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Variety in the Way of Holding Nursing F-180 PA-138Q F-60 F-180 PA-138Q T-95 K-58 /K-58U F-180 T-95 F-180 PA-138Q N-68 Cuddle Forward Facing Back Carry.

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2 Variety in the Way of Holding Nursing F-180 PA-138Q F-60 F-180 PA-138Q T-95 K-58 /K-58U F-180 T-95 F-180 PA-138Q N-68 Cuddle Forward Facing Back Carry

3 Ninna Nanna Carrier Product line up Multifunction Simple function F180 PA138Q F60 T95 K58 /K58U N68 nursing cuddle side cuddle forward facing back carry back carry back carry New born Neck muscle developed Sitting straight 12 months 30 months 36 months forward facing forward facing

4 F-180 4 Ways 8 Styles chosen according to different growth stage or needs nursingcuddle forward facing forward facing back carry back carry Usage period : New born ~ 30 months (below 14.9kg)

5 F-180 nursingcuddle forward facing back carry Base Vest The wide shoulder belts fit the body and can reduce the burden of weight. U-shape Support It can ensure enough space for baby’s head to move. Ventilation Design *nursing seat *cuddle seat Supporting board inside the seat is equipped with ventilation hole for baby. Backbone support The back side of the carrier is protected by supporting board to ensure natural position of baby. Weight distribution system Baby’s weight can be evenly distributed through the base vest to the back and waist when back carrying.

6 PA-138Q nursingcuddle back carry Safety Lock & Side Lock 12 3 Easy operation for seating & unseating Baby even when in cuddle position. Full protection for baby’s head. Extra support to the unstable baby’s head. Soft Pad Provide comfortable space for baby and prevent the baby’s leg from pressing. Adjusting Zipper Adjust the depth of the crotch part according to the size of baby. Better ventilation at lower part of carrier *MG color is only Fully covering head pad *Mesh Materials Head support Usage period : New born ~ 30 months (below 14.9kg)

7 F180 / PA138Q Consumer Voice No shoulder pressure The wide shoulder belts prevent belts from dig into my shoulder. In spite of firm holding, there is enough space for my baby. That’s why she always sleep comfortably during out-going. By Aimi mum & Ai Activity in train and bus While raining or on the train or bus, PA138Q is better than stroller. Besides, my baby seems happy because of closer distance with me. By Shino mum & Yokou No problem for long time cuddle Stable cuddling make Emi held at ease. Less burden on shoulders and waist and I can cuddle for a long time. I go out everyday with Emi by F180. By Kaori mum & Emi Durable, easy operation It is convenient for me to pass through narrow space easily. Especially, it is durable, easy-operation, and very useful for me. By Mika mum & Hayato F180 PA138Q

8 F-60 nursing 3 different ways in cuddling 1) Nursing (breast feeding / bottle feeding) 2) Sleeping 3) Going Out V-belt Function Set the proper position for baby by adjusting the belt length according to the different needs of baby Removing holding belt for easy seating and seating. It can be a temporary bed for baby as well. Easy Seating / Unseating & Temporary Bed Usage period : New born ~ 6 months (below 9.0kg) (milk & sleep style)

9 T-95 cuddle forward facing 5 Arrangement Basic (A) (B) Varied based on baby’s growth or situation. (A) Neck muscle developed (B) Can sit straight Fit Side Lock Easy and secured for seating or unseating the baby Full open From side Seating / Unseating Can seat / unseat the baby by either ways. Crotch Adjustment Facing forward Facing backward Wide Crotch - for Facing Backward use - hold baby firmly Narrow Crotch - for Facing Forward use - prevent baby from congesting. Usage period : Neck Muscle developed (2 or 3 months) ~ 12 months (below 11.3kg)

10 K-58 / K-58U cuddle Release pressure and cover the buckle. 3D Pocket Long shoulder pad Swivel lock Swivel lock can be detached for easy unseating of baby.  Release the lock and shoulder belt will slide and reach the D-ring.  Unseat the baby safely. 12 Soft crotch cushion Protection for baby’s soft feet. Shoulder bagWaist bag 2 carrying style Smart carrying Usage period : Waist muscle developed (around 7 months) ~ 36 months (below 15.0kg)

11 N-68 back carry S-shaped Head Cover Fit support to the unstable baby head. N-68 Old model Weight Balancing Seat Great support to baby and evenly distribute the pressure between shoulder and waist. N-68 Old model Wide Waist Belt Reduce the pressure on waist effectively. Special design shoulder belt Best fit to body and release the burden Connecting Belt Prevent the shoulder belt from getting loose. Usage period : Neck Muscle developed (2 or 3 months) ~ 30 months (below 14.9kg)

12 F60/K58/N68 Consumer voice Sleep well My elder children often woke up when I put on a bed. For my second children, I use Combi Milk&Sleep(F60). Now she sleeps well on it, even she is held by Milk&Sleep on a bed. By Chie mum & Kazue Go out only by bringing K58 K58 can contains a wallet, diaper, and etc. I can go out readily. Besides, it is easy for wear and detach. Due to its compact size, it is convenient to bring outside. By Fumie mum & Yuki Like a light backpack I used a strap type carrier recommended by my grandmother. But, it was no good for me and baby - stiff shoulder… hesitating to be hold. Thus, I bought N68 and it is like a light backpack – no stiff shoulder. By Kayo mum & Kohei Easy seating & unseating It is very easy to seat and unseat the baby like kangaroo belly’s bag. It is very good for walking, shopping and so on. Besides, I like the design of this carrier. By Miwa mum & Shunya K58 F60 N68

13 How to choose the appropriate carrier style?  I need a multipurpose carrier and can be used for new born baby. F180 Less burden for shoulders and waist ☞ F180 F180 High variety in usage according to baby situation ☞ F180 PA138Q Easy wearing and detaching ☞ PA138Q  I need a simple usable carrier. F60 For nursing style ☞ F60 For cuddle style T95  High variety in usage according to baby’s situation ☞ T95 K58/K58U  Easy wearing and detaching(facing backward only) ☞ K58/K58U N68 For back carry style ☞ N68

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