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NORTHERN EURASIA. Russia Capital: Moscow President: Vladimir Putin Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev Currency: Russian Ruble Population: 143.5 Million as.

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2 Russia Capital: Moscow President: Vladimir Putin Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev Currency: Russian Ruble Population: 143.5 Million as of 2013

3 Belarus Capital: Minsk President: Alexander Lukashenko Prime Minister: Mikhail Myasnikovich Currency: Belarusian ruble Population: 9.466 million (2013)

4 Ukraine Capital: Kiev President: Petro Poroshenko Prime Minister: Arseniy Yatsenyuk Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia Population: 45.49 million (2013)

5 Armenia Capital: Yerevan President: Serzh Sargsyan Prime Minister: Hovik Abrahamyan Currency: Armenian dram Population: 2.977 million (2013)

6 Georgia Capital: Tbilisi President: Giorgi Margvelashvili Prime Minister: Irakli Garibashvili Currency: Georgian Lari Population: 4.477 Million (2013)

7 Azerbaijan Capital: Baku President: Illham Aliyev Prime Minister: Artur Rasizade Currency: Azerbaijani manta Population: 9.417 million (2013)















22 Climate very dry, and cold winter surprisingly warm summer even though they are near the arctic ocean, it is frozen most of the year. So there almost no moisture during the summer they have what they call “White Nights” During the winter, they have dark days where the sun does not appear above the horizon

23 landscape

24 Water Supply

25 agriculture According to the CIA World factbook, only 7.11% is arable land Accordint to Douglas L. Johnson (Textbook) 58% in the Ukraine is arable land, it also has the longest growing season of 7 months

26 Russian culture A "second America"

27 Russia’s Cultural diversity There are over 150 different ethnic groups in the Russian Republic. Due to its violent and forceful history of annexing other countries. ● 82 percent Russian. ● The dominant minority group is Tatars at 4 percent ● Ukrainian 3% ● Chuvash 1%, Belarusian 1%, Moldavian 1%,and Bashkir 1%,

28 Russia’s Languages There are over 100 different languages spoken throughout Russia. Each ethnic make-up having its language prominent in its own respective regions. According to BBC news: ● Russian 81% ● Tartar 4% ● Ukrainian, Chuvash, Bashir, Mordvin, Circassian and Chechen each make up about 1%.

29 Religion Russia has a dominant religion which it inherited from eastern Europe. According to BBC news: ● Orthodox Christian 75% ● Islamic 5% ● Judaism,Buddhism,Catholi cism, Protestantism make up 1 percent of the population each. I Today Russia respects/tolerates all traditional religions with the exception of relatively “new religions” such as mormonism.

30 Russian Arts Russia was exposed to many arts from the west under the rule of Peter “the great”. Particularly Ballet which he initially regarded as a form of ideals to be internalized and emulated. ● Ballet- The classical ballet company “Bolshoi Ballet” was world renowned. In fact their European counterparts began to incorporate Russian style ballet into their performances. ● Classical music- Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky,the widely respected composer, altruistically blessed the world with timeless classics such as “swan lake” and “1812 overture”.

31 Russian Sustenance Food -* Soups have become an important staple in Russian diet. ● Borshch: is a beet soup comprised of many vegetables, a variety of meat and topped of with sour cream. ● Caviar: made from the eggs of the sturgeon fish served on bread aka Blini. Drinks ● Vodka: a popular alcoholic beverage made of fermented potatoes. ● Tea: By far is the most consumed drink in Russia. Usually the main beverage placed at the center of a gathering. Originally introduced by China began a sensation, largely because it is warm. *In 1922 the largest teapot was made in Tulsa, Russia. It could hold an astonishing 250 Liters!

32 Holidays Russians for the most part celebrate most western holidays with the execption of “Russian Day”. ● Christmas - is celebrated on january 7th in accordance to the Orthodox Christian calendar.Businesses and state offices close. They celebrate it by a large feast, gatherings, attending morning liturgy,and presents delivered by Ded Moroz (the russian santa). ● * New years Eve - Russians most popular holiday. So popular in fact, that its celebrated for a week. During this week,from dec 30 to Jan 8th, no one works or does much but congregate. On New Years Eve Russians celebrate by drinking wine, exchanging an embrace and fireworks.

33 Gender Societal roles According to our text: -The general population has been acculturated to the “traditional roles” of being a “real man or rela women” ● Men - typically work long hours away from home trying to provide for their families. ● Women - are to be beautiful, sexy homemakers ready to receive their husband after a tiring day. *Over 40% of all marriages end in divorce and ⅓ of infants are born to unwed mothers. These roles are against natural evolution and disallow long lasting matrimony.

34 Post U.S.S.R Culture Since the disintegration of the U.S.S.R the ability to vote, and free to voice their concerns. With light there came dark. Since then many young Russian women have fled the country due to factors such as poor prenatal care and the unpromising economy. Prostitution - many other young women up to half a million have been coerced of lured into prostitution in other foreign countries. Prostitution has become a booming industry. Many are lured by legitimate exotic locations, only to be trapped as sexual slaves. Its got to the point where Russian officials are working out a bill in which prostitution will be legalized under the grounds that it will regulated and government benefits from taxation.


36 Russia’s Invasion in Ukraine: Take a lesson from Putin’s previous escalation in Georgia Russian troops roll into Gorgi in Georgia in 2008 – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine parallel’s the Georgia invasion. Putin claims in both cases that the troops are meant to protect Russian citizens. These troops were preceded by “internal insurgents” which is the current situation in the Ukraine. Insurgents supported with Russian training, weapons, resources, troops masquerading as insurgents take control in “separatist areas” Putin claims the need to protect Russian citizens to justify aggression

37 European Humanities University Remains Exiled from Belarus over Academic Mission founding rector of the European Humanities University, Anatoli Mikhailov The University originally sought exile in Lithuania nine years ago in a dispute over academic freedom of the institution with the Belarus Pro- Russian regime under President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko. Tensions remain and academics argue that, considering Russia’s continued aggression in the region, the university’s mission of developing a democratic Belarus is as essential as ever.

38 “European Parliament’s resolution and the statement addressed to Azerbaijan by Obama, who was misinformed, are biased and should be regarded as an attempt to put pressure on the independent policy of our state“ Head of Political and Public Affairs Department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov Azerbaijan Claims EU And Western Pressure is Not Justified – Armenian Aggression is Decried Elmar Mammadyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan claims assertions by the President of Armenia are meant to mislead the international community into accepting aggression by Armenia stating, “…the time is ripe to bring to justice those in Armenia who perpetuated acts of aggression against Azerbaijan and crimes against humanity, and impose sanctions on them.”

39 Sanctions in Russia Seek to Stem Aggression Unless Putin pulls troops out of East Ukraine, the EU will ban all investment in Russian oil industry. Additional sanctions are in the works.

40 Get into groups game.php?gamefile=1411968596 game.php?gamefile=1411968596

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