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Muffin Tops and Junk in Your Trunk..... What Really Causes them! Lisa Everett RPh, Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

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1 Muffin Tops and Junk in Your Trunk..... What Really Causes them! Lisa Everett RPh, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

2 What’s happened to our biology ? Headline News:  Childhood/adolescent cancers  Obesity more than doubled in last 12 years in children and adolescents. 81% of Americans are overweight. 61% obese  Asthma increased by 160% from 1980 to 1994  Diabetes 45% of new cases are in teens  ADD/ADHD number of kids on meds have increased by 311% over 15 years  Autism 200-300 cases in 1970, now 1 in 166 children  Acne 18% of 12-24 yr olds in 1950’s, now 85% with 25% permanent scarring. All is preventable  2003: 170,000 Rx’s for antidepressants kids under 18

3 3 The Cost of Obesity to Society and Health Industry 3

4 The World Health Organization Says:  The US has dropped from 11th in the world for life expectancy to 42nd  The US leads the world in all chronic, degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, asthma & allergies, depression & mental illness, all autoimmune and degenerative neurological diseases, all forms of cancer except 2, osteoporosis, OBESITY  The US leads the world in infant mortality Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics

5 The Standard American Diet (SAD) 

6 Our Body’s Toxic Burdens  Average EPA water: 1,300 chemicals  5 billion pounds of pesticides/herbicides per year.  3 million pounds of antibiotics/hormones given to livestock  600,000 tons lead/yr  3,200 FDA-approved food additives.  Fumes in new homes, cars, buildings.  Drugs: legal & illegal  Air pollution, radiation.  Stress  Out- gassing

7 Xenoestrogens  Substances foreign to human body that resemble and act like estrogens  Derived from petroleum products, therefore, they are fat soluble  Organic Chlorinated Pesticides DDT, endosulfan, atrazine, 2,4-D, dioxins, PCB’s, styrene, phthalates, nonylphenols Highest accumulation in Dairy Products, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork, Water, Corn, Sugar, Contaminated Fish (descending order)

8 Xenoestrogens & Xenobiotics  #1 Cause of Breast and Prostate Cancer  Decreased the average of puberty in children  Endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cancer  Metabolic changes--weight gain  Destruction of immune system  Use paper products without chlorine bleach  Avoid soft plastics  Use organically produced food and purified water

9 Xenoestrogens & Xenobiotics U.S. has the highest incidence of Breast Cancer in the World Rise since 1950 from 1 in 20, to 1 in 7 women World Health Organization (1964): 80% of all cancers due to synthetic carcinogens Many industrial workers are at 10x the risk of developing cancer their children are at a higher risk--ie childhood leukemia 2-5x greater incidence if father worked with spray paints and dyes WHAN (Women’s Health Action Network) of Seattle WEDO (Women’s Environmental & Development Organization) NCAMP (National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides)

10 Volatile Organic Compounds  Adhesives Benzene, formaldehyde, terpenes  Carpet Alkanes, formaldehyde, styrene, methylbenzene  Paints, Stain, Varnish Acetates, alcohols, benzene, formaldehyde  Floor & Wall Coverings Acetates, amines, xylenes, formaldehyde

11 What the American Dairy Council Won’t Tell You  Milk contains more toxins per gm than any other food  Mammalian milk varies widely in composition  Humans are the only species never weaned  Most of the world is lactose intolerant  Milk-induced micro GI bleeding is major cause of iron deficiency in infants  Atherosclerosis induced by milk, Am. Heart Assoc. implores reduction in dairy  Bacteria, virus, leukemia, ALS, MS, arthritis  The FDA will not allow any positive health statements on the label or within 20 feet of the sale of dairy products

12 What is the Purpose of Mammalian Lactation?  To provide pre-digested solid matter from which quantum physics can be created  To provide Building Blocks from which the physicality can be created  To stimulate the development of the immune system in the intestinal tract  To stimulate the formation of the thymal immune system  To provide nurturing which triggers the production of happy neuropeptides  Create bonding via oxytocin – feeling of love  To promote the general health and well-being of the mammalian mammary gland and other tissues such as contraction of the uterus

