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loose 1 taken in 2 1)Simon has lost so much weight that his trousers have got loose 1 around the waist and they keep slipping down his waist to rest on.

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2 loose 1 taken in 2 1)Simon has lost so much weight that his trousers have got loose 1 around the waist and they keep slipping down his waist to rest on his ________________. He must get his trousers taken in 2 by a tailor. let out 3 2)Simon has put on so much weight that his trousers have got tight around the ________________. He needs to get his trousers let out 3 by a tailor. astounded 4 3)Leighton used to be an unimpressive girl with ________________ and a birthmark on her face. I was astounded 4 to see her perfect airbrushed image on the cover of a magazine. caught on 5 4)In the movie ‘Grease’ starred by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, nearly all female characters had a ________________, or ‘bangs’ as Americans put it. It was trendy in late seventies and it seems it has caught on 5 among young girls again. 1.Not tight 2.To make a piece of clothing narrower 3.To make a piece of clothing looser HIPS WAIST FRECKLES FRINGE 4.Very surprised 5.To become popular among people FRECKLESDIMPLEGLAMOURWAIST FRINGEBLEMISHESDOUBLE CHINHIP

3 regarded 1 becoming 2 1)A mole is called a beauty spot if it looks good on your face. Otherwise, it is regarded 1 as a blemish. This is true for ________________, too. While they look becoming 2 on some redheads, they may look unbecoming on others. stunning 3 2) The ________________ that appeared on her cheeks when she smiled added to her stunning 3 beauty. creeping 4 wrinkles 5 flabby 6 3)Well, old age started creeping 4 over my face. Look at those wrinkles 5, greying hair, the receding hairline, bags under the eyes and that flabby 6 ________________ in the mirror! 4)Designer clothing shows you rich, successful and attractive. So people buy designer clothing as a passport to ________________. 1.To be considered to be so 2.Something that thas the quality tu suit you and make youı look more attractive 3.Extremely attractive or beautiful FRECKLES DIMPLES DOUBLE CHIN GLAMOUR 4.To move secretly or almost innoticably 5.Lines that form on your face because of old age 6.The flesh or skin that is unattractively soft and loose DIMPLEFRECKLESGLAMOURWAIST DOUBLE CHINBLEMISHESFRINGEHIP

4 furrowing 1 1)Years have ________________ Nancy beyond recognition. Those furrowing 1 lines on her forehead and thinning white hair has left no trace behind the stunning Nancy once in the high school. extent 2 2)Fashion industry ________________ people’s desire to be trendy to such an extent 2 that an avarage person spends three times as much as they should on clothing. 3)After her boyfriend ________________ her because he had found a more attractive girl, Sheila developed serious hang-ups about her body. 4)I didn’t find Nancy’s photograph as attractive as her natural image. She shouldn’t have her freckles and dimple on her lovely cheeks ________________ on the photo. parade 3 5)We had been dreaming about seeing those stunning models parade 3 on the catwalk with the naked eye. So we were all disappointed when we heard the fashion show was ________________ because of an unexpected disagreement between the organizers and the company. 1.Deep wrinkles 2.Degree 3.To walk together; to show off something ALTERED EXPLOITS DUMPED ZAPPED CALL OFFZAPEXPLOITMEND PUT ☻ UP ALTERDUMPCURE CALLED OFF

5 1)The dormitory had long ago shut all its gates, and having nowhere to go at night, Sam anxiously phoned one of her friends to ________________ overnight. distorted 1 former 2 cosmetic 3 2)The hunky actor’s nose, which had been terribly distorted 1 in the accident, was successfully ________________ to its former 2 beauty after a successful cosmetic 3 surgery. stitched 4 threadbare 5 3)Some designer jeans are specially designed to look as if they were worn for a long time and ________________. They contain decoratively stitched 4 up tears or threadbare 5 edges. scar 6 4)The doctor explained the wound on her face would ________________ very quickly, but it would take some time for him to remove the scar 6 with laser treatment. apprehensive 7 vain 8 5)Adriana has become so apprehensive 7 about her body image as to forget about her responsibilities for others. This obsession of hers should be ________________ by a psychiatrist at once, or she will change into a stupid vain 8 character. 1.To alter the appearance or sound of something negatively 2.Happening or existing before another 3.Dealing with the appearance of fomething rather than its functioning parts 4.Attached together with the use of a needle and a string 5.Clothes that have become worn out PUT HER UP RESTORED MENDED HEAL 6.The mark of a wound on your skin 7.Hung up; worried 8.Someone who is too proud of their looks, abilities or qualities MENDHEALEXPLOITPUT ☻ UP CURERESTOREALTERCALL OFF CURED

