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Chapter 16 Chapter Fifteen described the banyan tree of the material world. The modes of material nature nourish both the upper, auspicious and divine.

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1 Chapter 16 Chapter Fifteen described the banyan tree of the material world. The modes of material nature nourish both the upper, auspicious and divine branches of the tree and the lower demoniac branches. In the Sixteenth Chapter, Krishna first explains the divine qualities that elevate one on the tree and lead ultimately to liberation. He then explains in detail the demoniac qualities and the mentality which drives one lower and lower on the tree and ultimately to hell. He also explains the advantages and disadvantages of these qualities

2 Transcendental qualities 1.Abhaya Fear lessness Realizing super soul to be every where,never alone 2.Satwa samsudhi Purify existence Very restricted life regarding woman and sense gratification 3.Gnana yoga vyavasthiti Cultivation of knowledge Distributing knowledge door to door, not for maintaining livelihood but for welfare

3 Transcendental qualities 4.Danam charityHouse holder should spend fifty percent of their income to propagate Krishna con. 5.Dama sense controlHH should not use his senses for unnecessary sex life 6.Yagna sacrificeBest is sankirtana yagna

4 Transcendental qualities 7.Svadhyaya Vedic study Brahmacari should engage his mind in studying Vedic literature 8.Tapa austirityRetired man must perform austerity of body mind and tongue 9.Arjavam simplicityNot only brahmanaEvery one should be simple and straight forward 10.Ahimsa nonviolenceShould not commit violence to animal

5 Transcendental qualities 11.Satyam truthfullness distort the truth for personal interest 12.Akrodha check angerBorn of lust & passion Body becomes polluted 13.Tyaga renuntiation 14.Santi tranquility

6 Transcendental qualities 15.Apaishunam Not fault finding Calling thief to a honest is great offence 16.Daya mercy 17.Aloluptvam Free from covetousness 18.Mardavam gentleness

7 Transcendental qualities 19.Hri modesty 20.Achapalam determination Agitated or frustrated in attempt 21.Teja vigorVery strong to give protection to the weak 22.Ksama forgiveness

8 Transcendental qualities 23.Dhrity fortitude 24.Saucham cleanlinessEven in dealings, no black market 25.Adroha nonenviosness 26.Na-ati-manita free from passion for honor Puffed up in honor and prestige respet superiors

9 Demoniac qualities 1.Dambha Pride Make show of religion,but don’t follow 2.Darpa arrogance Proud of education and wealth 3.Abhimana conceit They demand respect,do not command 4.Krodha parusya Anger,harsh Angry and harsh over trifles not gently

10 5.Agnana Ignorance Don’t know what to be done what not to be done 6.Prvritim nivritim rules regulation Don’t follow rules and regulations of scripture 7.Na-sauhcam unclean Ext -bath,brush,shave,change Int-chanting Hare Krishna 8.Na-achara Behavior manusamhita –not mixing with woman,woman protection Demoniac qualities

11 9.Says world- unreal,uncontrolled, baseless World is a false,imaginaiton,void,no God behind it,chance theory,it is like dream unreal, no soul. 10.Produced of sex desire As child is born out of sex, world is born,dead body,persepiration 11.Engage in horrible work, destroy world Inventions for sense gratificaitons Animal killing,nuclear weapons, cruel, violent, enemies of the world 12.Insatiable lustThey go on increasing desire to enjoy the material world. Deminiac qualities

12 13.Accept non Per- manent things Create own God, own hymns, chant own mantras, 14.Create own principles Asuchi-vrata Unclean vowed Unapproved by veda,artificial mean create false honor from Attached to wealth,woman, gambling,meat eating 15.Enjoying is the goal of life Maintain till death,the concept ultimate goal of life is to enjoy 16.Bound by net of hundreds hope Plan after plan to improve std of life,not finished till death. Demoniac qualities

13 17.Secure money by illegal means Do not know the presence of super soul, act sinfully 18.No limit to acquire money Planning to improve,land,house, bank balance by black market, 19.I am the doerBelieves on own strength,no past deed, law of karma. 20.I will kill my all enemy, killed. Considers competitor as enemy enmity in family, society,nation

14 21.Iswaro’ham I am God You are God They preach-Don’t believe God, through away God, 22.No one is equal to meThey think-I am most rich, influential, and powerful, 23.I shall perform yagna Charity, and rejoice Ravana, own process to take people to higher planet 24.Bewildered,bound by network of illusion Gliding towards hell, bound by network cant come out Demoniac qualities

15 25. Self-complacement, impudent, deluded by wealth and prestige Mislead people by incarnating as God, foolish worship them, act nonsense 26.Sacrifice for name avidhipurvakam Any path one can create there is no standard path 27.Envious of God, self and others Due to false prestige and accumulation of wealth envy scripture and god, violent to self and others

16 Conclusion Demons attains life after life abominable, demoniac species of life One should give up three gets of hell lust, anger and greed One should know the rules and regulations from scriptures and abide by them for gradual elevation

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