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Education in forensic odontology Tore Solheim 2010.

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1 Education in forensic odontology Tore Solheim 2010

2 A specialty? Necessary –Intensive studies for years –Good practical training –Expensive Increase income Forensic odontology –Few cases –Few full time employments Little money to earn – hobby? –Few dentists interested –Few educational programs Must learn the tutorial way

3 Who are forensic odontologists? Everyone can call himself –Mislead prosecution and defense in court Accepted experts/specialists –USA and Finland –Other – Nothing? Difficult to argue for formal special education What do the police? –Ask a forensic odontologist –Ask the dental school –Ask their own dentist

4 We need a sort of formal recognition Better FO service A system for formal education Officially recognized experts –By published lists –By formal diploma Forensic science organizations Forensic odontology organisations (IOFOS) National forensic odontology organisations Dental associations State

5 Teaching in forensic odontology Undergraduate –Most schools – nothing –Lectures for orientation –Oslo: 3 days of forensic odontology, jurisprudence and ethics Practical exercises in –Identification –Anthropology –Injury case – expert vileness- court case Seminars – ethical problems Own contribution – record keeping, jurisprudence and injury cases Encourage undergraduate teaching in FO

6 Post graduate teaching One or two days courses One to two weeks courses –This – the only one in Europe –For the military dentists in Norway –In the US Diploma courses –One to two years Basic biologic knowledge Excellent start of a scientific career Practical competency

7 Diploma courses Cardiff, England, (David Whittaker) Leuven, Belgium, (Guy Willems) Melbourne, Australia (John Clement) Vancouver, Canada (David Sweet) Montreal, Canada (Richard Dorion) –Internet based

8 Forensic odontology Many experts –No formal training or education –No scientific background –Diplomas are private papers We need official recognition –National societies, IOFOS?? –Dental associations, Health authorities?? At least one year education –Practical training –Reading of literature –Scientific project –Final examination Read at home?

9 Thank you for your attention

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