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Fashion 1910’s – 1919’s.

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1 Fashion 1910’s – 1919’s

2 Rich & exotic opulence in first half of decade - Orientalism
Practicality of garments during WWI – 1914 – 1918 Changes made because of necessity over fashion Periods of upheaval are often a catalyst for profound social change, which in turn is a catalyst for dramatic change in fashion.


4 Influences Women’s suffrage movement Roots of Prohibition
Great Influenza Epidemic (1918) Titantic sank in 1912 Frank Lloyd Wright – Arts & Crafts movement Silent Films – Charlie Chaplin & Mary Pickford

5 Designers Jacques Doucet Mariano Fortuny Coco Chanel

6 Silhouette Rectangular - Tunic over a long underskirt
- Empire waist early – loosened and gradually dropped to natural waist - Tunics gradually became longer and underskirts were made fuller and shorter – calf-length dresses over ankle length underskirt






12 Hobble Skirt Mimicked the Harem skirts of middle east 1914
Widest at hips – narrow at ankle

13 The Great War WWI 1914 – 1918 Women went to work – factories
Independence increased – levels of activity and desire for practical shoes Clothing more utilitarian – tailored, mannish appearance Hemlines inched up – dropped underskirts – above ankles – material shortages Darker Colors – Mourning – Monochrome look

14 Hats/Hair Styles Large hats with wide brims early
Small hats with flat brims – end Bobbed haircut

15 Men Unchanged Styles Sack Suit Pants with cuff/with front/back creases
Tuxedo jacket Ties same

16 Children Boys – suits with trousers Girls – less “adult”
- shorter skirts - Material Rationing

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