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I saved a life today: I washed my hands C. diff epidemic.

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1 I saved a life today: I washed my hands C. diff epidemic

2 Over 16,000 deaths Leading nosocomial infection Not considered serious by staff “ it is only diarrhea “ Nursing homes hardest hit Can be found any where not just health care facilities. Be aware of patients with loose watery stools Complaints of cramping Recent course of antibiotics ( big indicator)

3 Fast Spore Take out to Home Alcohol hand gel will not kill Becoming resistant to soap and water Staff not washing hands between glove change Spores live on hard surfaces Do you wonder if that waiter washed his hands? MMM SPORES YUMMY!

4 Metamorphous of Spore into “Mothra” Unfortunately C-diff spores are developing into hyper resilient NAPI Spores becoming resistant due to over use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. (Cipro, Levaquin,) Staff not washing hands between glove change spread spore BONUS: What is the name of this superbug?

5 Protect Yourself Hard surfaces cleaned with bleach (1:10 dilution) Strict hand hygiene, gloves, and wash with soap and water before and after. Use gowns when entering patients’ rooms and during patient care Never assume a patient is free from C-diff, many patients transferring from hospital to facilities have high rate of infection. Dedicate a blood pressure cuff for patient with C-diff. Use soap that contains Chlorhexadine ( Hibiclens, ) Cannot find any hipiclens go to the pet store many pet shampoos contain Chlorhexadine. (be a label reader)

6 Post Test: C-Difficile Procare Hospice Protecting your self from C-Diff 1 CEU: Continuing Nursing Education earned on completion. True or False Circle Your Answer 1. True False. Washing your hands with antibacterial hand gel is effective from C-Diff. 2. True False. Only patients with diarrhea have C-Diff 3.True False Washing hands before and after wearing gloves is best way to prevent exposure 4.True False. As long as I was my hands with soap and water before eating take-out food, I will not get C-diff. 5.True False. I have a new patient at assisted living facility, just released from hospital. They do not have diarrhea so they probably do not have C-diff. 6.True False. To be safe I should practice universal precautions on every patient 7.True False. Any time my skin comes into contact with body, body fluid I should notify my supervisor and fill out an incident report. 8.True False C diff is just diarrhea that is contagious but it is no big deal. 9.True False C diff is becoming an epidemic and has been cause for death 10. BONUS: What is the name of the 1961 character from a series of monster movies? Answer: _____________________ Name: (print) ___________________ Signature ________________ Date _______ Evaluator: Rose Marie Van Dee RN, MSN_Signature: _______________ Date__________ Score _____________

7 Reference Hand hygiene ineffectiveness, confusion undercut response to deadly C. diff epidemic. Evans G. (2010) Hospital Infection Control and Prevention May 2010 V 37(5) pg 49-60 How to protect yourself from C-diff (2010).RID committee to reduce infection deaths from Mothra (1961) Director Ishora Honda

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