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My Body Project Tom Anderton

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2 My Body Project Tom Anderton

3 The Human skeletal system The Human skeleton keeps your whole body propped up. If your bones were all gone, you would just be a bunch of blood, fat, and muscle. The bones above the waist are the Cranium, Clavicle, Scapula, Sternum, Rib Cage, Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Phalanges (finger bones), and Vertebral Column.

4 More on the Human Skeleton More on the Human Skeleton The bones below the waist are the Pelvis, Pubis, Femur, Patella, Fibula, Tibia, Tarsals, Metatarsals, and Phalanges (toe bones).

5 The Muscular System The muscular system helps your body move and pick up objects. Your muscles also help your body move. The Facial muscles are the muscles in your face. There are four main muscles in the face. The first muscle is the Orbicularis oculi-sound. It moves the eye. The second grouped muscles in your face is the Frontails-sound and Temporalis-sound are look at as one muscle. They move your forehead and the sides of your face. The third group muscles are the Zygomaticus- sound and Masster-sound are also looked at as one muscle. They move your upper lip area and your tyoou jaw. The final muscle is the Orbicularis oris-sound which moves your lips. The muscles in your face Major_skeletal_muscles-facial

6 The Skin Your skin is important for you because it protects your body from getting damaged. It also helps you to feel and touch things. It also allows to sweat. The sweat keeps you cool. That is how skin helps you. The Epidermis has three main layers the stratum corneum, keratinocytes, and basal layer. The Dermis has the blood vessels, lymph vessels, hair follicles, and sweat glands.

7 The Nervous System The Nervous System is important to your body because it tells you when you are hurt. Most of your nerves are in your upper body. Your nerves also tell you when you touch something. Your nerves tell your brain when you touch, lift, and pull things. That’s how important your nerves are to you. The Nervous system is made up of your Brain, Cerebellum, Spinal Cord, Brachial Plexas, Intercoastal Nerve, Musculocutaneous Nerve, Radial Nerve, Subcoastal Nerve, Lumber Plexas, Genitofemoral Nerve, Obturator Nerve, Ulnar Nerve, Femoral Nerve, Pudendal Nerve, Sciatic Nerve, Muscular Branches of Femoral Nerve, Saphenous Nerve, Tibial Nerve, Common Peroneal Nerve, Deep Peroneal Nerve, and Superficial Peroneal Nerve. It was fun learning about The Nervous System.

8 The Digestive System

9 More on the Digestive System

10*dPTwovP0NReZC9F0eCGFQTw_/lebron_wallpaper.jpg The Circulatory System The main part of The Circulatory System is the Heart. It pumps blood all over your body. There are two main parts of the Circulatory System. The first is the Arterial and the other is the Venous. The Venous is blood without oxygen. The Arterial is blood with oxygen.

11 The Respiratory System 06/RespiratorySystem1.jpg Your Respiratory is made up of your Mouth, Nasopharynx, Trachea, Lungs, Diaphragm, and Bronchial Tree which gives oxygen to your Lungs. The Respiratory System is important to body because it gives your body oxygen. You don’t want to smoke because it can damage your Respiratory System or even kill you.

12 The Heart pg The Heart The main parts in your Heart are the Aorta, Pulmonary Artery, Left Atrium, Right Atrium, Left Ventricle, and Right Ventricle. The Heart is a special muscle. It is a special muscle because it keeps your body running by pumping blood through your body. Blood that has oxygen is red and blood that doesn’t have oxygen is blue.

13 Vocabulary Page Heart- The muscle in your body that pumps blood all over your body. Skeleton- The bones in your body that moves your body. Muscles- The ligaments in your body that allow you to pick up and pull things Skin- The layers of dead cells that protect your body

14 More vocabulary Nervous system- A system of nerves that tell you when you touch something Digestive system- The system that allows you body to get what it needs Circulatory system- The system that allows your body to get blood to all over the body Respiratory system- The system that gives your body oxygen

15 Healthy hints and fun facts Some healthy hints Don’t smoke because it hurts you body’s organs and can kill you. Don’t take drugs because it can cause you to die or get addicted to them. Fun Fact /stay_healthy/body/cant _sleep.html If you have trouble sleeping it is called insomnia.

16 The End Page The End

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