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Rope Rescue NS Mayport Fire and Emergency Services.

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1 Rope Rescue NS Mayport Fire and Emergency Services

2 References

3 NFPA 1670 b Outlines requirements for Technical Rescue Incidents b Identifies the operating levels of rescue. b Awareness b Operations b Technician

4 Awareness Level Awareness Level b Minimum requirement b Ability to: b Do size up b Identify resources b Implement emergency response and ICS b Use PPE b Recognize Hazards of Rope Rescue

5 Operations Level b Awareness Level b Implement: b Rope based mechanical advantage systems b Edge Protection b Single and Multiple point Anchoring Systems

6 Operations Level cont... b Use Belay Systems b Construct lowering and raising systems b Tie Knots b Assure Safety b Package patient b Maintain ropes and equipment b Ascend and Descend a fixed rope

7 Technician Level b Operations Level b Know Procedures for: b Load distributing anchor systems b High-line rope system b Use in High-angle environment b Pass Knots Through System b Use litter Attendants in High -angle rescue

8 Rope b Two types of rope used in the fire service b Utility rope b Life Safety Rope

9 Utility Rope b No fire standard applies b Hoisting and securing objects only b NOT TO BE USED FOR RESCUE OF VICTIMS

10 Life Safety Rope b NFPA 1983 b Two classes b One person b 300 LBS b 4500LBF b 1 1/8” - 1 1/2”

11 Life Safety Rope b Two Person b 600 LBS b 9000 LBF b 1 1/2” - 2 1/4”

12 Life Safety Rope b Only type to be used for RESCUE b Should Not be used for UTILITY ROPE

13 Rope Construction b Laid- b Twisted or laid bundle of strands around each other b Can stretch b Can spiral it untwisted under load.

14 Laid Rope

15 Rope Construction b Solid Braid- b No Core b Unacceptable as Rescue Rope b Used only for Utility rope

16 Rope Construction b Kernmantle- b High strength inner core (kern) b Outer sheath (mantle) b Kern is the load bearing element

17 Kernmantle b Dynamic Kernmantle b Load absorbing ability b Twisted or Laid inner core allows some stretch

18 Kernmantle b Static Kernmantle b Little stretch b High abrasion resistance b Excellent Rescue Rope

19 Kernmantle b Almost all rescue rope made of DuPont Nylon b Block and Creel construction means- b No Knots in fibers, and b Never been used fibers

20 Kernmantle

21 Rope Care and Inspection b Inspect before and after use b Inspect for- b Visual damage b Loose Mantle b Kinks b Store away from sunlight, heat and chemicals b Wash and air dry

22 Rope Do’s and Don’ts b Use the rope for it’s intended purpose b Always use edge protection b Proper rappelling techniques b No b Fast rappels b Bounding b Swinging

23 Rope Do’s and Don’ts b Never step on a rope b and, Again, b Never use a rope for anything other then it’s intended purpose

24 Webbing b Used to construct anchor points b 1-2” sizes b 1” most common has a breaking strength of 4000 LBS b If use for body contact must have 6000 LBS breaking strength

25 Flat webbing b Single layer of fabric b Hard to tie knots in b Mainly used for straps and harnesses

26 Tubular Webbing b Easy to tie knots b Edge stitched b Spiral weave b All webbing should be inspected as rope b Wash in cold water and air dry

27 Harnesses b Class I b Around waist and thighs b One person escape only

28 Class I

29 Harnesses b Class II b Fastened as Class I b Load differences can be determined by label b Used for rappelling and victim pick-off

30 Class II

31 Harnesses b Class III b Fastened around waist, thighs and shoulders b Shoulder harness either integrated or assembled b Best in Confined Space but also for High- angle rescue

32 Class III

33 Harnesses b Improvised b Rescue Knot b Swiss seat b Swiss seat with shoulder harness

34 Belts b Not for rescue b Only locking in ladders, high work, etc..

35 Hardware b Carabiners b “D” shaped best for rescue b Always use locking gate b Load vertically at spine b ** IF A CARABINER IS DROPPED FROM WAIST HIEGHT OR HIGHER, TAKE IT OUT OF SERVICE

36 Carabiners Aluminum Carabiners Steel Carabiners

37 Hardware b Rescue ring b Used with multidirectional loads b Anchor Plates b Braking devices also used as anchor points

38 Hardware Rigging Plate Rescue Ring

39 Ascenders b Allows climbing of fixed ropes b Will not stop a fall b Use as intended b Two types b Cam (Gibbs) b Handle

40 Ascenders Gibbs Ascender

41 Descending devices b Rappelling devices b Figure 8’s b Rappel racks

42 Figure 8 Various Styles of Figure 8’s

43 Descenders Descender Bar Rack

44 Pulleys b For hoisting and Mechanical Advantage Systems b Raising and lowering b Single or double sheaves b Edge Rollers b Hose Rollers

45 Pulleys

46 Edge Rollers Pulley Edge Roller Rack Edge Roller

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