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Acute Effects of Pesticides on the Gastro-Intestinal System.

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1 Acute Effects of Pesticides on the Gastro-Intestinal System

2 Gastrointestinal Signs & Symptoms Bloody diarrhea Bloody diarrhea Nausea – vomiting Nausea – vomiting Diarrhea (first) Diarrhea (first) Abdominal pain Abdominal pain Stomatitis Stomatitis Hyper-salivation Hyper-salivation Ileus Ileus Hepatomegaly Hepatomegaly

3 Bloody Diarrhea Flouride (I) Flouride (I) Paraquat (H) Paraquat (H) Diquat (H) Diquat (H) Thallium (R) Thallium (R) Coumarines (R) Coumarines (R) Indandiones (R) Indandiones (R) Endothall (H) Endothall (H) Arsenicals (I, wood preservatives) Arsenicals (I, wood preservatives) R=Rodenticide I=Insecticide D=Disinfectant Asc=Ascaride Fum=Fumigant H=Herbicide F=f ungicide

4 Nausea Vomiting Followed by diarrhea OP’s (I) OP’s (I) Carbamates (I) Carbamates (I) Nicotine (I) Nicotine (I) Borate (I) Borate (I) Methyl bromide (Soil fumigant) Methyl bromide (Soil fumigant) Thiram (F) Thiram (F) Naphthalene (Fum) Naphthalene (Fum) Halocarbon fumigants Halocarbon fumigants Metal compounds (cadmium, organotin, copper) (F) Metal compounds (cadmium, organotin, copper) (F) Cyanide (Fum) Cyanide (Fum) Arsenicals (I, H) Arsenicals (I, H) Chlorophenoxy cmpds (H) Chlorophenoxy cmpds (H) Endothall (H) Endothall (H) Diquat (H) Diquat (H) Characteristic of many numerous pesticide related intoxications

5 Diarrhea [ first] OP’s OP’s Carbamates Carbamates Pyrethroids Pyrethroids Borates Borates Sulfur Sulfur Nicotine Nicotine B. thuringiensis (Bt) B. thuringiensis (Bt) Thiram Thiram Cadmium Cadmium

6 Abdominal Pain OP’s & carbamates (I) OP’s & carbamates (I) Nicotine (I) Nicotine (I) Borate (I) Borate (I) Paraquat & Diquat* (H) Paraquat & Diquat* (H) Methaldehyde (snail bait) Methaldehyde (snail bait) Fluorides (wood preservative, fumigant) Fluorides (wood preservative, fumigant) Phosphorous (F) Phosphorous (F) Inorganic arsenicals (F) Inorganic arsenicals (F) Cadmium cmpds (F) Cadmium cmpds (F) Copper cmpds (F) Copper cmpds (F) Organotin cmpds (F) Organotin cmpds (F) Thallium* (R) Thallium* (R) Phosphide (R) Phosphide (R) * also ileus

7 Excessive Salivation OP’s & carbamates (ChE inhibitors) OP’s & carbamates (ChE inhibitors) Nicotine (I) Nicotine (I) Aminopyridine (bird repellent) Aminopyridine (bird repellent) Sodium fluoride (wood treatment) Sodium fluoride (wood treatment) Cyanide (fum) Cyanide (fum) Cadmium cmpds (F) Cadmium cmpds (F)

8 Hepatomegaly Copper compounds Sodium chlorate Phosphine Carbon tetrachloride Cholorform

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