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Body Styles "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. " Coco Chanel.

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1 Body Styles "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. " Coco Chanel

2 Slender is when your body is slight with small breasts and hips and/or bottom. Top-Heavy is when your bust measurement is the most dominant part of your body because you have a large and curvaceous bust and small hips and/or bottom by comparison. Pear-Shaped is when your hips and/or bottom are the largest part of your body and your breasts are smaller by comparison. Curvaceous is when you have an hour glass shape with large breasts and curvy hips and/or bottom Apple-Shaped is when you have no waist, perhaps you feel your tummy is large and round.

3 "Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with. Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up- to-the-minute." Giorgio Armani

4 Slender / Rectangles Typically rectangles have: – A full neck – Broad back – Average bust – Undefined waist – A balanced figure – Great legs and arms – Lean and athletic DO: – Wear tops that give some illusion of curves, accentuate the waist – Wear pencil skirts and skinny jeans – Wear bold colors and prints – Find pants with big pockets preferably with flaps – helps the bottom look curvier

5 Slender/Rectangle Don’t: – Wear Vertical lines or patterns – makes the form appear longer and leaner – Wear high waisted bottoms – Short jackets that end near the natural waist

6 Top Heavy (Bigger Bust) Typical Top Heavy figures: – Slender Shoulders – Defined waist – Large bust area – Small bottom/hips – Slender legs Do: – Wear fitted jackets/blazers with high buttons Do Cont: – Wear flared or wide leg pants – evens out the top heavy effect – Accentuate the waist as much as possible Don’t: – Wear tops with patterns, ruffles, or bright colors – Wear tapered pants

7 Dressing an Apple Typically apples have: – A fuller face and neck – Broader shoulders – Fuller Breast – A fuller, undefined waist – Narrow hips – A flat rear end – Shapley legs Do’s – Find tops to lengthen and elongate the torso Do’s Cont. – Wear a wrap style top – the line creates an illusion of slimness – Wear an empire or raised waist – Wear dark, solid colors on top – Play up the legs and slim bottom by wearing pencils or A line skirts – Wear pants that have pockets with flaps – gives the illusion of more bottom

8 Dressing an Apple Don’t – Wear tapered legs, it makes the body look out of proportion – Wear bold patterns on top – Wear shoulder pads, big sleeves or baggy tops – Wear too dark of wash – makes the hips look smaller

9 Dressing a Pear Typically pears have: – A long or slender neck – Sloping or narrow shoulders – Narrow back – Small to medium bust – Defined waist – Curvy hips and backside – Full thighs and calves Do’s – Dress up the top – bold colors/Patterns – Get pants with flared or wide legs – Wear darker washes and colors on the bottom – Wear shoes with pointed toes – gives the illusion of longer legs Don’ts – Wear body hugging skirts that cling – Wear big pockets on pants or jeans – Wear too full of skirts – Wear tapered legged pants – Wear high wasted pants

10 Curvaceous / Hourglass Typical Hourglass figure has: – Symmetrical shoulders and hips – Full, shapely bust – Distinctly defined waist – Medium to broad hips in proportion with shoulders – Shapely Legs – Most proportionate body shape – Most “ideal” female form Do: – Enhance the bust and waist – Wear longer tops to lengthen torso – Wear darker fabrics to make the figure appear slimmer/smaller – Wear dresses that have a fitted middle – Wear jeans with a flare or wider leg

11 Curvaceous / Hourglass Don’t – Wear too bold of prints or too much ruffle on a blouse, hides the good aspects and makes the area appear larger – Wear too short of skirts/shorts – makes the figure appear fuller

12 Men’s Body Types Men tend to come either rectangular or Apple shaped – carry most of their weight in the middle Tall Men – Wear bold patterns and colors – but not vertical stripes. Don’t wear too form fitting of clothes as they make you appear taller Short Men – Wear a full suit rather than a jacket and trousers as it cuts the middle and makes them look shorter – Wear cuffs that hit just above the hand – Wear vertical stripes to help elongate

13 Men’s Body Types Heavy Set Man: Dress in darks, solids and vertical stripes – Don’t wear double breasted suits or too many pleats around the middle Muscular Man: Avoid adding emphasis to shoulders, wear dark colors and full/wide legged pants

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