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“Leadership & Soaring” By Jo Ellen Litz 9/23/2007.

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1 “Leadership & Soaring” By Jo Ellen Litz 9/23/2007

2 Turkeys are nice, but...

3 Soar like an Eagle!

4 Roost with EAGLES!

5 Eagle qualities: Ability to: –motivate him or herself--has a positive attitude –motivate others –support and befriend you –teach others, who in turn will teach others, both inside and outside of your organization Appoint the best eagles you can find; develop them as much as you can; and let them contribute as much as they can.

6 Recruiting The leader needs to: –Possess both vision and passion –Be competent at what he or she does –Set high standards –Make tough decisions When recruiting, look for: –Character –Track record –Passion and devotion –Personality & team spirit –Potential

7 My Top 10 List 1/ Use both the art of compromise and the science of accomplishing the practical. Never take the attitude that your way is the only way. Count the “F’s” FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXERIENCE OF MANY YEARS

8 My Top 10 List 2/ Take what you can get. If your position is right, it will stand the test of time. You can come back again-- stronger. 3/ Don’t fight the inevitable. 4/ Always be courteous. Today’s enemy may be tomorrow’s ally. 5/ Intelligence is not knowing everything. It is realizing what you don’t know. There is no substitute for honesty & candor. And be discreet with confidences shared with you.

9 My Top 10 List 6/ Timing and picking your battles is important. Don’t waste energy. Know when to keep quiet and sit down. 7/ Explain any risks up front. Don’t mislead or omit information. 8/ Always say thanks. 9/Keep your promises. 10/ Success is not measured by getting your own way, but by doing the best you can & knowing no one could have done better under similar circumstances.

10 Group Synergy Various backgrounds –business, agriculture –academic, financial –legal, consultants, gov. Wise council Creative ideas Get along with each other Better together than on their own Achieve more together Focus on priorities Jobs get done well A team for more than three years Help identify and recruit other strong eagles/leaders

11 It’s lonely at the top. Take eagles with you. There are no Lone Ranger leaders. If you’re all alone, you’re not leading anybody, are you? A highly effective eagle/leader surrounds him or herself with other eagles. Continue to learn. It’s a life-long process. Besides, you can’t take people further than you yourself are willing to go. Delegate-empower others! –Finances, staff, deadlines. –Hold people accountable.

12 Team Retention Training & development Communicate expectations clearly Share awards and credits Cultivate a positive, growth oriented atmosphere **Clear a path for success!** Opportunities for personal growth & advancement Acknowledge contributions Insist entire team produce Empower the key people

13 Be Inclusive, Not Exclusive. Involve citizen volunteers/ organizations, government, businesses, foundations….

14 Measurable Results CELEBRATE SUCCESSES!


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