6 remarkable 1 1)Cassandra was shining in a beautiful and God-knows-how-expensive silk night dress. The night dress, designer bag and shoes, stylish diamond necklace and the ring and earrings she was wearing were remarkable 1. She was absolutely ________________ like a Hollywood star. breathtaking 2 slithered 3 streaks 4 askew 5 2)Susan was breathtaking 2 in her outfit at the disco. Her flower patterned blue designer blouse slithered 3 down her curvaceous body. Her beautiful gold hair in red streaks 4 was worn loose under an eye-catching blue lace hat that stood askew 5. I mean she was utterly ________________, which took every man’s breath away. exquisite 6 grace 7 3)Casey looked so ________________ at the wedding reception. The stylish full-length evening dress exclusively tailored for her and the intelligently chosen exquisite 6 ornaments she wore spoke something of her grace 7. posh 8 flamboyant 9 gaudy 10 4)Well…, Brianna had intended to look posh 8, but she was ________________ in that flamboyant 9 outfit last night. She didn’t look glamorous but gaudy 10. 5)Lucy had always been a fashion victim with the unbecoming outfit she opted to put on. Now, she wears ________________ clothes, which suggests she has started to follow fashion. 1.Deserving attention and praise 2.Very impressive 3.To slide down; To move like a snake 4.A decorative coloured line 5.Standing at an angle; not standing straight 6.Extremely beautiful and delicately made GLAMOROUS STUNNING ELEGANT FLASHY 7.Polite and beautiful behaviour 8.Belonging to upper class 9.Brightly coloured and eye catching 10.Things that are too bright and somehow look cheap HUNKYELEGANTSTUNNINGTRENDY RESERVEDGLAMOROUSFLASHYCONTROVERSIAL TRENDY

7 baggy 1 scruffy 2 tattered 3 1)Johnny looked so ________________ with the piercing he wore on his nose, the hood that almost hid his eyes and those baggy 1 jeans that were scruffy 2 and tattered 3. ravishing 4 floral 5 2)Were you kidding me when you told me Alicia was ________________? She looks so ravishing 4 in that low cut night dress exposing her back to the hips exposing the beautiful floral 5 tattoos she is wearing. She looks anything but shy, Josh! green with envy 6 3)Karen’s parents were pretty ________________ and didn’t mind whether she stayed out late or what outfit she chose to wear. This, of course, made her friends green with envy 6. 4)Sarah had never shown any interest in clothing until she moved from her tiny village to a big city for university education. Then, she saw outfit and accessories that came in all shapes, colours and models in show windows, and naturally, she grew ________________ about what to wear. 5)The movie that starred beautiful Lucy Lawless as Xena and ________________ Kevin Sorbo as Hercules transported me into a world of mystery and legends. Yet, I must admit some of the audience only talked about the attractiveness of the stars of the film when they came out. 1.Big and not fitting tightly on your body 2.Dirty 3.Old and torn 4.Stunning CONTROVERSIAL RESERVED LAID BACK ENTHUSIASTIC 5.Made of or adorned with flowers 6.Very jealous of somebody HUNKYRESERVEDSTUNNINGENTHUSIASTIC RESERVEDLAID BACKFLASHYCONTROVERSIAL HUNKY

8 1)A group of ________________ ladies, not very old but not young enough as well, come to the store every week and buy things that only the very young can wear. I wonder what they do with those outfits. 2)The movie ‘Walking Castle’ starred the ravishing young actress as the ________________ woman bent with age, and this was only made possible with the improvements in the art of make-up. marooned 1 beyond recognition 2 unkempt 3 3)When Jason was found marooned 1 on a desert island, his only outfit was tattered beyond recognition 2, and his face was covered with wild unkempt 3 hair like a ________________ man. genuine 4 garments 5 4)My grandfather has a collection of historical outfit. Of course, they are not genuine 4 garments 5 that were actually worn in those ________________ times, but they are still the same as the original. 1.To be left in a place where there is no contact with others 2.Impossıble to be recognized or identified 3.Not cut and kept neatly; tangled ELDERLY OLD PRIMITIVE ANCIENT 4.Real; authentic 5.Outfit, set of clothing GORGEOUSOBSESSED WITHELDERLYPRIMITIVE DESPERATESTOCKYOLDANCIENT

9 frame 1 1)Tim, who would spend thousands of pounds on designer clothing, had a ________________ frame 1. Being neither tall nor slim enough, he never looked trendy. dazzled 2 2)Alicia looked ________________ in the tightly fitting blouse, stylish tights, mini skirt and high heeled shoes. She dazzled 2 her admirers’ eyes. 3)Nearly all fitness centres are full of young people who are ________________ to lose weight and look much thinner than they really can be. This is all because of the pressure created by the fashion industry and the images created by celebrities. distracted 3 disoriented 4 4)Most teenagers who are ________________ how they look get distracted 3 and disoriented 4. Unfortunately, this affects their future academic success. 1.The general shape of someone’s body 2.To shine so brightly enough to blind the looking eyes 2.Unable to concentrate on learning 3.Confused and not understanding what is happening STOCKY GORGEOUS DESPERATE OBSESSED WITH PRIMITIVEOBSESSED WITHSTOCKYGORGEOUS ANCIENTELDERLYOLDDESPERATE

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