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Safeguarding Intellectual Assets ? JC Spender - ESADE & Lund

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1 Safeguarding Intellectual Assets ? JC Spender - ESADE & Lund

2 the intangibles/ intellectual assets/ capital story Nick Nairn Edvinsson, Bornemann & Will - InCaS Feb 18 09IFKAD 20092

3 real simple message ‘intellectual assets’ may mislead us - seriously it’s not about stuff ‘out there’, it’s about us and how we influence each other the different kinds of thinking we do: – what are the facts ? – what do the facts mean ? – how do they relate to practice ? how do these differences affect managing ? different kinds of knowing (people) vs different kinds of knowledge Feb 18 093IFKAD 2009

4 people ? in the KBV people are what and how they know - and how that matters to the organization OK, people calculate - but the KBV implies a non- mechanical view in which they also recall, emote, sympathize, socialize, imagine, get depressed, etc. and do stuff. the KBV challenge: how to manage real people engaged in a-rational modes of thought... when incentives and information fail Feb 18 09IFKAD 20094

5 off into epistemology... episteme, techne, metis, phronesis,... data, information, knowledge, understanding, wisdom explicit, tacit human, social, organizational capital data, meaning, practice modeling the knower rather than the knowledge Feb 18 095IFKAD 2009 Oh no !!

6 thinking about knowers IMAGINATIVEAGENTIC Feb 18 096IFKAD 2009 people types DATA MEANING PRACTICE knowledge types RATIONAL Yes ! NO

7 K-absence or K-assets ? why are imagination and agency so crucial ? Murphy’s Law - uncertainty, plan breakdown solution - workarounds, discovery, innovation, immersion - agency in-the-world knowledge vs knower - kinds of people KBV prioritizes agentic doing over rational decision-making Feb 18 097IFKAD 2009

8 bottom line - safeguard your agents rather than your ‘assets’ there is nothing ‘out there’ - it’s all about knowers K-based HR distinctions - beginning with rational, imaginative, and agentic identification, training variations, retention organization as network of diverse purposive relationships sympathetic, humanist + objective, rationalist created, shaped and held together by KB-leadership Feb 18 098IFKAD 2009

9 Feb 18 099IFKAD 2009

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