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Directions of Leading Down, Laterally, Up.

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1 Directions of Leading Down, Laterally, Up

2 Leading Down Leaders interact with followers Influencing team
Identify members needs and characteristics Helping team accomplish their goals

3 Think About It What is your role as a Link Leader?
How do you lead your Link Crew?

4 Leading Laterally Leader works with peer leaders
Peer Leader: Person at same “level” as you, whom you have no official authority over How does it help to recognize who peer leaders are? Help you vs. work against you

5 Think About It Besides your fellow Link Leaders, list four peer leaders you have and the teams/groups they are associated with

6 Common Mistakes Misunderstanding direction of influence Importance
Who has more influence? Are you leading up, down, or laterally Importance Plug your team into resources and support

7 Common Mistakes Failing to estimate the influence of peer leaders
Each team/leader compete for common resources Importance Know what others want to ensure you get what you want

8 Common Mistakes Competing against peer leaders Importance
Making enemies of your team drains time and resources Importance Avoid conflict Avoid peer leaders from influencing others against you/your team

9 Effective Lateral Leading
Approach peer leader with respect & honor You don’t what them to feel you’re talking down to them Create a connection Know peer leaders by name People like to help their friends

10 Effective Lateral Leading
Look for win-win solutions Help peer leaders accomplish their goals Be flexible with your goals/needs

11 Think About It What are other benefits of leading laterally?
Describe a realistic situation where you would lead laterally

12 Leading Up Leader influences those with more power
Often adults Requires researching those above you Requires creating a plan/strategy

13 Think About It Consider your current activity you are planning. Who are people above you that you might need to influence in order for your event to succeed?

14 How to Lead Up What is your vision/goals?
People above you what to know: What are you trying to do What do you need

15 How to Lead Up Who has the power? Who has the resources you need?
Who can influence their peer leaders?

16 How to Lead Up How do you connect with the person above you?
Does the person have a “gatekeeper”? Secretary, staff member, friend, family member, etc. Develop a relationship with the “gatekeeper”

17 Think About It Consider your current activity you are planning. Who might be the gatekeepers for the people above you are trying to access?

18 Common Mistakes Going over a person above you
May make an enemy for later They use their influence against you Person above you feels used Try to think of the person’s needs/interests Offer something in return Don’t lie or mislead the person

19 Common Mistakes Not introducing peer leaders to those above you
Peer leaders may work against you if you find more success Peer leaders may help you with a connection in the future

20 Reflection Think of the current activity your team is planning. Describe (a paragraph for each) how you will successfully: Lead Down Lead Laterally Lead Up

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