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Why is there a Growth of Aids in Women? Fidelina Camacho.

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1 Why is there a Growth of Aids in Women? Fidelina Camacho

2 History of AIDS From the earliest reports of a new disease, scientists around the world focused their efforts on finding the cause of AIDS The first two AIDS patients admitted to the NIH research hospital arrived six months apart–in June 1981 and in January 1982 In 1984 researchers identified a retrovirus as the cause of AIDS

3 What makes these viruses special? RNA ->DNA ->RNA -> proteins

4 HIV Life Cycle

5 After getting HIV, when does a person have AIDS? A person has AIDS if he or she has HIV and Both of the following happen: The CD4 helper lymphocyte count is 200 or less He or she has a serious infection or cancer because the immune system could not fight it off

6 Causes of aids in Women Data from 33 areas (32 states and the US Virgin Islands) with confidential name-based HIV reporting indicate that an estimated 8,733 women were given a diagnosis of HIV infection Heterosexual contact was the source of almost 80% of these HIV infections Women accounted for 27% of the estimated 32,048 diagnoses of HIV infection The number of estimated HIV diagnoses for women remained stable during 2000–2003

7 Women with HIV/AIDS in the United States African American women represent the majority of new AIDS cases Many women with HIV/AIDS are low-income and most have important family responsibilities, potentially complicating the management of their illness Research suggests that women with HIV face limited access to care and experience disparities in access, relative to men

8 Growing Rate of Women with HIV/AIDS

9 Why more Women are at AIDS Risk? Unique Concerns for Women Condom Use : For men, condom use is a personal decision, but for women protection must be negotiated. Power in the relationships may not be evenly distributed, which is pertinent since partner consultation and cooperation are essential when using condoms. Asking a partner to wear a condom may involve fear of rejection or violence. Requesting condom use may implicitly question individual fidelity and character as well as the integrity of the relationship.

10 Why more Women are at AIDS Risk? Cont’d Unique Concerns for Women Competing Priorities HIV prevention messages may get lost in the competing demands and pressures women face daily. Have immediate, fundamental needs for childcare or housing. Experience psychological distress associated with family problems. Often must assume additional caregiver roles for family members.

11 Symptoms of HIV/AIDS Symptoms of HIV/AIDS vary from person to person in each stage: Brief flu like illness Swollen lymph nodes Diarrhea Weight loss Fever, cough Shortness of breath

12 Symptoms in Women: Symptoms: recurrent yeast infections pelvic inflammatory disease abnormal changes or dysplasia in cervical tissue genital ulcers, genital warts severe mucosal herpes infections

13 Death Statistics

14 Women Diagnosed with AIDS Statistics In 1997, women accounted for 23 percent of AIDS cases, compared to 7 percent in 1985 In 1997, women accounted for 5,687 new drug- related AIDS cases In 2001, HIV infection was the leading cause of death for African American women aged 25–34 years Through 2003, 170,679 women were given a diagnosis of AIDS, An estimated 81,864 women with AIDS died


16 Treatments Advantages: can delay the progression of disease for many years and improve the quality of life Disadvantages: Some common side effects are nausea, headache, weakness, malaise, and fat accumulation on the back and abdomen ("buffalo hump," lipodystrophy).

17 How AZT Works:

18 Prognosis At the present time, there is no cure for AIDS. In the U.S., most patients survive many years following diagnosis because of the availability of the HAART treatment. (Highly Active Anti- Retroviral Therapy) HAART has dramatically increased the time from diagnosis to death, and research continues in drug treatments and vaccine development.

19 Conclusion Many of the HIV/AIDS positive women happen to be minorities Why? Low income Family to take care of Not much health care offered in their areas Are in Abusive relationships Most of these women get the disease when they are teenagers

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