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POST-WEANING DIARRHEA Diagnosis,Treatment,And Prevention Dr.Nathan Winkelman 명품 D&F 명품 D&F 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 2003.6. 9.

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Presentation on theme: "POST-WEANING DIARRHEA Diagnosis,Treatment,And Prevention Dr.Nathan Winkelman 명품 D&F 명품 D&F 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 2003.6. 9."— Presentation transcript:

1 POST-WEANING DIARRHEA Diagnosis,Treatment,And Prevention Dr.Nathan Winkelman 명품 D&F 명품 D&F 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 김 종 운 (018-419-4409) 2003.6. 9

2 Nursery( 이유 ) Soybeem Post -weaning Diarrhea:E.coli.k88.F18 PRRS related nursed problems :Strep suis,Respiratory Diease,mortality( 폐사 ) Hemophilus parsuis,Strep suis,occasionally Actinoballus suis( 글레서, 연쇄상, 흉막 ) Emerging disease-Circovirus Type A

3 이유자돈 전신성 소모성 증후군 (PMWS) Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome 97~98 년 부터 증폭되는 신종 질병 - Porcine circovirus - 이유자돈말기부터 육성초기까지 뚜렷한 증상 없이 성장 지연 (5~15% 돈군 ) - 이유자돈중 노란 위축돈 ( 간장손상 - 황달 ) - 위궤양과 빈혈 - 서해임파절의 발적 / 괴사, 신장점상출혈, 피부발적 PRRS 로 오진 가능성 ( 백신 효과 없음 ) 6 개월 후 자연 소진 사례 ( 현재로서는 무대책 )

4 글레서씨병 Hemopholus Parasuis 한국의 발병빈도가 높고 균분리가 매우 곤란 : - 외국과 달리 PRDC 1 차 병원체로 간주 3 년 미만의 신돈사에서도 자주 발생 이유자돈중 10% 의 산발적 고질적 위축 - 수직감염 : 모돈에 백신 - 수직감염 : 포유자돈 / 이유자돈초기에 백신 PRRS 와 상관관계가 높은 듯 - 병행진단의 필요성

5 Enteric Pathogens in the Nursery E,coliE,coli RotavirusRotavirus TGETGE Salmonella typhimuriumSalmonella typhimurium CoccidiosisCoccidiosis Non-infectiousNon-infectious –Stress –Nutritional

6 High Performance Nursery Mortality < 1.5% Age 70days Weight 70-77lbs(31.5-34.65kg) ADG 1.05-1.15lbs(470-517g) F/E 1.4-1.7 Feed Cost/ # gain Feed Cost/Pig to 70#

7 Health technologies to reduce or Eliminate Diease( 제거 ) Complate depopulation and repopulation Partial depopulation and repopulation Isowean Principle Test and Remove All in,All out –by site,locus,building, or room

8 Diease Eliminated Through Isowean Principle Diease Maximun weaning age Strep suis 연쇄상구균 none PRRS none Hemophilus Parasuis < 10days Mycoplasma <14days APP <14days Toxigenic Pasteutella Multocida<14days Bodetella Bronchiseptica <14days

9 Diarrhea-nursery pigs Post-Weaning Enteric Pathogens Agent ( 원인균 ) Comment E.coli-colibacillosis Very common E,coli -edema diease Uncommon E.coli -septicema( 패혈증 ) Emerging diease Salmonnella Septicema or Diarrhea Rotavirus Concurrent with e.coli( 대장균동시작용 ) TGE Edemic -very common Epizootic-Winter Epizootic-Winter coccidiosis more common with early weaning nutritional very common

10 B-Hemolytic E. coli Diarrhea, Edema Diease and Septicemia in weaned pigs.Diarrhea, Edema Diease and Septicemia in weaned pigs.

11 USA WEANING AGE 16-18days

12 Treatment Routes For Diease Injetable Antibiotics sentive to the pathogen are the most cost effective method of treatment Water medication is implement when 5- 20%of the population is clinically affected. Pigs continue to drink even when they are not eating( 임상적감염 5-20% 시 ) Feed medication least effective methed of treatment

13 Diarrhea Treatment Based on Sensitive Test Results Diarrhea Treatment Based on Sensitive Test Results Injectable –Gentamaycin-Dos :6.6mg/kg bw for 2-3days –Ceftifur(excene17)Naxcell-Dose:1cc/10kg for3days –Ampicillen-Dose:2.3mg/kg –Amicacin-Dose:6.6mg/kg –Spectinomycin-Dose :1cc/10kg B.I.D

