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Roadmap of national innovation system: role of CoT Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro JICA Adviser 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system1.

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1 Roadmap of national innovation system: role of CoT Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro JICA Adviser 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system1

2 The need for national innovation roadmap Indonesia is located between 2 ocean and 2 continents; Natural resources: maritime, inland, tropical; Population: 237 – 475 millions (2010-2056); Global economic development 70-200 trillion USD (2010-2050); Development focus on biodiversity and global warming; Shifting of development power to China-India; Global competitiveness 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system2

3 National innovation ? Innovation: new and original, change, mutation ? National: identity New approach of the nation in facing future challenges so that the nation still exists and even more prosperous 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system3

4 Nation modality Human ecology Social ecology spread out in 13,000 islands Natural ecology along the equator Opportunities to develop within a unique triple ecology so that national innovation will appear and supported by creativity in science and technology 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system4

5 National challenges Food security; Community health; Energy for sustainability; Connectivity among islands/areas 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system5

6 Food security Food with calorie, micro/macro nutrition, organic food, hormone stability for health; Development of food variety supported by bio- resources; Vitamin fortification food technology (golden rice); Ocean farming, algae, marine culture; Food culture of so many ethnics; Bio-molecular technology, bio-fertilizer, bio- agriculture 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system6

7 Community health Tropical diseases, degenerative, cancer, and community diseases (malaria, DB, etc); Transformation of ethnicity mosaic into Indonesia multi-culture, unity in genetics; Development of stem cell; Indigenous local wisdom of medicine raw materials with kinetic-pharmacology and dynamic pharmacology; Development of micro-organisms into micro-biome in the tropical area; Development of immune system 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system7

8 Energy Doubling energy efficiency; Doubling the supply of renewable energy; Accessibility to energy service; Reduction of non-renewable energy pollutant; Cellulose-biomass for energy, micro-algae for bio- energy; Tropical green energy: solar, wind, wave, biomass; Anticipation of the effect of climate change 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system8

9 Connectivity Physical transportation of human and goods; Communication means among human and social; Outreach all over Indonesia; Supported by energy and electricity; Human ecology with social and natural ecology 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system9

10 Science-Technology support Every challenge will need support from science and technology, it is open for innovation within Indonesia as tropical country; Science-based innovation should be developed through multi-disciplinary approach; Every challenge will have vertical science derivatives and horizontal derivatives 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system10

11 Across entity resources Human resources; Socio-cultural resources; Natural ecological resources; Diversified biological resources 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system11

12 Science-technology based innovation Development of bio-resources for food, health, energy, and connectivity; Development of marine-resources and ocean- spatial for food, health, energy, and connectivity; Mapping of ethnicity genetics for Indonesia multi-cultural ‘unity in genetics’; Science-technology based innovation 2013- 2045 for nation’s competitiveness 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system12

13 Avoiding ‘death-valley’ Science-technology assessment will reach ‘death-valley’ if it does not become an innovation; Have the endurance to obtain public trust on innovation; Approach should be done across agencies and institutions 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system13

14 Knowledge economic indicator 2012 countryrankingKEI China188.52 Malaysia486.1 Thailand665.21 Philippines923.94 Vietnam1043.4 Indonesia1083.11 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system14

15 Vision 2025 To transform the economy in order to achieve Indonesia as a developed country and become part of the 12 major world power in 2025 through a sustainable and inclusive economic growth; 2010: factor driven 2015: efficiency driven 2020: innovative driven 2025: sustainable development 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system15

16 Innovation initiative 1-747 1 percent of GDP for R&D in 2015 7 steps for improving innovation ecosystem (funding, leadership, culture, policy, etc) 4 means for accelerated economic growth (basic industry, creative industry, strategic industry, and regional based industry) 7 goals towards Indonesia 2025 for sustainable Indonesia 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system16

17 Improvement of innovation ecosystem Incentive system and regulation to support local product development; Improvement of quality and mobility of human resources; Innovation centers for SME; Regional innovation cluster; Remuneration system; R&D infrastructure revitalization; Research funding management system to support innovation 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system17

18 Means for growth acceleration Basic industry: food, medicine, energy, clean water; Creative industry: culture, digital content; Regional based industry: S&T park, industrial park; Strategic industry: defense, transportation, ICT 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system18

19 Innovation cluster development Center for natural resources production and processing, and national energy resources (Sumatra); Center for mining production and resources, and national energy resources (Kalimantan); Center for production and processing of agriculture, plantation, fisheries, oil & gas, and mining products (Sulawesi); 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system19

20 Innovation cluster development (2) Center for supporting national service and industry (Java); Gate for national tourism and center for supporting national food (Bali-Nusa Tenggara); Center for development of food, fisheries, energy, and national mining (Papua-Maluku) 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system20

21 Business model: industrial park Bandung raya innovation valley (BRIV); Special economic zone; ITB, Unpad, Telkom Indonesia, PT INTI, Kimia Farma, PT Pindad, Biofarma, PT DI, LEN, Indosat; Venture park: ICT, energy, transportation, bio- science 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system21

22 Strategic research Food security: bio-science, bio-molecular; Energy security: new and renewable energy; Biotechnology for industry: bio-science and pharmaceutical; Transportation technology: clean transportation; Advanced material: bio-based material (nano); Earthquake, tsunami, and climate; ICT: electronic connectivity 2/26/2013CoT preparation - Innovation system22

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