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Health Optimization Clinical Testing Health Risk Questionnaire Joe Weber, AssistMed Wellness and Disease Management.

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2 Health Optimization Clinical Testing Health Risk Questionnaire Joe Weber, AssistMed Wellness and Disease Management

3 Brought to You by… and Joe Weber, AssistMed

4 An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

5 Medivon’s Health Optimization Solution Biometric Testing Health Risk Questionnaire (Web-based) Wellness Management (software-driven, via Web) Disease Management (software-driven, via Web) Incentives for Improving Health Status Population Analytics

6 How Do We Assess Risk? The challenge is to find individuals with risk factors Also asymptomatic people in the very earliest stage of disease A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire identifies an individual’s risks related to diet, lifestyle, medical history, etc. Clinical testing uncovers unknown health risks and helps to stratify risk levels People determined to be at risk are enrolled in Wellness and Disease Management Programs

7 Goals of Medivon’s Testing Program 1.Maximize participation by promotional communications 2.Administer the most effective tests and measurements 3.Systematic and smooth workflow for participants, driven by a participant-friendly, Web-based appointment system 4.Provide and explain results immediately 5.Encourage engagement with wellness and disease management programs, and with healthcare providers 6.Establish incentives, via adding dollars to a cash card, to improve scores next year

8 Standard Tests & Measurements Total Cholesterol (via Cholestech) HDL Blood Pressure Pulse Irregular Heart Beat Detection Glucose (diabetes risk assessment) Body Fat Percentage BMI (Body Mass Index) Waist Girth Hip Girth Waist-to-Hip Ratio

9 Optional Disease-Detection Tests C-Reactive Protein (CRP) General marker of inflammation, which is related to arterial damage Lp-PLA 2 Measures enzyme that helps form rupture-prone plaque (heart attacks) Ultrasound CIMT (SonoSite) Radiation-free imaging that measures thickness of carotid (neck) arteries and identifies any plaque. Indication of early vascular disease that could lead to heart attack or stroke.



12 Health Risk Questionnaire Provided by HealthMedia Automatically populated with all the biometric results Questions asked about lifestyle, diet, exercise, medical history, etc. Participant receives 16-page personalized report and can access results over the Web Statistical reports provided for management Results drive the Web-based interventions that are guided by “virtual coaching”

13 Sample Personalized Report Lifestyle Score Behavior Chart assessing status of each behavior Prioritized health behaviors Personal disease history and family history Tailored on perceived health and quality of life

14 Wellness & Disease Management Technology and methodology that emulates the health coach experience – without the cost of the coach Revolutionary programs are engaging and are tailored to the individual Employees take responsibility for their own health Efficacy no longer depends upon the skills of the coach No limit on capacity; highly scalable solution Scientific evidence for the content and guidance This “virtual coaching” is a fraction of the price of human coaching Programs have proven, published outcomes and ROI


16 World-class Customers Solving health and productivity problems for national health plans and large-scale employers.

17 Return on Investment Overall outcome is a function of both participation and efficacy Ultimate ROI is a substantial reduction in both healthcare costs and lost productivity Medical-claims and sick-day data are analyzed Clinical test results monitored year-to-year to determine improvements in lipid profiles, BP, waist girth, BMI, etc.



20 Medivon Extensive experience with health risk assessment and biometric testing in a variety of venues Focused on achieving our clients’ goals Clients include Novartis, Costco, J&J, Publix, NFL, Self-Insured Schools of California, etc. The 4 Managing Partners have over 100 years of combined experience in healthcare Managing Partner Peter Salgo, MD, is Medical Director; responsible for clinical excellence He is Associate Director of the ICUs at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

21 HealthMedia The innovator and leader in Web-driven health improvement Johnson & Johnson company Partnered with Medivon for a total solution Integrated solution with all the components for comprehensive health risk assessment, followed by proven interventions for significant risk reduction

22 The Leaders in Health Optimization Solutions and Joe Weber, AssistMed Providing a fully integrated solution to maximize health status, thereby minimizing health-related costs

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