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Brain Overview Most complicated organ Neurons and glial cells Energy Source : Carbohydrates.

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2 Brain Overview Most complicated organ Neurons and glial cells Energy Source : Carbohydrates

3 Neurons 100 billion neurons Information processing and transmittingUse or lose it

4 Intelligence Development Development peak between 0-5 years old85% of intelligence developed by age 5Repeated positive experiences is critical

5 Brain Health and Nutrition Energy Supply Structural Components Cognition & Memory Certain Diseases

6 Energy Supply for Brain Represents only 2% of the body weight 25% of total glucose utilization 20% of total oxygen consumption Does not store any glucose Brain utilizes glucose

7 Structural Components Structure Determines Function

8 Brain-Grey Matter major component of the central nervous system consisting of neurons, glial cells and capillaries involved in muscle control, sensory perception. Grey Matter

9 Brain-Grey Matter DHA is the major part High content of lipids in Grey Matter



12 Folic acid’s function DNA’s synthesis and repair Performed as co-factors for many biochemical reactions. Multiple Benefits Protect against a number of congenital malformations Reduce the risk of preterm delivery Reduce the risks of infant low birth weight and fetal growth retardation Pregnancy / infancy period

13 Cognition & Memory Cognition is a group of mental processes Includes attention, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making Age-related cognitive decline is one of the main challenges of mental health

14 Ginkgo Biloba Extract Improve blood circulation Improve neurotransmission Fight against free radicals


16 Research update about Ginkgo University of Bordeaux , France, A 20-Year Follow-Up Study in ~3500 participants Cognitive decline was reduced in participants using Ginkgo

17 Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Dementia isn't a specific disease Intellectual and social abilities impaired

18 Risks that you CANNOT change AgeGenetics

19 Risks that you CAN change Alcohol Cardiovascular condition Blood Pressure Blood LipidsDiabetes

20 Nutritional Factors Fish OilAntioxidantVitamin D GinkgoVitamin B

21 Antioxidant DNA , RNA Proteins Lipids Free Radical Damages

22 DNA /RNA Damage Damage DNA templateProduce “wrong”proteinMislead transcription / translation

23 Protein/ Lipid Damage Misfolding ProteinDamage Cell Membrane

24 Vitamin D Linked to certain Neurodegenerative Diseases Affect calcium’s absorption Inadequate Vitamin D Intake

25 Vitamins Positive effects on memory performance in women B Vitamins Reduce cognitive decay in the elderly Vitamin E

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