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Lives Saved Tool (LiST): A few details What you need to know to actually make this program work and work well…

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1 Lives Saved Tool (LiST): A few details What you need to know to actually make this program work and work well…

2 Grouped Interventions

3 Groupings Antenatal Care –Components Case management, syphilis, bacteriuria Child Birth Care –Facility and Home based deliveries –Components Corticosteroids, antibiotics, labor monitoring/ emergency obstetric care, resuscitation, clean delivery Water –Components Water within 30 minutes, water in the home

4 Antenatal care ANC: % with 4+ ANC visits –Case management = ANC –Syphilis ~ ANC proportion

5 Child Birth Care

6 Water Improved water – 60% Piped water – 8% Improved minus Piped – 52%

7 Nutrition

8 Interventions Direct impact –Therapeutic feeding –Balanced energy supplementation –Multiple micronutrient supplementation –Complementary feeding (education±supplementation) –Breast feeding prevalence/promotion –Zinc supplementation –Water and sanitation Indirect impact –Water and sanitation – via diarrhea –IPTp – on IUGR –Zinc – via diarrhea None –Vitamin A supplementation

9 Distribution of Height for Age


11 Interventions

12 Nutritional Impacts Risk Factor for mortality - All neonatal causes - Diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, malaria

13 Nutritional impacts Risk factor for mortality –Breast feeding ~ diarrhea/pneumonia

14 Incorporating AIM

15 Background AIM –Uses UNAIDS data from the start of the epidemic Baseline –Prevalence, progression/survival, age distribution To be edited –PMTCT, breast feeding –Adult ART –Child ART, cotrimoxazole

16 Options National AIDS division –Working with UNAIDS Provided estimates –Through 2007 only –Predict and adjust to most reasonable data

17 Add LiST to AIM

18 Getting started with AIM





23 DON’T BE BLIND!! Always check your data! Look for sensibility!



26 Using FamPlan

27 Family Planning (FamPlan) Reduction in number of births (current) Increased survival (future)

28 Child Deaths Deaths Averted (Total) U5MR 200620112011 (vs. 2006)2011 Baseline 53,00062,0000123 Baseline + Family Planning 53,00055,0007,000123 Baseline + Child Survival 53,00039,00023,00077 Baseline + Family Planning + Child Survival 53,00035,00027,00077 Impact of Family Planning (example)

29 Child Deaths Deaths Averted by Child Survival Interventions U5MR 200620112011 (vs. 2006)2011 No Family Planning, No Child Survival 53,00062,0000123 Family Planning, No Child Survival 53,00055,000-1200123 No Family Planning, Child Survival 53,00039,00031,00077 Family Planning, Child Survival 53,00035,00026,00077 Impact of Family Planning (example)

30 Data Needs Existing Information –Contraceptive effectiveness and attributes DHS surveys (or MICS) –Contraceptive prevalence –Methods used –Proximate determinants Women 15-49 in union (%) Postpartum insusceptibility (mo) Abortion rate (/1000) – not DHS Sterility %

31 Total Fertility Rate Preloaded baseline data in DemProj User chosen –If entered into FamPlan, this will override the DemProj data (TFR).

32 Add FamPlan

33 2 choices: 1)Select country of interest TFR=goal baseline data available 1)Select no data country Contraceptive Prevalence=goal enter all baseline data






39 Abortions per 1000 women 15-44 *30/1000=total abortion rate





44 Updates

45 Occasionally, there will be updates to the software –Modeling New interventions, links between interventions, etc. –Effectiveness values –Demographic projection Population, TFR, etc. –AIM Modules Don’t know yet…

46 Updates (2) Notified via email (from me!) –With any important instructions or changes Download and install the new version –Won’t lose any projections you have made

47 Modeling Run your old model in the new software… Make sure that you save as the new version –It may limit your ability to use the new file with the old version of LiST –Always useful to document the version used for an analysis.

48 Effectiveness values Click ‘yes’

49 Demographic projection Edit Projection –Select ‘EasyProj’ –Check the Demographic Projection checkbox –Click ‘OK’ (twice) NOTE: If you check Child Survival, you will overwrite all your data!!!! BE CAREFUL!

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