14 E.coli Water Medication Gentamation Sulfate- 0.5mg/lbday for 3day Trimethoprin(5mg per ml)and Sulfamethoxazole(40mg per ml)-2 pints per 128 gallon stock solution Neomycin 325 Power-22mg/kg for 7+day Amoxicillin-Extra lable use Cephlexin-Extra lable use

15 E.coli Treatment Feed Antibiotics Denegard/Aureomycin at 35g/ton Tialimulin and 400g/ton Chlortetracline commonly used in start pellets.( 부스팅 1 호 ) Corbodox most popular for enteric diease,however ASP-250 is broader sprectrum for both respiratory and enterics

16 Hemolitic E.coli-Diagnosis Clinical sign: 임상소견 –Diarrhea-3 days to 3week post-weaning –Gaunt, Rough-haired( 수척, 털이거침 ) Moibidity-1-40%( 이환율 ) Motality-1-20%( 패사율 ) Ante-mortem:Rectal swabs-Culture,PCR

17 Feed Antibiotic FDA approved for Bacterial Enteritis (Salmonnella,E.coli) Antibiotic Approved level Withdrawal Chlortetracycline 100-200 0 Oxitetracycline 50-100 0 ASP 250g/ton 15days Virginiamycin 25g/ton 0 Bacitracin 250g/ton 0

18 Prevention Acidity and Chlorinate the water for 3-7days after arrival. –1.Citric acid : 1-2 /128 gallons –2.Electrolytes:Organic acids,Glycine –3.Chlorinate- 2-3ppm Chlorine

19 Optimum PH gut levels for pathogen growth E.coli 6-8 Streptococci 6-7.6 Salmonella 6-7.5 Stapirococci 6.8-7.5 Clostridia 6-7.5 Pseudomonas 6.6-7.0 If PH is 4.0there is no growth of the above pathogens: Target is to get close PH 3.0 as Possible

20 Nersery Management Attention to details to maximise weaning weights! Hot water wash Environment –warm,dry, and draft free –integrated heater and fan controls –waterers(10 두에 1 개 ) –feeders

21 Feeding Manganment in nersery Withhold feed for 6-12hour post weaning before feeding Comfort mat-feed 4-6 times per day Limit feed the first 2-5days

22 VaccinesVaccines There are no effective commerical E,coli vaccinations available to control post weaning diarrhea Oral autogenous vaccines vaccines have shown promise

23 NutritionNutrition Use complex nursery diats with highly digestable feed ingredient( 소화잘되는성분 ) 사료 )Use complex nursery diats with highly digestable feed ingredient( 소화잘되는성분 ) 사료 ) –Spray dried porcine plasma( 혈장 ) –Fresh Menhaden fish meal –Skim milk( 탈지분유 ) –Synthetic amino acids –Optimum vitamin levels

24 Nutrition Diarrhea controlDiarrhea control –add zinc oxide at 3,000ppm for 2 week time period between 15-25pounds Remove blood mealRemove blood meal Reduce IronReduce Iron Specific 4or 5 phase feeding burget programsSpecific 4or 5 phase feeding burget programs

25 Recommend Lysine Levels for Segregated Early Weaned Pigs Diet Pig wt,kg Total,Lysine DigestibleLysine% Sew 4.9 1.7-1.8 1.4-1.5 Transition 4.9-6.8 1.5-1.6 1.25-1.35 Phase2 6.8-11.4 1.35-1.45 1.10-1.20 Phase3 11.4-22.7 1.25-1.35 1.05-1.15

26 Nersery Performance age wt(ADG) F/E age wt(ADG) F/E 1988-Top10% 63days 47 lb(0.8) 1.8 1999-Top10% 63days 63 lb (1.1) 1.5 1999 Best Herd 63days 72 ld((1.5) --- 1999 년 BEST HERD 32.4KG ‘99 28.35KG

27 ILEITIS 가점막 ( 만성 ) 출혈성혈액 - 비육돈 말기 콜타르 성 설사 괴사조직 ( 노랗게 물드는 경우 담즙 ) 층어리짐 산발적으로 발생

28 ILEITISILEITIS 약품 첨가량 급여 휴약 약품 첨가량 급여 휴약 Aereomycin 100g/ton 21 일 없슴Aereomycin 100g/ton 21 일 없슴 cabadox 25g/ton 42 일 42 일cabadox 25g/ton 42 일 42 일 Linco 40g/ton 21 일 없슴Linco 40g/ton 21 일 없슴

29 소 독소 독 소독제 3-4 개월 바꾸어 사용 – 페놀 - 포르말린 - 암모늄 클로라이드 순환 하절기 암모늄 클로라이드 첨가된 소독 약사용


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