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2 Objectives Incorporate your experience with slogans, jingles, and product quality Discuss the 5 different types of advertising Explain the difference between puffery and deception

3 Journal #1 (Unit 2) Write down an advertising jingle or slogan of a product you have purchased. How did the jingle or slogan influence you to buy the product or to buy the product in the future?

4 Quality Turn to your neighbor and tell them about a poor quality product you bought and why it was a bad purchase. Did you ever buy that product again? Turn to a different neighbor and tell them about a high quality product. Have you purchased this item more than once? Will you buy it again?

5 Types of Advertising Brand Advertising Informative Advertising
Goal is to make you remember a particular brand name. Slogans, Jingles Product Placement Wayne’s World Ricky Bobby Brands = Quality Jingles: Slogans: Just Do It Informative Advertising Designed to educate you about the product’s benefits Advertising is lying…sometimes Education Purpose? Cars, computers, technology products

6 More types of Advertising
Comparative Advertising Compares its product’s qualities to those of a competing product Highlights the competitor’s weaknesses Laundry Detergent Ads Defensive Advertising To counter attacks from comparative ads Response to claims

7 Last type of Advertising
Persuasive Advertising Designed to appeal to your emotions, but it doesn’t provide much useful information. Appears to make you happier, more successful, or more satisfied. Lacks facts, appeals to emotion SEX APPEAL FIGHT BACK

8 Deceptive Ads vs. Puffery
Deliberately designed to mislead you Factually wrong statements Illegal Trimspa Puffery/Subjective Claims Innocent exaggeration Descriptions try to increase a products appeal Legal Skittles

9 Benefits and Costs of Advertising
Consumers are made aware of new products. Businesses are able to get their product out to mass audiences. COSTS Advertising is another expense for businesses. The cost is built into the price you pay for goods/services. Super Bowl ads

10 Who pays for all this? You – the consumer
Compare generic to name brand Difference is the price in advertising 30 seconds of commercial time for the 2012 Superbowl cost $3M (estimated 90M viewers) NBC made $206M from commercials…

11 Homework Pg. 37, Questions 1-7

12 Homework Review Why do businesses advertise?
What are brand name products? What are the benefits and costs of brands for consumers? How can informative advertising help you make good buying decisions? Businesses advertise to encourage consumers to buy their products so the businesses can make a profit. Brand name products are products that are known by their name (i.e. Tide). The benefit of brands is if you like the product quality when you buy it the first time, then you can usually depend on getting the same quality the next time you buy that brand. The cost of brands is the businesses may have to increase prices to cover the cost of advertising. Informative advertising provides information that helps you make a good buying decision (although it could omit negative information).

13 Homework Review Who pays for advertising?
How does advertising benefit consumers? What makes an advertisement deceptive? How can using the decision making process help you avoid being misled by deceptive advertising? 4. Consumers pay for the cost of advertising as it is built into the price of the product. 5. Consumers may benefit from advertising because the increased sales generated by advertising allow businesses to produce a higher volume of products, which could mean lower price. 6. Deceptive advertising is deliberately designed to mislead you (business intent). 7. The decision making process allows you to gather information from several sources about products so you don’t make your decision based on the advertisement alone. You are reminded to consider alternative choices.

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