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Catherine Hebert Michael Pieper Ryan Richardson Rhiannon Way Kim Whalen.

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1 Catherine Hebert Michael Pieper Ryan Richardson Rhiannon Way Kim Whalen

2 Ideology as Defined by Foss “A pattern of beliefs that determine a group’s interpretation of some aspects of the world. It is a system of beliefs that reflect a group’s fundamental social, economic, political or cultural interests.’”

3 Ideology as Defined by Foss “It represents who we are, what we stand for, what our values are and what our relationships with other groups, particularly groups that oppose what we stand for, threaten our interests and prevent us from accessing resources important to us.’”

4 Research Question What are some of the ideologies are presented by Mattel’s Barbie that help to support society’s gender roles? What are some of the strategies Mattel uses to support the ideology of gender roles?

5 Why is Barbie important? -Barbie dominates the market share. -99% of 3-10 year old girls in the U.S. own at least one Barbie -U.S. girls own an average 8 Barbie dolls -Every half second, a Barbie is purchased somewhere in the world

6 History of Barbie -Barbie was based off of a German doll named “Bild Lilli.” -“Bild Lilli” started as a comic in the Hamburg tabloid, Bild- Zeitung. -She was very popular among young men.

7 History of Barbie

8 Barbie was created by Ruth Handler. Ruth thought of creating an adult doll while watching her daughter play with paper dolls. She based Barbie’s design off of the “Bild Lilli” dolls.

9 History of Barbie Ruth believed that it was important for young girls to be able to act out how they imagined their adult lives.

10 History of Barbie Ruth also believed that it was important for young girls’ self esteem to play with dolls that have breasts.

11 History of Barbie Barbie was introduced to the American market on March 9, 1959, at the price of $3. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

12 History of Barbie Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, was introduced in 1961. Many other dolls have been introduced through the years including, Midge, Skipper and Christy.

13 Image of Barbie If Barbie were human she would be; 6’2” – 7’5” tall 38’ bust 18’ waist 33’ waist

14 Image of Barbie The body image of Barbie has changed very little since she was introduced in 1959. The only change to her body has been a slight widening of her waist.

15 Image of Barbie The only major changes to Barbie dolls has been to Barbie’s hairstyles and clothing style.

16 Image of Barbie 19592006

17 Culture/Ethnicity -Mattel creates Barbies of many different ethnicities and cultures. -All of the “ethnic” Barbie dolls are made by the same mold that the Caucasian Barbie is made from

18 Culture/Ethnicity Cambodia India

19 Culture/Ethnicity Middle Eastern African-American

20 Products -These products are put to market by Mattel -They can be found at: -They reinforce gender roles and ideologies of how to be feminine

21 Products Barbie Doctor Play Set – “Wanna be a doctor when you grow up? This cute kit is perfect for playing check-up! Inside the multi-colored bag, you’ll find a pretend stethoscope for listening to heartbeats, a thermometer for taking imaginary temperatures, and an arm cuff for make- believe blood pressure checks. Keep ‘em healthy, doc!”

22 Products -Pink “athletic” shoes – “Mixin’ it up with sporty style! Six different sets of shoes, each with their own special flair - made for moving fast, and looking good while you do it! Trendy stitching, V-straps that are easy-to-use and add to its good looks…you'll want to wear them with everything!”

23 Products Sewing Machine – “Sew cool! Imagine creating original fashions, accessories, pillows and more with your very own sewing machine! The foot pedal and push button controls are easy to use. This pre- threaded, portable machine is great for learning how to get crafty. It really works! You’ll love the pretty pink design, too!”

24 Gender Roles -Barbie perpetuated the ideology of women being submissive to their male counter parts -Barbie is repeatedly show in a supportive role to Ken Commercial from 1963

25 Gender Roles Dream Date Barbie and Ken

26 Gender Roles -“Acceptable” female behavior is shown in Barbie commercials -Cutting and dying hair -Focus on physical beauty not person accomplishments -1965 Commercial -Hilary Duff Commercial

27 Gender Roles -Barbie is hyper-sexualized by Mattel -Lingerie – clad line of Barbie’s

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