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HEALING AUTOIMMUNITY AND THYROID DISORDERS Special thanks to Dr. Todd Watts DC Barbara Stuart, APRN, NP-C, CEN Integrative Medical Practitioners Presented.

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1 HEALING AUTOIMMUNITY AND THYROID DISORDERS Special thanks to Dr. Todd Watts DC Barbara Stuart, APRN, NP-C, CEN Integrative Medical Practitioners Presented by DoTERRA Diamond Melody Covino

2 Recommended Reading

3 Hormonal cycle of Thyroid

4 Causes of Autoimmunity Leaky Gut Pathogens Emotions Nutritional deficiencies Heavy metals Environmental toxins Mutated Genes Stress ◦Physical ◦Emotional ◦Chemical ALL affect the Central Nervous system

5 Candida, Parasites, bacteria can cause “leaky gut”

6 How do we get parasites anyway? Two types, ◦blood parasites ◦bowel parasites Fruit/ vegetables Meat Animals Feces What are doctors doing to Diagnose Parasites What are doctors doing to Diagnose Parasites ?

7 Ecological Balance in GI Tract Candida is a yeast that is normally harmless as a single-celled fungus. If it changes into a mycelial form it can take root in tissues and colonize.

8 What causes pathogens to grow? Imbalance of GI yeast vs good bacteria. Immune dysfunction: ◦Exposure to toxic metals. ◦Internal toxins from poor digestion. ◦Stress-emotional, physical, chemical Reduction of good bacteria in the gut: ◦Consumption of refined carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine. ◦Antibiotics ◦Immunosuppressive medications.(steroids) Upset in intestinal pH: ◦Acid blocking medications. ◦Decreasing digestive enzymes and HCL as we age.

9 Candida By-products Proliferation of Candida Releases waste products called mycotoxins (poisons) and oxalates. These further weaken the immune system.

10 Auto-Brewery Syndrome –Leaky Brain Pathogen’s Toxic Waste = Acetaldehyde Affects Central Nervous System. Interferes with hormone metabolism: ◦Pituitary ◦Thyroid ◦Adrenal glands Increased blood alcohol levels. ◦Brain fog symptoms

11 Pathogenic By-products Lowers Taurine levels. ◦Taurine increases uptake of magnesium & potassium inside our cells. ◦Taurine binds toxins and removes them from the liver.

12 Signs and Symptoms of Autoimmunity Signs and Symptoms of Autoimmunity Chronic fatigue Brain fog ( ↑ acetaldehyde) Anxiety Depression Food cravings ◦Sweets, alcohol, carbonated drinks Hyperactivity & learning disabilities Decreased libido Autoimmune disorders Headaches Eczema, psoriasis Muscle aches Arthritis Bladder infections Gas & bloating Constipation and/or Diarrhea Bad breath Rectal itching Sinusitis Burning tongue Nail infections Diaper Rash

13 Causes Major Health Issues Auto-Immune Diseases caused by Leaky Gut Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia Thyroiditis (Hypothyroid) Crohns Disease Vitilego Vasculitis Ulcerative Colitis Urticaria (hives) Diabetes

14 Candida &pathogens= Allergies Mycotoxins in the bloodstream! ◦Normally, the lining of the intestinal tract prevents mycotoxins from entering the blood.  Toxins  Microorganisms  Undigested food particles ◦The body launches an immune reaction that causes the allergic response. Pathogens can store themselves happily in your organs.

15 Healthy live blood cell analysis vs unhealthy Leaky gut

16 Pathogens Affect All Systems Pathogen biproduct toxins in the bloodstream filter through the liver. From there, they proceed to other organs. ◦Brain, Nervous System, joints, skin, etc. If impaired liver detoxification these toxins will not be eliminated and can initiate states of chronic disease. ◦Inadequate nutrition, poor cellular health and/or toxic overload impair detoxification.