13 Composition of Cow’s Milk and Human Milk  Human milk is 80% whey and 20% curd. Cow’s milk is opposite and composed of different proteins  Cow’s milk is high in protein, while human milk has one of the lowest concentrations of protein in mammalian milk.  Human milk is richer in essential fatty acids  Cow’s milk is extremely low in iron and poorly absorbed because of binding  Cow’s milk contains 300 times more casein than human milk  Human milk has ¼ of the calcium of cow milk, yet more calcium is absorbed  Human Milk is High in Cysteine which thins Mucous  Cow’s Milk is Low in Cysteine  Cow’s Milk has no L-Taurine in it, which is the primary nutrient for the central nervous system and heart of humans

14 The Wrong Fats  Human Milk has more Oleic Acid and less short fatty acids (butyric, caproic, capryllic, and capric)  Linoleic acids in human milk are monosaturated omega 9 fatty acids Reduces glucose production, food intake, cholesterol levels  Most animal fat favors the production of Arachidonic acid, feeding the inflammatory pathway  Fat soluble toxins delivered in the milk  When processed, the fats are hydrogenated  Raises LDL cholesterol

15 The Wrong Sugars  Lactose The gut lining shredder Estimated that in even the most tolerant people lose 5 ml of blood due to micro-GI Bleeding 90% African Americans and Asians are Lactose intolerant 75% of the Human Race cannot digest Lactose After the age of 3, humans no longer have lactase to digest dairy products  Indigestible disaccharides in intestinal tract Encourages bacterial growth Increases food allergies Contributes to IBD, IBS, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation Raises insulin and promotes chronic insulin elevation Increases mucus formation

16 The Wrong Proteins & Amino Acids  L-Taurine  Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine and; especially Leucine that exists in Cow’s Milk are Insulinogenic…even more so in the presence of lactose  In 1877 a scientist identified and described a process to isolate 3 milk proteins (casein, lactalbumin and lactoglobulin) Today there are at least 8 different types of casein that have been identified

17 Composition of Casein  Casein Acts as an Enzyme Inhibitor  Stimulate Intestinal Cell Growth…polyps and cancer  From Early Lactation to Late lactation the ratio of whey to Casein changes 90:10  60:40  50:50  Whey : Casein Ratio Later in infant life would be 50:50, so compare that with 20:80 in cows!  Casein glycoprotein from which waterproof industrial glue is made  Casein sticks to inside of our guts surviving strong stomach acids and adheres to the upper end of the small intestine. Over time collects over the villi of the gut blocking absorption of nutrients Undigested polysaccharides, cellulose, pathogens, dead cells, and debris glued into the diverticuli

18 Problems with Whey  Human Milk Contains 4 times More Whey Protein than Cow’s Milk  Weight gain  Major cause of inflammatory conditions, allergies and asthma, joint pain

19 r Bovine Growth Hormone/BST  Banned by European Union and Canada  Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin is being used to increase milk production  Increases Insulin Like Growth Factor  Causes weight gain  Insulin Like Growth Factor is the Marker for Increasing Growth Hormone  Increases the Growth of Cancer Cells  Increases Proliferation of Pancreatic Cancer  Increases the incidence of Breast, Colon, Pancreatic Cancer

20 A Primary Causative Factor in…  Acid Reflux  Obesity  IBD  IBS  Ulcerative Colitis  Asthma  Food Allergies  Environmental Allergies  Otitis Media  Autoimmune Diseases  Dyslipidemia  Hypertension  Neurological Disease  Insulin Resistance  Type I Diabetes  Arthritis & all other inflammatory conditions

21 Dairy in Hyperinsulinemia and Diabetes  Amino Acid structure of whey & casein plus lactose promotes a Chronic State of hyperinsulinemia, leading to Insulin Resistance  Dairy consumption promotes diabetic nephropathy and causes inflammation in the kidney, pancreas and whole body  Dairy elevates the production of immune globulins that directly attack beta cells

