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C/Capt Benjamin Leiter Chain of Command. Purpose PositionsOverview.

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1 C/Capt Benjamin Leiter Chain of Command

2 Purpose PositionsOverview

3 Succession of leadership Task distributionPurpose

4 Deputy Flight Commander A Flt/CD C/1 st Lt Kinton B Flt/CD C/1 st Lt Redmond C Flt/CD C/1 st Lt Willis D Flt/CD C/1 st Lt Courchaine E Flt/CD C/1 st Lt Pryor

5 Flight Commander A Flt/CC C/Capt Baker B Flt/CC C/Capt Theobald C Flt/CC C/Capt Christensen D Flt/CC C/Capt Moores E Flt/CC C/Capt Dennis

6 Squadron Commander SQ1/CC C/Maj Samp SQ2/CC C/Maj Kraft SQ3/CC C/Maj Johnson

7 OPG/CD C/Maj Stephen Sells OPG/CC C/Lt Col Jacob Del Ponte Operations Group

8 CW/CC C/Col Jonathan Sakulich Cadet Wing Commander

9 Major Michael Miller Operations Flight Commander

10 Colonel Seth P. Bretscher Professor of Aerospace Studies

11 Colonel Kent B. Dalton Northeast Region Commander

12 Colonel Eric J. Wydra AFROTC Commander

13 Brigadier General Robert D. Thomas Holm Center Commander

14 Lieutenant General David S. Fadok Air University Commander

15 General Edward A. Rice, Jr. Air Education and Training Command Commander

16 General Mark A. Welsh III Air Force Chief of Staff

17 Honorable Eric K. Fanning Secretary of the Air Force

18 Honorable Charles “Chuck” Hagel Secretary of Defense

19 Honorable Barack H. Obama Commander in Chief

20 Purpose PositionsSummary

21 21 Questions?

22 Rank & Insignia

23 ROTC Enlisted OfficerOverview

24 Air Force ROTC Soft ranks Hard ranks are identical markings Refer to page 37-43 of GMC Cadet Guide

25 Navy ROTC

26 Army ROTC

27 Air Force Enlisted No Insignia Airman Basic (E-1) Airman (E-2) Airman First Class (E-3) Senior Airman (E-4) Staff Sergeant (E-5) Technical Sergeant (E-6) Master Sergeant (E-7) First Sergeant (E-7) Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) First Sergeant (E-8) Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) First Sergeant (E-9) Command Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (E-10)

28 Navy Enlisted Rank

29 Marine Enlisted Rank

30 Army Enlisted Rank

31 Officer Rank Army, Air Force, Marines Navy

32 ROTC Enlisted OfficerSummary

33 33 Questions?

34 Honor Code, Missions, and Visions

35 Honor Code Definitions Missions VisionsOverview

36 “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.” Honor Code

37 Lying - Any statement of untruth which is meant to deceive or mislead Stealing - Wrongfully taking, obtaining, or withholding someone else's property Cheating - Taking unfair advantage of another. Toleration - Toleration means enduring without complaint.Definitions

38 Air Force Mission -“To fly, fight and win… in air, space and cyberspace.” Holm Center Mission -“Develop Air Force Leaders and Citizens of Character to Serve the Nation” Air Force ROTC Mission -“Develop Quality Leaders for the Air Force”Missions

39 Air Force Vision -“The World’s Greatest Air Force – Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation.” Holm Center Vision -“A diverse culture of leadership development focused on Continuous Learning, Enthusiasm, Pride, Compliance and Tradition” Air Force ROTC Vision -“A highly successful organization, respected throughout the Air Force, the educational community and the nation.”Visions

40 Honor Code Definitions Missions VisionsSummary

41 41 Questions?

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