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#HASummit14 1 Thumbs Up Session #11 – Creating Physician Engagement Current Session Submit a Question Poll Question 4 3 2 1 Hotel Wi-Fi HASummit14 PW:

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1 #HASummit14 1 Thumbs Up Session #11 – Creating Physician Engagement Current Session Submit a Question Poll Question 4 3 2 1 Hotel Wi-Fi HASummit14 PW: analytics App Questions? 3 app helpers Raise hand with mobile device Walk to back

2 #HASummit14 Bryan Oshiro, MD Chief Medical Officer, Health Catalyst Session #11 Creating Physician Engagement Dr. Oshiro is currently the Chief Medical Officer for Health Catalyst. He is also currently an Associate Professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, CA and was the clinical leader of the first quality improvement initiative at Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare, in the 1990s. Dr. Oshiro obtained his M.D. degree from Loma Linda University, where he also completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology. He has participated in numerous multi-center trials and has published numerous articles and book chapters in the areas of quality improvement, perinatal infectious diseases and high-risk pregnancy conditions. Dr. Spahr is a specialist in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and currently serves as the Director of Quality for the pediatric emergency department. Dr. Spahr was one of the clinical leaders in the design and implementation of a new electronic health record system and continues to lead the optimization of the EHR to improve patient care. Dr. Spahr is serving as a primary physician leader in the design and development of an enterprise performance management program. Dr. Spahr has been pivotal in engaging providers in change and adoption of a data driven culture with prioritized improvement areas. Christopher D Spahr, MD Enterprise Quality Program Development Executive, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin 2

3 #HASummit14 Learning Objectives To describe the importance of physician engagement in quality improvement (the “why”) To describe the challenges and barriers to truly have physicians lead quality improvement (“the what”) To identify strategies to enhance physician engagement (the “how”)

4 #HASummit14 Exercise Objective: To build the tallest self- supporting structure with the contents of one box of Tinker toys. 4 1. Each group has exactly 3 minutes to plan their work. 2. During the planning phase, there can be no assembly of parts, even for practice. Pieces can be looked at and handled, but cannot be connected to each other. 3. At the end of the planning phase, all pieces go back in the box with the lid closed. 4. At the signal, you will have exactly 40 seconds to assemble your structure. 5. At the end of the construction phase, all team members will step away from their structure. The structure must stand alone, without resting on any other object and without personal assistance, for 30 seconds. 6. Each team should attempt to draw upon the principles of team work and good management in planning and executing this assigned task.

5 #HASummit14 Healthcare Revolves Around Physicians Opening line… “The words “alignment” and “coordination” have been tossed about as the government and the healthcare industry wrestle to provide more value for every healthcare dollar spent. Under those words, every strategy to fix the problem revolves around one thing: physicians.” HealthLeader's Media Breakthroughs. Aligning Hospitals and Physicians toward Value. Dec. 2009. In collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

6 #HASummit14 Engagement matters 75-85% of the decisions that drive quality and cost are determined by physicians Gallup reported at one health system, outpatient volume increased +17.5 for engaged physicians in the top quartile for improved engagement. Disengaged physicians in the bottom quartile, their outpatient volume declined -11.7%.

7 #HASummit14 Gallup Business Journal “ what the doctor ordered” Sept 8, 2005

8 #HASummit14 8

9 9

10 The Challenge Almost every aspect of physicians’ lives is changing or seems uncertain  Autonomy  Income  Social stature Physicians are going through something akin to the stages of grief  Most are beyond denial  Many are stuck at anger How do we get these physicians to play a positive constructive role in the needed change? 10

11 #HASummit14 The Realities of Engagement The physician is at the center of health care delivery  Ordering drives most health care actions  Physician engagement is a key component to successful quality improvement (QI) projects. The physician's focus is primarily on their own practice or quality of care  The physician’s goal and hospital’s goals and incentives may not be aligned  Lack of commitment (time, support) to system improvements Personal responsibility for quality is powerfully engrained in physicians. 11

12 #HASummit14 Systems Issues Physicians are too busy Physicians are not compensated for their help Poor knowledge management support Malpractice issues Lack of meaningful measurements Poor data analytic support 12

13 #HASummit14 What Won’t Work Isolated simple measures combined with good intentions  Inspirational speeches  Appointing physicians to key leadership positions  Financial incentives for improvement  Sharing of best practices 13

14 #HASummit14 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 14

15 #HASummit14 Focus on What We are Trying to Create We spent too much time talking about what’s wrong with healthcare We need to spend more time talking about what we are trying to create That future vision has to be something important and noble  It could be better for patients- and just might be great  It is more important than the concerns of any of us as individuals  To imply otherwise would be to mislead our colleagues 15

16 #HASummit14 First question: Engagement with What? Traditional definition – extent to which clinicians see their own futures as intertwined with those of larger organization  Want MDs to be “loyal” with referrals  Want them to be cooperative Needed- a modern concept to unlock transformation of healthcare  More than agreement not to sabotage – but to actually integrate care, be creative, and relentlessly push for better outcomes/ experience and efficiency  Engagement with other care givers in real teams  Engagement with community of colleagues so that peer pressure actually works  Engagement with greater goals of organization 16

17 #HASummit14 Roger’s Adopter Categories

18 #HASummit14 Stages of Engagement Aversion Apathy Engaged

19 #HASummit14 Levels of Physician Engagement Confidence: Physicians believe that the hospital can always be trusted to consistently deliver on it’s promises. Integrity: Physicians believe that the hospital always treats them fairly and will satisfactorily resolve any problems that might occur. Pride: Physicians feel good about using the hospital and hospital use reflects upon them. Passion: Physicians view the hospital as irreplaceable and as an integral part of their lives and their practice of medicine. 19 Gallup Business Journal “ what the doctor ordered” Sept 8, 2005

