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M4 U1 Reading By Wei Juan By Wei Juan. Fashion claims more victims than you think.

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1 M4 U1 Reading By Wei Juan By Wei Juan




5 Fashion claims more victims than you think

6 Advertisements Fashion claims more victims than you think

7 Learning goals By the end of this lesson, we will be able to 1) read expository writing to get information on ads ----purpose, methods, media, types and distinctions 2) think critically to have a wise attitude towards ads ----positive effects vs. negative effects; ---- How to make the best of ads? 3) speak confidently to voice our understanding of ads ----using the expressions we’ve learned in this lesson.

8 Reading for information advertisements Purpose (why) Media (where) Methods (how) types distinctions Definition (what)

9 Advertisements Definition An advertisement uses words and pictures to persuade people to buy a product or service, or to believe in an idea. Media used Newspaper, magazines, the Internet, radio and television are the most common places to find them. Two main types of ads Commercial ads They are paid for to advertise a product or service. Public service ads They are often run for free, and are meant to educate people about health, safety, or any other problem that affects public welfare.

10 Check answers (Part A) 1 What do advertisements encourage people to do? 2 What does PSAs stand for? 3 What are PSAs meant to do? To buy a product or service or believe in an idea. Public service advertisements. To educate people about health, safety or any other issue which affects public welfare.

11 1. Most people are not aware of how many ads are around them. 2. Advertisements are always meant to promote a product or service. 3. PSAs are only found in newspapers and on TV. 4. PSAs and commercial ads use some of the same methods. 5. Commercial ads can give us valuable information about how to live our lives. 6. An ad warning people against smoking is an example of a PSA. Check answers (Part C1) not always not only PSAs

12 Check answers (Part D) 1. persuade 2. welfare 3. skilful 4. cure 5. mental 6. trick 7. motto 8. intelligence a the ability to learn, understand and think about sth. b. good at doing sth., especially sth. that needs ability or training c. the general health, happiness and safety of a person or a group d. make an illness or problem go away e. a short sentence or phrase that tells the aims and beliefs of a person or a group f. related to the thoughts and the mind g. sth. done to fool someone else, or as a joke h. make someone do sth. by giving them good reasons h c d f e a b g

13 Getting the message The most powerful pesticide( 杀虫剂) Getting the message

14 Thinking critically Positive effects Negative effects

15 Effects of commercial ads. PositiveNegative  Provide information about latest products.  Mislead customers or cheat them of money.  Increase sales by  repeated advertising.  Give false or incorrect  information.  Cut costs of newspapers and make them cheaper.  Take too much time or space on TV or newspapers.  Make teenagers want things that cost much. ……  Create many jobs related to advertising

16 Thinking critically Positive effects vs. Negative effects

17 Speaking confidently--- a presentation on ads Requirements: 1. Include a brief introduction of ads. 2. State your attitude towards commercial ads 3. Give advice or conclusion. 4. Using new expressions from the text.

18 Homework 1. Polish up your presentation. 2. Revise the expressions you’ve learned and do exercises on P90, exercise book

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