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1 Not Hearing the Presentation? Run Audio Setup Wizard (middle icon to the right of AUDIO & VIDEO at top of screen) Adjust volume bar (above Video) Check for muted speakers Avoid wireless if possible Microphones are currently muted Please use CHAT box for questions Session is being recorded & will be emailed and posted on webinars website

2 Transitioning to a Leadership Role I finally have it…now what? Dr. Todd Thomas

3 Webinar Preview What are the elements of successful leadership strategy, judgment and decision- making What it really means to manage The traps in becoming a new leader Transition Success Principles Creating an action plan

4 To respond to a poll

5 To Send a Question

6 Looking at Past Leaders/Managers How many of you have worked for a new manager within the last two years? How many of you have taken a new leadership role within the last two years? How many of you have found either of these situations to be painful?

7 Leadership Transitions Are Frequent Someone entering the workforce may have as many as 5 or 6 occupations by retirement Roughly ¼ of all managers transition into a new role each year Upwardly mobile managers transition into new roles every 2½ to 3 years

8 Leadership Transitions Are Important Transitions expose vulnerabilities Transitions provide opportunities for growth What you do in your first three months will set the stage for the next three years… and beyond

9 “ Precisely because they sharpen diagnostic skills, demand growth and adaptation, and test personal stamina, transitions are an indispensable development experience… ” Watkins, “ The First 90 Days ”

10 What it really means to manage MythReality Operating PrinciplesAuthorityInterdependency Sources of PowerFormal AuthorityEverything but Key PlayersSubordinatesPeople outside of your team Desired OutcomesControl, ComplianceCommitment, Empowerment Key CompetenciesTechnicalTechnical, Relational,Conceptual Hall, L. (2000) What it Really Means to Manage, Harvard Business Review, 2/15/2000

11 Seismic Shifts Specialist to Generalist Analyst to Integrator Tactician to Strategist Bricklayer to Architect Problem Solver to Agenda Setter Warrior to Diplomat Supporting Cast to Lead Role Based on Watkins, M.D. (2012) How Managers Become Leaders, Harvard Business Review, 6/01/12

12 Avoiding the Traps of New Leaders Being Isolated Coming in with the Right Answer Being Caught by the Wrong People Attempting too much Setting Unrealistic Expectations Sticking with the Wrong Team Bielasky-DeVernay, C. (2009) An Interview with Warren Bennis, Harvard Business Update

13 Trap 1:Being Isolated Too much reading, not enough listening Inhibits relationship building Avoids the question they are all asking Makes it difficult to make the break

14 Trap 2: The right answer Generally technical responses Ignores the context Assumes knowledge that is by definition unattainable Disrespects those around you

15 Trap 3: Captured by the wrong people Well intentioned usually but sometimes are: – Those who can’t help because they aren’t capable – Are well-meaning but out of touch – Actually wish to mislead – Seeking power Can only be limited by open listening and intentional assessment

16 Trap 4: Attempting Too Much Shotgun approach hardly ever works Confuses the masses Is exhausting Creates a view of disconnection to the “real work”

17 Trap 5: Unrealistic Expectations Assuming that initial mandate is completely clear and complete There is information unknown Lack of understanding regarding from where the priorities come

18 Trap 6: Sticking with the Wrong Team They aren’t all the wrong people…but some may be New leaders are expected to improve performance Imposing a time limit for decisions helps keep accountability

19 The 6 Traps TrapResult Being IsolatedNo information or sources to build on Coming with “The Answer”Alienate people and operate without context Staying too long with teamWasted energy and effort Attempting to do too muchOrganization becomes confused Captured by the wrong peopleInformation is inadequate and decisions are made on poor advice Unrealistic ExpectationsLack of knowledge of initial mandate and negotiation

20 Transition Success Principles Leverage the time before entry Secure early wins Lay a foundation Create a personal vision Build winning coalitions Manage yourself Based on Watkins, M. (2001) Seven Rules for New Leaders, Harvard Business Review, 6/08/01

21 Principle 1: Leverage the time before entry Make a clean break Do your research Review your strengths and challenges Talk to people Clarify expectations

22 Principle 2: Secure early wins Establish top priorities Identify starting point Initiate pilot projects

23 Principle 3: Lay a foundation for success Establish pilots Evaluate measurement Educate and involve Build islands of excellence Involve others in operational ideas

24 Principle 4: Create a personal vision Consistent with top priorities Links to core values Includes evaluative descriptors

25 Principle 5: Build a winning coalition Analyze political arenas Identify key groups Map influence networks Consolidate sources of support Persuade those open to your approach

26 Principle 6: Manage yourself Self awareness Seek advice Re-evaluate yourself along the way

27 Your action plan Creating a powerful coalition--Get to know your team, colleagues and partners and get them involved Leveraging vision--Translate the company’s and establish yours Overcoming obstacles--Be aware of the potential and openly address it Creating short-term wins--Celebrate and reflect on incremental improvement Staying persistent--Don’t declare victory too early Anchoring changes--Build team-based expectations and rewards

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