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1 Ethics

2 “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.”
Albert Camus, French Novelist, Essayist, and Playwright

3 What are Ethics? A system of principles of right and wrong that govern human conduct.

4 Why Should We Care About Ethics?
For our own benefit We owe it to others who behave ethically toward us Social glue that keeps society together Payoff—more cohesive, caring society

5 Different Approaches Ethical relativism Universalism Utilitarianism
Cultural relativism Universalism Categorical imperative Utilitarianism Situational Ethics

6 Ethical Dilemmas Small Group Work

7 How do ethics apply to public speaking?

8 Guidelines for Public Speakers
Be truthful Show respect for the power of words Invoke participatory democracy Demonstrate tolerance for cultural diversity Treat people as ends, not means Provide good reasons

9 Ethical norms for listeners
Be civil Take responsibility for choices Stay informed Speak out when being misinformed or mislead Be aware of your own biases

10 Plagiarism Stealing the ideas of others and presenting them as your own

11 Types of Plagiarism Total rip-off Partial rip-off Accidental rip-off

12 How to Avoid Plagiarism
Do your own work! Don’t put off writing your speech to the last minute Give credit to sources orally Don’t let ideas become disassociated from their source

13 Ethical Scenarios Case 1: You are assigned by your teacher to speak for a position you fundamentally oppose on a question about which you hold strong moral beliefs, such as abortion or gay rights. What should you do?

14 Small Group Work Complete Exercise 2 on page 110 Cases A, B, and C

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