17 Leaky Gut lifestyle & Treatment Dietary changes! Try An Elimination Diet  Gluten free  Dairy free  YEAST FREE  Consider other grains (rotate)  Corn/soy (consider)  Do organic meats and eggs  Do Eat Fermented foods/veggies/drinks  Do Eat Non GMO  Avoid Certain Nuts (peanuts)

18 Pathogens and doTERRA Pathogen Treatment ◦GX Assist (10 days)  Caprylic acid plus essential oils. Essential Oils internally and externally ◦Oregano, Lemon, Melalueca ◦ On Guard plus, DDR prime, cassia, thyme, helicrysm. lime

19 Healing Leaky Gut Probiotics ◦Crowds out bad organisms. ◦Cultivates healthy flora Digestive Enzymes ◦Helps digest ◦and absorb nutrients Fiber 4-5 grams twice/day Absorbs toxins Reduce “die off” Vitamin D3 At least 1,000 iu/day Helps heal leaky gut and decrease inflammation. L-Glutamine Powder

20 Heavy Metals affect Candida Silver amalgam dental fillings have 53% mercury! Mercury has an antibiotic effect. Difficult to control yeast overgrowth. Candida thrive on heavy metals Foods are laced with antibiotics

21 Heavy metal Cleanse and Mineral replinshment Cilantro ◦Heavy metal chelator Slim and sassy ◦Chemical elimination LLV (life long vitality) Multivitamins ◦Corrects dietary deficiencies ◦High potency Omega 3 Fatty Acid ◦Restores moisture to GI tract. ◦At least 2000 mg daily

22 Liver Detoxification Daily Detoxification ◦Zendocrine  Oral capsules  In combination with LLV makes LLV “complete” Essential Oil Blend ◦Rub over abdomen in area of the liver ◦Apply to reflex points.

23 Emotions and Extreme Stress Stress is a MAJOR factor in a lowered immune system Emotional stress has a vibrational frequency DNA passed onto children Stress is specific

24 Emotions and Essential Oils. Essential oils for Emotional balancing Balance Frankincense Citrus Bliss Elevation Wild orange Lavender Vetiver Sandalwood Fennel Remember emotions are specific

25 Thyroid Health and doTERRA General Support- Myrrh, frankincense Geranium, ginger Support of Dysfunction- Clove Hyperthyroidism –Myrrh, lemongrass Hypothyroidism – Peppermint, lemongrass Clove DDR Prime Always frankincense ◦Take internally ◦Apply to bottom of feet

26 Key factors in boosting your immune system Added help for autoimmunity Chiropractic Care Infrared Sauna ◦Kills pathogens ◦Increases white blood cell production Vitamin C High doses consider IV’s Ultra violet light IV’s Meditation Stress management Increases immune system by 200% 400% increase in those with cancer CNS is the control center Energy Medicine as well as structural work

27 Choices for Purchasing Your Own Oils Retail Customer Purchase products at full retail price thru a rep’s website who referred you to doTERRA Wholesale Membership thru your rep Enrollment Kit Purchase required ($35 or $150 - $2,200 as a kit) 25% discount from retail 10%-30% in free oil credits on future purchases NO monthly minimum

28 $10-30% back in free oils on future purchases Enrollment incentives for February 2014 100 pv voucher with enrollment kit and one LRP order of 100pv Add Terrazyme capsules Zendocrine capsules On Guard essential oil DDR Prime essential oil Frankincense essential oil

29 $550, $100 in free oils, 15-30% back in future purchases.

30 Best Way to Buy Products Each Month Earn FREE Products with EACH order Completely Optional Flexible dates FREE Additional Monthly Gift - Product of the Month Club 125pv before the 15 th. LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM

31 Advanced Functional Medicine Advanced Clinical Applied Kinesiology DoTERRA practitioner Dr. Todd Watts DC 208-914-0710

32 THANK YOU!!! For more information Visit my website at ‘how to use your oils’ 208-870-3373 phone

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