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WHAT NOT TO WEAR Based on our body shapes and sizes.

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1 WHAT NOT TO WEAR Based on our body shapes and sizes

2 Shapes and Sizes  Women’s and men’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Five basic body shapes.  Know your body shape

3 The five body shapes are  The Hourglass  The Triangle  The Inverted Triangle  The Slim Rectangle  The Wide Rectangle

4 The Hour Glass Defined as  Balanced figure  wide shoulders  full bust  narrow waist  wide hips  Shoulders and hips almost equal

5 What to wear for The Hourglass  Show off your narrow waist without overemphasizing your hips and bust.

6 What not to Wear  Empire dresses or tops, especially if you have a full bust.  Large tops

7 The Triangle Defined as  Narrow shoulders and a small bust extending to significantly wider hips.  Also known as pear shape.

8 What to Wear – Triangle Shape  Choose designs that have detail at the neck and shoulders, drawing the eye up and out.  Accent scarves and boat necklines  Neckline embroidery  Shoulder yokes or wide collars.  Dark colors on lower body with lighter color above to draw the eye up.

9 Clothes for Triangle Shape Boat neckline Shoulder yoke

10 What not to wear – Triangle Shape  Tops or shirts with hemlines that fall directly in line on the hips (drop waist)  Skirts or pants with patch or inseam pockets, bulky side seams, or pleats draw attention to your hips. (e.g. cargo pants)  Short skirts that end well above the knee.

11 The Inverted Triangle Defined as  Broad shoulders, a full bust, heavy upper arms extending to narrow hips

12 What to Wear – Inverted Triangle  Details below the waist  Pockets  Pleats  a dropped waist  peplums, yoked skirts  skirts with border prints.  Tops  V-necks  Raglan sleeves  designs to pull the eye down.  Dark colors on the upper body  Lighter colors on the lower body.

13 Styles for Inverted Triangle Dropped waist Peplum jacket Raglan sleeves

14 What not to wear  Garments with a lot of upper body detail  wide collars and lapels  Yokes  Ruffles  shoulder pads  Capris or strongly tapered pants

15 The Slim Rectangle Defined as  Shoulders and hips are very similar in width with little definition at the waistline.  Straight up and down with a lack of curves.

16 What to Wear – Slim rectangle  Detail on the bust and hips  Horizontal lines  Wide lapels, wide shoulder.  Contrast colors on top and bottom.

17 What not to Wear – Slim rectangle  Wide waistbands  Blocks of colors at the waist  Large belts  Anything that draws attention to the waist  Large plaids, patterns with vertical stripes should be avoided as well.

18 The Wide Rectangle  This body shape is nearly straight up and down.  The figure is wider.

19 What to Wear – Wide rectangle  Muted shades or monochromatic colors  Shoulder or neckline details to draw the eye up.  Princess seams, or center front seam create a vertical line-drawing the line up and down.  Wear narrow pant-legs, straight skirts, shirts with sleeves that taper toward the wrist and vest jackets that fall below the waistline.  Think long!

20 What to Wear – Wide rectangle

21 What not to Wear – Wide rectangle  Blocky, bold, contrasting colors  Boxy garments  Large patch pockets, belts and peplums.

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