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Prinsip Latihan Geriatri Lecture Muthiah Munawwarah.

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1 Prinsip Latihan Geriatri Lecture Muthiah Munawwarah

2 Pendahuluan Ft’s harus paham fisiologi latihan, dosis latihan dan clinical reasoning Ft’s understand the risk and benefit various modalities & doses of exercise in related to specific pathology & health related goal

3 Dosis latihan Frequensi : brp banyak repetisi, brp lama seminggu Intensitas: target HR, kecepatan, berat Type: resistance, flexibility, aerobic Time: berapa lama

4 Prinsip Latihan Low Impact Enjoyable and non competitive (e.g dancing or swimming) Warm up and Warm Down Flexibility exercise Resistance exercise for major muscle group Start at low level and progress slowly (to adapt) Concentrate on breathing and postural control

5 Exercise Cardiorespiratory endurance (aerobik condition) Flexibility training Resistance training Balance Postural Control training

6 Cardiorespiratory Training Intensity : 55-90 % HR Max Time :15-60 menit Frequncy: 3-5 hari seminggu Type: aerobic (eg walking, swimming, cycling) Menghitung HR Max 220- Usia

7 Flexibility Training Upper Lower Trunk, neck, hip and ankle Stretch 5-10 second Proprioceptive neuromuscular fascilitation, hold relax or contract relax

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