22 Got milk? Got Osteoporosis!!  We’re peeing out our bones to the tune of 10-85mg per day in the U.S.  The U.S. leads the world in calcium and dairy consumption with the highest incidence of Osteoporosis and hip fractures.  Contributors :protein,smoking,carbonated beverages, alcohol, coffee/caffeine,low hormones,couch potato ….  No amount of calcium intake can prevent this urinary bone loss in the presence of high protein.

23 The Common Denominator: Dairy  National Dairy Council - 1970 Americans Consumed 10 lbs of cheese per year  National Dairy Council – 2000 The Average American consumed 31 lbs of Cheese per year, with a grand total 666 lbs of dairy per year  That’s 10 times more dairy than any other country

24 Toxic Burden of Milk  Pesticides / Herbicides Modern animal milk generally has 400% more pesticides than an equivalent sample of grains or vegetables  Bacterial pathogens States allow 4-7% alive pus in cow’s milk which is above the established limits due to chronic mastitis  Viral pathogens Linked with childhood & adult Leukemias  Saturated fats  Lactose, Whey, Casein  Glutamate  Highly concentrated pharmaceuticals

25 Bonus Ingredients  Intentional  rBGH  BST  Antibiotics  Anti-Inflammatory Agents  Foreign to the Planet Proteins – From Genetically Modified Grains Accidental  PVC  Bacillus Thuringiensis Toxin  All Bovine Pituitary Hormones  Bovine Hypothalamic and Thyroid Hormones  Gastrointestinal Peptides  Growth Factors (IGFs I and II)  Bromide, Fluoride, Chlorine

26 Hormones in Your Milk  Prolactin  Growth Hormone  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  Follicle Stimulating Hormone  Luteinizing Hormone  Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone  Oxytocin  T3  T4  reverseT3  Insulin Like Growth Factor  Estradiol  Estriol  Progesterone  Testosterone  17 Ketosteroids  Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone  Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone  Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide  Neurotensin  And MORE!!!

27 Alternatives to Dairy  Organic Rice Milk  Organic Almond Milk  Corn Milk  Organic Oat Milk  Organic Hemp Milk  Organic Coconut Milk  Organic Soy products that are casein free and free of hydrogenated oils

28 A Healthier Food Pyramid Treats Treats Fats Complex Carbohydrates (2-3 servings/day) Fruits and Veggies 50% to 70% 4-6 whole fruits & 4-6 veggies/day * Organic as much as possible! much as possible! Protein Good Drink 64 oz of purified water daily Cook with Olive or Grape Seed Oil-not Butter Stay away from partially hydrogenated oils Eat Ghee or Butter not Margarine * * * *

29 Exercise Helps Everything  By 1982, over 100 studies done on exercise  Since then, many, many more studies done  Helps regulate blood sugar and blood flow  Improves immune function and lymph flow  Improves bone density & lean muscle mass  Minimizes symptoms of PMS, menopause, and andropause  Helps relieve depression, anxiety and pain  Improves stamina and creativity  Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol  Never replaced by diet, nutrition or drugs

30 Exercise for the Body  Increases production of sex hormones  Decreases triglycerides and total cholesterol  Increases HDL, decreases LDL  Increases metabolism  Decreases blood pressure  Cooper, et al. 15 year study followed 13,344 men and women. Death from all causes including accidents was strongly linked to inactivity.

31 Exercise for the Mind  Most potent anti-aging, mentally stimulating, mood enhancing supplement.  Relieves depression.  Improves stamina and creativity.  Doubles blood flow to the brain.  Brain uses the most oxygen by weight.  Enhances mitochondria three ways.

32 More Exercise for the Mind  Increases neuropeptide production  Increases nerve conduction  Decreases stress  Decreases panic and anxiety attacks  Decreases brain fog

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