20 #HASummit14 Audience participation Poll Question 1 Which stage best describes the engagement level of the majority of physicians in your organization? a. Aversion b. Apathy c. Engaged d. Unsure or not applicable 20

21 #HASummit14 Scenario 1 Situation: Hospital management wants to implement a quality initiative to decrease the rates of Elective Deliveries before 39 weeks. Background: Other initiatives were imposed on physicians which changed their work load and work flow through increased documentation and time burdens on the MDs. The programs were generally not successful and caused tension and mistrust of administration. Setting: A hospital administrator is trying to get convince physicians on board with this program. 21

22 #HASummit14 22 Reinertsen JL, Gosfield AG, Rupp W, Whittington JW. Engaging Physicians in a Shared Quality Agenda. IHI Innovation Series white paper. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2007. (Available on

23 #HASummit14 Discover Common Purpose Improve patient outcomes  Primary focus of your aims  “Wisconsin kids will be the healthiest in the nation” Reduce hassles and wasted time Understand the organization’s culture  Improvement Readiness Assessment  If possible, learn from efforts in other areas 23

24 #HASummit14 Reframe Values and Beliefs Make physicians partners, not customers  Make them part of the decision making  Enterprise Performance Management Plan Promote both system and individual responsibility for quality  System-wide improvement structure, process, and plan  All key stakeholders involved 24

25 #HASummit14 Audience Participation Poll Question 2 How well do you feel the physician and health system goals are aligned in your organization? a. Not aligned b. Somewhat aligned c. Moderately aligned d. Very aligned e. Extremely aligned f. Unsure or not applicable 25

26 #HASummit14 Scenario 2 A follow-up meeting occurs with physicians where data is presented showing a lack of compliance with the 39 week elective induction program. 26

27 #HASummit14 Engage the Physicians’ Intellect Show them the evidence and be transparent about the data  Utilize tools like the KPA to provide direction and then perform deeper investigation Show them what others have achieved  Look outside your system Show them you can do the same! 27

28 #HASummit14 Segment the Engagement Plan Identify and activate champions Educate and inform structural leaders Develop project management skills  Provide support and education Identify and work with “laggards”  Allow for review of improvement ideas or tests of change  One on one meetings with trusted colleagues 28

29 #HASummit14 Use “Engaging” Improvement Methods Standardize what is standardizable no more Use data sensibly  Focus on system performance first Make the right thing easy to try  Address the perfectionist culture  Agile project management Make the right thing easy to do 29

30 #HASummit14 Show Courage Provide backup all the way to the board 30

31 #HASummit14 Adopt an Engaging Style Involve physicians from the beginning Identify real leaders, early adopters  Director, CMO, Chair, senior physician  Opportunities for career growth Choose messages and messengers carefully  We will function as a system Make physician involvement visible 31

32 #HASummit14 Adopt an Engaging Style Reward the efforts of the Physician Champions  Reimburse for their time  Clinician-Administrator promotion track  Maintenance of Certification Build Trust within each quality initiative Communicate candidly, often  Call a time out Value physicians’ time as equally as any hospital executives’ time 32

33 #HASummit14 Physician Contracts Hospital will provide support for percent of physicians’ time In return, physician will do the following:  Monitor and improve quality - Implement CHF bundle and CLABSI toolkit - Hold regular meetings with team - Involve other members of Medical staff in quality - Report CHF bundle compliance and CLABSI rates and learning from defects results to senior leaders and board 33

34 #HASummit14 Physician Contracts - continued Furthermore, physician will do the following:  Work with hospital to clarify what will be measured, who will measure it, and who will produce reports Meet quarterly to discuss progress 34

35 #HASummit14 Action Plan Cultivate a healthy and safe culture for physicians Create a shared vision Create a support structure and align resources Administrative support Data analytics and reporting Training Develop communication and education plan Listen to physicians concerns and answers concerns in a timely fashion

36 #HASummit14 Audience participation Poll Question #3 Which of the action plan steps do you feel would be the most important in your organization to increase physician engagement? a. Cultivate a healthy and safe culture for physicians b. Create a shared vision c. Create a support structure and align resources d. Develop communication and education plan e. Listen to physicians concerns and answers concerns in a timely fashion f. Unsure or not applicable 36

37 #HASummit14 On the Journey Together 37

38 #HASummit14 Analytic Insights A Questions & Answers

39 #HASummit14 Session Feedback Survey 39 1.On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied were you overall with this session? 1)Not at all satisfied 2)Somewhat satisfied 3)Moderately satisfied 4)Very satisfied 5)Extremely satisfied 3.On a scale of 1-5, what level of interest would you have for additional, continued learning on this topic (articles, webinars, collaboration, training)? 1)No interest 2)Some interest 3)Moderate interest 4)Very interested 5)Extremely interested 2.What feedback or suggestions do you have?

40 #HASummit14 Upcoming Keynote Sessions 3:45 PM – 4:40 PM 13.Healthcare Reform 2.0: Anticipating What’s Next Governor Mike Leavitt Founder and Chairman of Leavitt Partners Former Secretary of the Department of HHS 4:45PM – 5:15PM - Speakers Corner 5:15PM – 6:00 PM - Reception 6:00PM – 7:00 PM - Dinner 7:00PM – 8:00 PM 14.The Acceleration of Technology In The 21 st Century: Impacts on Healthcare and Ray Kurzweil Chairman, Kurzweil Technologies Director of Engineering, Google 8:15 – 9:00 PM - Entertainment 40 Location Main Ballroom

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