb, which is now a real experiment. LHCb There is considerable complementarity: photon, neutral detection and inclusive channels are considerable easier at the Super B Factory while time-dependent Bs studies are superior at LHCb. J. Libby 10 fb -1 for LHCb 50 fb -1 for SuperB

13 New Ideas and Unsolved Problems for the Detector at the Super B Factory “Red meat for experimental physicists” Do we have robust solutions for vertexing and particle ID ?

14 FWD EndCap BWD EndCap Barrel Realistic design based on discussion with QCS group Vertex:Si striplet (MAPS later) inner-most and Si strip tracker Tracker:Drift chamber r>15cm PID: w/TOP and AC-RICH (endcap) ECAL:CsI (Tl) +wave from (barrel) pure CsI+PMT (endcap)  : Scintillator +SiPM SuperBelle default

15 Detector Layout BASELINE OPTION

16 Detector summary (Haba) Now the two detectors look alike even more than before. –1cm Be beam pipe –Striplet (MAP pixels later) + 5 layer Si strips –Drift chamber tracker for r>15cm –PID with a DIRC-like principle + optional FWD PID –EMcal with CsI(Tl) (barrel reuse) + pure CsI (or LSO) for endcap Several important points to note –Energy asymmetry/vertex resolution –KLM   detector –APD for pure CsI endcap –Role of backward EC for hermiticity Differences are worth investigating…. There is convergence on the detector

17 Comments on Super B Factory Accelerator Developments

18 ILC ring & ILC FF Simplified SuperB layout Crossing angle = 2*25 mrad November 2006 Piredda

19 Energy asymmetry discussion INFN: To reduce beam energy spread, improve beam dynamics and reduce power costs, reduce the  factor from 0.56 to 0.23. To recover BaBar level physics performance, must reduce the beampipe radius to 1cm and improve vertexing performance… There is no free lunch May improve acceptance for high multiplicity modes and hermiticity Similar discussions are underway for SuperKEKB in order to reduce power and wiggler costs (T. Tsuboyama, Ohnishi)

20 Background from Touschek scattering ? Data taken 28-June-2003 12:30~13:00 LER single beam Vertical beam size changed by “size bump” Beam lifetime expected to follow Background could depend on Beam current Beam life  1/  k might be different for different processes Vertical beam size  y

21 Interaction Region Crab crossing  =30mrad.  y*=3mm New QCS Super B Factory at KEK Linac upgrade More RF power Damping ring New Beam pipe Ante-chamber & solenoid coils to reduce photo-electron clouds L = 8  10 35 /cm 2 /sec

22 First step towards Super B: Crab crossing. Superconducting crab cavities are now being tested and will be installed at KEKB in 2007

23 Question: 12 nanometer beam spot in y, 2.7 microns in x. Is this possible in a real 2-3 km circumference multi-orbit machine ? ILC-style international review committee can examine whether this is realistic Piredda

24 Master Plan for Japanese High Energy Physics

25 “Dai-repoton keikaku” K. Oide Official Announcement from KEK director A. Suzuki on Super B expected in 2007 Budget of Japanese accelerator physicists

26 Thinking outside of the 箱 (hako)

27 E. Baracchini


29 B s  γγ at Upsilon(5S) Another example where the Super B is the only machine where this experiment is possible.

30 Searches for light (~GeV) Dark Matter B decays with missing energy: e.g. B  K + nothing (use fully reconstructed tags) Upsilon(1S)  nothing (use Upsilon(3S)->Upsilon(1S)  and run KEKB at the Upsilon(3S) resonance, modify trigger) (new Belle UL) T. Iijima O. Tajima No sensitivity of direct searches to M<10 GeV Expected BF~O(6 x 10 -3 ) Also may use Upsilon(nS) to look for a very light CP odd neutral Higgs a 1 (J. Gunion)

31 Results of Belle Dark Matter Search data Fit BG Prediction Br(Y(1S)  invisble)=0.6% N signal = 38 ± 39, consistent with zero BF( Y(1S)  invisible ) < 2.5x10 -3 (90%C.L.) McElrath prediction is disfavored. SM : Y(1S)  bar O. Tajima

32 Doing light dark matter:  U invisible ~5 GeV,  No signal Due to Beam-BG suppressed “Bhabha veto” Veto with E sum of two-  rings Two-threshold logic is still under testing O. Tajima

33 Use time-dependent flavor asymmetry in B  D* l to look for deviations from quantum mechanics (Belle) Something for the next SuperB meeting ? Chi^2 =5Chi^2 =43Chi^2 =174

34 Wise words from a discoverer of CP violation:

35 Backup Slides

36 Vertical waist has to be a function of x: Z=0 for particles at –  x (-  x /2  at low current) Z=  x /  for particles at +  x (  x /2  at low current) Crabbed waist realized with a sextupole in phase with the IP in X and at  /2 in Y “Crab waist” removes beam-beam betratron coupling Introduced by the crossing angle “Crab waist” (P. Raimondi) 2z2z x 2x2x 2x/2x/ 2z*2z* YY  z e- e+ May be studied at KEKB and DAFNE in machine experiments

37 O 1.0Km O 0.7Km Possible site: Tor Vergata campus Ring circumference: 3.-2.2 km Piredda Civil construction synergy with FEL project or subway ???

38 Sigx*  m 2.67 Etax mm0.0 Sigy nm12.6 Betx mm9.0 Bety mm0.080 Sigz_IP mm6.0 Sige_IP1.3e-3 Sige_Lum0.9e-3 Emix nm0.8 Emiy nm0.002 Emiz  m 8.0 Cross_angle mrad2*25 Sigz_DR mm6.0 Sige_DR1.3e-3 Np 10e102.3 Nbunches6000 DR_length km3.0 Damping_time msec20 Nturns_betwe_coll1 Collision freq MHz600 L singleturn 1e361.2 L multiturn 1e361.0 An ILC-like parameter list Same DR emittances Same DR bunch length Same DR bunch charges Same DR damping time Same ILC-IP betas Crossing Angle and Crab Waist to minimize BB blowup Piredda

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