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English for Computing (Vocabulary & Notes) Week 9.

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1 English for Computing (Vocabulary & Notes) Week 9

2 22 Email addresseesomebody to receive mail bulletinannouncement spamjunk electronic mail book (v.)reserve place hit the jackpotachieve great success Never everused as an emphatic expression for “never”

3 26 Internet Security propagatereproduce, spread (organism) fraudcrime of cheating somebody intellectualrelating to thought scamdishonest scheme phishcommit fraud to get financial information anonymitystate of being anonymous stalkingfollow somebody stealthily

4 26 Internet Security (cntd.) infection(communicable) disease exploittake advantage flawimperfection, fault maliciousharmful legitimatelegal ominousthreatening

5 26 Exercises revealmake something known deceivetrick or mislead compromiseagreement, expose to danger predatorcarnivorous or aggressive animal crackbreak without falling apart scanexamine, look through

6 27 E-commerce bargaincheap purchase debitsum of money deducted bidoffer money auctionsale by bidding drawbackdisadvantage trolleyshopping cart padlocksmall detachable lock high street primary business street of towns or cities

7 38 Qualifying and Comparing high-endexpensive and sophisticated plentifulabundant, well-supplied proprietaryprivately owned

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