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The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development

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1 The Academy for Advanced Leadership and Development

2  Complexity, What is it?  Why Does it Matter?  Complex Attributes.  Diversity  Connectedness  Interdependent  Adaptation  Complexity vs. Uncertainty  Harnessing Complexity  Review and Reflection

3  Assemble the item in the diagram provided in the allotted time.  Work as a group  Designate a subject matter expert—engineer.  Designate and observer.  Use the materials provided. 1 minute to prepare.  9 minutes to construct.  Have Fun!  Be Safe!

4  Objective  Team Construct  Team Dynamics  Relation to Other Teams  Pressure to Succeed  Risk of Failure  Personal View of Games  ETC. Anything that keeps us from producing exactly what we want at the precise time we want it. Operational Complexity

5 Certainty about outcomes is in the air the organization breathes. Complicated systems use the most sophisticated math, technical, and engineering expertise in mapping out flow charts to solve problems. Complex systems are filled with hundreds of moving parts, scores of players of varied expertise and independence yet missing a “mission control” that runs all these different parts within an ever-changing political, economic, and societal environment. The result: constant adaptations in design and action. A complicated system assumes expert and rational leaders, top-down planning, smooth implementation of policies, and a clock-like organization that runs smoothly. Work is specified and delegated to particular units.

6 We describe something as complex when it consists of interdependent, diverse entities, and we assume that those entities adapt—they respond to their local and global environments.  Interdependent  Diverse  Adapt  Connected  Simple  Rugged  Dancing Landscape Matters Attributes

7  They offer the opportunity to deliver robust solutions, often from the bottom up.  Increase the opportunity for success despite an uncertain future.  Better adapt to emergent conditions, particularly when limited notice has been given.  Allows an organization to deal with issues of significant scope and reach.  Often capable of delivering a lasting solution faster, even under conditions of great duress.

8 AttributeSignificance Interdependent One part links to another. Do something in or to one part and it will effect another. Diverse More than one entity, variation, characteristic that compose the whole and perhaps even substantive parts. Adapt Influence of one part may move another to act in like manner. Motive unknown. Connected Entity is linked and in many cases influenced by other entities outside the entity itself.

9 Interdependency Diversity Adaptability Connectedness


11 1970s-1992 1960s TWA invests in ALL jet fleet 1970s cash rich TWA Corp diversifies 1980s carried 50% of all trans Atlantic PAX, deregulation forces hubs 1992 Bankrupt 1930-1970 Founded 1930—Mail Carrier, 1938 Howard Hughes buys stock 1940s-50s rapid growth 1960s technological leader, secure routes. 1970s 3 rd largest airline, spans globe. How does TWA’s fate link to their failure to embrace complexity?

12 AttributeImpact Interdependent Large investments in planes, airport facilities, repair and maintenance, sales offices in densely populated areas, food service, etc. Diversity Planes? Airports? Service? Cities served? PRICE? Very little inside the company, profit heavily dependent on foreign routes, nothing distinctive about service as other airlines adopt new technologies, match service options. CONSIDER diversity vertically and horizontally. Adapt Worked to develop sophisticated hub/spoke system (STL/NYC), buy more domestic capacity, secure more financial support to expand. Connected Fuels prices, increased competition both domestically and internationally under deregulation force economizing.

13 Lessons Take your own advice, don’t believe your own hype. Don’t take revenge on your own past. Accept that luck plays a part in your success. ENJOY your success! Believe in the miracle of the mundane. If you don’t understand something others will mislead you! One more deal won’t salvage a broken business model. Jamie Oliver & Tony Goodwin 2010

14  Areas of interdependency  Evidence of diversity  Proof of adaptability  Connectedness Explore the complex nature of post secondary education. 20 minutes, 5 minutes at each chart Recorder, Reporter stays ate each chart Prepare short summary of key points to share Rest rotate on command

15 Every system presents issues that offer some amount of certainty and uncertainty. The question is how do you know what’s true, what deserves to be responded to or is simply another false trail filled with the promise of frustration or worse, false hope ? Sometimes the answer is as simple as it looks. Consider the case of how to put a giraffe into a refrigerator.

16  Consider simple answers or approaches before looking for complicated ones.  Just because the problem is hard doesn’t mean the answer is.  Think about the consequences of your previous actions.  Every action begets a reaction.  Use all available information.  Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good enough.  Focus on the big picture, not just part of it.  It’s important to distinguish the forest from the trees.

17 IssueConsiderations Setting incentivesTypical command and control technique, links reward to specific desired outcome. Inject DiversityExpands scope and reach of options and opportunities, prevents error, enhances buy-in. Keep eye on tailsDon’t be pushed or pulled, let momentum build and move you forward. Evolution vs. Revolution Watch out for little efficiency gains. Tendency is to reach for the stars and settle for much less, or worse yet, seize on an easy solution that has an adverse effect. Sever/Build connections Embrace the new, be willing to release the past. Scott Page—The Difference.... “Complex systems are inherently interesting, producers of robust solutions, but they are not clean and simple, which makes them a lively playground for the mind.”

18 Record 2-3 ideas, issues that came out of the discussion that were most meaningful to you.

19 Personal/Professional Investment Plan 2013-2014 Personal Object of My Desire Time to complete. Things to do. Why this matters to me. How will I know I’m done; what does success look/feel like? Journal Discussion with mentor/buddy. Objective assessment. Professional Object of my Desire Time to complete. Things to do. Why this matters to me. How will I know I’m done; what does success look/feel like? Journal Discussion with mentor/buddy. Objective assessment.

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